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A Homeowner’s Guide To SANS 10400 XA

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Almost 60% of the world?s electricity is used by residential and commercial buildings, making it a rapidly increasing and a pressing matter of concern. It?s due to the global climate changes and an increase in costs and energy consumption requirements that the need for energy efficiency and energy efficient buildings is being emphasized. ?70% of […]

Renewable Energy vs. Nuclear Energy: What Is Better?

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Renewable Energy vs. Nuclear Energy One of the most heated and vigorous debates in the contemporary academic domain is about renewable energy and nuclear energy. Both the efficient energy alternatives have garnered split global support, decades of research and billions in multi-currency investments. The question, however, still lingers whether nuclear energy should be the primary […]

How To Maintain Your Doors And Windows

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In today?s contemporary architecture of buildings, aluminium windows and aluminium doors are becoming a popular choice. Both from a residential and commercial point of view, the integration of aluminium windows and doors are increasing significantly. Aluminium is an excellent choice if you want to maximize levels of security, insulation, or aesthetics of your home or […]

Guide To Home Insulation

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It is often said that for mere survival, a human needs four things: Food Water Shelter Oxygen Shelter plays such a crucial role in survival. Our house is what protects us against natural calamities, wild animals and unpleasant situations. When you’re having a bad day, you’d just want to go back to your house; because […]