40 home renovating tips for 2019

aluminium doors, glass door, aluminium patio doors, entry doors, hinged doors, access doors Front doors french doors replacement windows bay window bifold doors patio doors awning windows casement windows window replacement cost house windows windows and doors standard windows sizes sigmadoors home renovations, home makeover, refurbishments, alterationsThe home is one of the basic needs of man, and it’s the one place we retire to after the day’s hustle and tussle. Our home is where we relax in total comfort. We can only achieve such comfort if the building is not all old and cranky. To ensure that we have everything we need, a quality architectural design is all it takes to change an old house to a dream home.

Therefore, if you want to renovate an old house, there are things you must look out for as we will be considering in this article. Following these tips from expert builders will give you a sense of judgment for the best house plan to use. Also, you can achieve that home of comfort and relaxation you desire with or without contracting an architect.

Would you like to change an old house to a stunning home? Let’s see the 40 tips for effective renovation for a simple and beautiful home.

  1. The initial impression

Telling someone of how beautiful your home is nice, but wowing them at the sight of it is great. What’s most lovely is giving an initial impression of the building right from the doorway.  A clean and tidy walkway to the door will not only keep people smiling, but will also make them comfortable, relaxed and feeling at home.

  1. Purpose of renovation

The reason for renovating a building is very important because the house designs you would use for your building, may not be the same if the house you’re renovating is for sale. Therefore, before renovating know the purpose.

  1. Look out for natural components

The environment of any building will stand out if natural properties such as sunlight, large space, and a garden are in place. When next you want to shop for a building to renovate, consider these factors. A place with natural light and a space for a garden will give a unique outlook.

  1. Consider your budget

It is very reasonable for one to know the cost estimation of any project before embarking on it. First, you need to know the kind of house plan you want and the cost. This will give you an edge to know more on trending designs that would suit your home. Also, it will enable you to plan and get the best house designs.

  1. Get an expert

For every field, professionalism is the watchword if you do not want to record quacks and substandard renovation. Getting an experienced builder or architect will save you time as well as money. It’s better to spend a little extra for that comfortable dream home than to spend less and remains in a dilapidating or outdated house.

  1. Be original and creative

Originality is what sets your building apart from the crowd. Wouldn’t you be happy if your house design is the first of its kind? Of course, you will, and it starts with being creative and original. You can come up with designs and discuss with your architect.

  1. Construction materials

The climate of the environment and the durability of the building is important. Choosing any design and purchasing building materials such as iron, timber, concrete, and etcetera, should be considered.  This is very important as to avert future situations of collapse. Note, renovating a house with substandard materials is as good as not renovating at all.

  1. The kitchen matters

The kitchen is one of the most vital places when designing a house.  Though renovating the kitchen could be capital intensive, but it’s worth it. The kitchen is often said to be part of the building that keeps the family together.  Furthermore, creating an adequate space within the fridge layout, the sink and cooking gas is something that is of utmost importance. We should be informed that modern kitchen comes with functional space for locomotion.

  1. The bathroom

The bathroom is another important area to consider. This is usually referred to as the place of relief or freshness. Ideally, the bathtub and makeup mirror should be at first view when one enters the bathroom, while the toilet could be at the end of the bedroom.  It’s important to consider the slippery nature of the bathroom.

  1. Kiddies’ chamber

Children are the joy of their parents, and they light up the home with their smiles and presence.  It’s best to use a neutral color or detachable wallpaper for the building. This will ease effective change as they grow older.

  1. Rooftop

The roof is what shields the building from rain and sun. Every house plan must go with a similar good architectural roofing design. Of course, you wouldn’t want a leaky or patched roof after renovation. Roof materials that are usually in concrete variations, ceramic, and terracotta, will be beneficial to prevent roofing problems. These materials have components that are both wind and fire resistant.

  1. Energy spot

One way to know a good house plan is to identify the energy spots in the building.  Every building must have a strategic point for it in the home. Also, it very important to emphasize that because of its harmful nature if you don’t handle it with care, it can cause severe damages to the home. Such points could be hidden energy spot for electric razors or hairdryers, reserved spot for all-electric cooking utensils. It’s also necessary to mention that these appliances should not be kept close to any source of water, such as a basin tap.

  1. Your design vision

Before contracting an architect for your house design, you must have a vision on how you would love your building to appear. Having a vision is very mandatory because it keeps you on the path of your goal. It will also make you consistent in your choice of design, and all other fixtures that you will use.

  1. Pre-renovation research

Information, as it’s popularly said, is power. When you’re rightly informed, you can’t be a victim of any unforeseen circumstances.  Research and find out any site restriction that could probably affect the design of the building project. So many people in the past have had their buildings demolished because they didn’t do a pre-research before building.

  1. Take it one step at a time

It’s very important not to rush any house plan. Get the design you want and take it one step at a time. It is better to take a longer time and get the right building design than a substandard result within a short time.

  1. Prepare for uncertainties

We live in a world of uncertainties. When planning to renovate your building, it’s wise to plan for an emergency. That extra money you keep aside can help you to complete the project in no time.

  1. Pre-home inspection

When budgeting for house design, a pre-home inspection should have been done in the building. This will enable you to know the main areas that need renovation. Also, you can identify safety issues on places such as rusting pipes, damages exteriors, hazardous framing, and lots more.

  1. Timing

Time is money. The schedule for your project should be put into consideration before the renovation process.  Some house design could take a longer time, while others are less.  The builder has to provide the time, and you approve it before embarking on any building design.

  1. Early landscaping

Early landscaping is one crucial way to start your renovation project. It will give you an idea of what design to select.  It will enable you to know the one to suit what landscape.

  1. Finding the right team

For every job, there is the right person for it. Therefore recommendation from family and friends who have used great teams in the past is not a bad idea. Their references could get you the right builders for the job.

  1. Communication is a vital tip

Imagine a world without communication! Discussing with your architects and builders is a necessity when renovating a building. A good relationship with your builders would give you a fast outlook about your project.

  1. Kind gesture towards builders

Would you want that exceptional touch on your building? I guess yes, one sure way to achieve that is to treat your builders with a kind gesture. Paying them well and as when due will make them happy and give you the best results

  1. Consider the size and functionality of the family

Family differs from each other. Therefore, considering the number of rooms that would contain your family is essential for a house plan. Functionality, on the other hand, would determine the foundation of the building.

  1. The floor layout

Sophisticated tiles, timber floor and more can give an entirely new look. Your house design can have a state-of-the-art upgrade with the right flooring.

  1. Choice of colors and paints

Paint type and choice of color have a special aesthetic look it gives to any building. Your choice of paints and color should speak more of the style and promote the aim of the renovation project.

  1. Aged house renovation.

Renovating an old building would involve an extra lookout for outdated wiring and asbestos. One has to be prepared for it because it may involve a high budget.

  1. Suitable time for renovation

It’s crucial to start planning the renovation of your building after a couple of years. This is because the more time you wait, the more complicated and worn out the building becomes. Also, it’s best not to renovate at the peak of the seasons.

  1. Try to the rational

Being rational is the ability to be logically sound. In renovating your building do not agree to every decision or suggestion you see in the house plan from the designer. Try to find out if the plan will work for you and what you have in mind.

  1. Don’t go with the crowd

Often, people tend to go with a particular design and style. This is because they often believe that it is the standard idle package. But on the contrary, you could do your research and discover other designs that suit you better than going with the crowd.

  1. Beware of enticing renovation packages

Some building renovation packages are so affordable and alluring because of its cheap fixtures. Most times, materials used for such projects are susceptible to wear and tear.

  1. The walls of the interior

The wall is one part of the building; you can’t stop noticing. Quality Wallpapers that do not curl or discolor are the best, for long time goals. Also, it is not advisable to go for trending patterns as they may quickly go out of trend.

  1. Customizes furniture

The customize furniture is nice if the design of your building has corresponding space for it. Considering the space, you have in the building is a major factor to look out for before customizing your furniture.

  1. Prepare for ups and downs

Extending your building can be quite challenging.  Especially having your family as well as the builders while the renovation is in process.  Therefore one has to be mentally and emotionally prepared for unexpected events that might unfold.

  1. Get your neighbors on board

Having a cordial relationship with your neighbors is a beautiful thing. Consult them and make sure that the project does not affect them negatively. This will create a cordial and peaceful living environment for you.

  1. Look out for qualification

Irrespective on how small the building project is, be sure to check for qualifications. It is rather disheartening to embark on a house plan twice due to quack skills.

  1. Revamp and sell

Renovating a building for sale could be more challenging. This is because the house design must appeal to prospective buyers. Therefore, the use of natural colors would be most advisable, to enable any form of decoration and furniture fit in.

  1. Make a good outdoor impression

Renovating the deck and backyard of your building will increase the value and outlook of the home.

  1. The garage

This is another aspect that you shouldn’t overlook. The door of the garage should represent the quality of the building.

  1. Keep a dairy

Writing a pre-Reno plan on the building before renovation is good. Keeping a dairy would help you keep track of what you intend to achieve with the project. Also, it’s a good source of reference.

  1. Home accessories

Your project will not be perfect if accessories are still the same. Updated cushions, beddings, curtains and lots more will give the house a refreshing look.


Renovating an old house may seem difficult, but if you make your plans very well, you can achieve it without stress. We have presented 40 home renovating tips that will help you enjoy your project. Follow them and transform any building into a modern-day wonder.

Solar energy advantages and disadvantages

solar panels, wind power, solar energy, renewable energy sources, alternative energy sources, nuclear energy, SigmadoorsSolar energy is a trending, affordable and renewable power source that people use all over the world today. The primary source of solar energy is the sun.  Other than the usual harvesting of solar energy through window and door openings, we can also harvest this energy through the use of photovoltaic solar panels. The sun is the source of energy received by the earth. This is one reason we can transform solar energy into electricity through the sunrays.

Furthermore, the energy from the sun can light up home appliances, provide power to companies and can serve any power purpose. It can also serve smaller purposes in some countries such as the production of salt. This is possible through seawater by evaporation. Solar energy meets the world’s power needs of a year, within one hour. Although, we are only able to access 0.001 percent of this energy.

This source of energy is perpetual as long as there is a potential source of sunlight.  Also, solar energy if we manage it suitably tends meeting potential energy needs. However, three factors determine the quantity of electricity to generate by solar energy, which are:

  • Size of the solar panel.

  • The accuracy of the solar cells within the panel

  • Amount of Sunrays that gets into the solar panel.

The two major types of solar energy are the photovoltaic and thermal power solar energy.

The photo-voltaic solar energy: This type of solar energy transforms light into power supply through a semiconductor known as silicon. This kind comes from different cells produced by a constant current. The current is then transformed into other currents by an inverter.  The photovoltaic energy works mainly with sunlight. Although it works in cloudy weather also, with a reduced volume.  This is the commonest way to use solar energy. The generated energy can be used immediately or stored in a solar battery. Photovoltaic solar energy is mostly for residential usage and small scale electricity needs. Unlike the thermal solar energy that is used to produce electricity on a larger scale

The thermal solar power, on the other hand, produces heat at a temperature below 100c. This heat is stored and converted into electricity. We use solar thermal through the process of water heating. This is achieved by placing the panel on the rooftop to absorb sunlight. Thereby, heating the liquid in the cylinder and transmitting it into your chamber for use.

There are so many ways to use thermal solar energy namely,

Reducing temperature solar thermal energy, this is done by climate effect, through the heating and cooling of air. The passive solar building design is an example of this kind of thermal energy. The process works through the entrance of sunlight on a spacious area, and after that closed when it needs to be cooled.

Medium temperature thermal solar, this involves a solar boiling heating process. On the rooftop of your building, the collector captures the heat from the sun. After that, you can transfer the heat via water pipes in your homes. This method is a substitute for the traditional water heater generated by oil and gas.

Intense temperature thermal solar energy.  This is used to generate power supply in large quantity, such as a turbine. The technology is referred to as concentrated solar power. It works with a mirror focusing the sunlight with tubes that contain a liquid which can hold heat energy for a longer time. This heated liquid can turn water into steam, which can generate electricity.

Solar energy is one product that is fast rising in the market today. Solar energy helps to foster economic growth as well as the environment.  Over time, energy needs have been met solely by oil, coal and natural gas. However, recent discoveries about solar cells technology have made it much better than it was several years ago. For this reason, many people are swinging towards solar power today.

As we read on, we will see several benefits of solar energy.

Advantages of solar energy

  1. Easy regenerated source

This is however regarded to be the best of the pros of solar energy. Continuity is a basic factor associated with any product. As long as the sun sets daily, solar energy will be available to all, even in a billion years to come.  Unlike other sources of power, every country of the world can make use of solar energy easily without fear.

  1. It can meet different power needs

We have many needs that have to do with the use of power, and in this 21st-century, power is crucial for survival.  Solar energy can meet our daily diver’s energy needs. Solar energy can also, be used as a good source of power in environments with no access to the energy grid to get good water supply. Also, solar energy can be composed into matters used for building.

  1. Low functional charges

Another important benefit of using solar energy is that maintenance is not capital intensive. The charges are relatively on the low side. All it entails is keeping it clean always. You can have them cleaned a couple of times in the year by contracting certain cleaning companies, who do it at a minimal fee. It’s difficult for it to wear or tear because there are no detachable parts. The inverter is the only part that you need0 to renew within 5 to 10 years. Another part is to ensure that you maintain the cables for tremendous effect.

  1. Decreases energy bills

Electricity is a necessity in every home and organization. Without it, so many things will come to a halt, and this would affect our well being.  We all know how important electricity is and that’s why many people pay heavily to have sufficient energy supply. The good news is, you can pay less and have as much energy supply as you need with solar energy. The reason being that most of the power needs will be met through solar energy. However, the size of the solar energy used will be dependent on the number of bills saved.

  1. Advanced technology of solar panels

It is a plus that the solar system technology is advancing rapidly. This will eventually lead to better innovations and packages that would suit our energy needs better. Furthermore, this will mean an increase of solar panels and double effectiveness on electrical advancement on solar energy systems.

  1. Solar panel are not noisy

Silence is one major improvement made by the solar energy system. Imagine working, or being in the comfort of your home with the use of maximum power supply accompanied by silence. Trust me; silence has a way of calming the brain and nerves. Keeping you relaxed and happy as well. Unlike other energy sources that are very loud and extremely noisy. This is why recently, solar energy is used for residences and business purposes.

  1. Collective usage reduces cost

A group of people can use solar energy within a given geographical location. This will help address the issue of poor shades and inadequate space. The shared solar energy platform is known as community solar gardens. It can give electricity to a community of people without the solar energy panel installed on their rooftops. This will reduce the cost of installation.

  1. Produces clean energy

How can we survive in the years to come if we breathe in bad air produced by the conventional energy system? Statistics has it that over 6.4 million people die yearly across the globe because of air pollution. These harmful gases produced by fossil fuels are also harmful to animals, crops, trees, and vegetation. Therefore, Electricity issues are best resolves with a solar energy system.  Solar energy produces clean electrical energy that is not harmful to our health.  With solar energy, we can live a better life for future generations.

  1. Long time warranty

Durability is one factor that makes a product stand out. The good news is solar energy panels are tested and designed to withstand major storms of 140 miles per hour. Solar energy cells are protected under shatter proofs tempered glass, with the use of a flexible substance. There’s no need to fear, as most manufacturing companies provide a 25-year warranty for their solar panels. Also, manufacturing companies provide a detailed guideline on the maintenance strategy.

  1. It provides jobs

The production of solar panels by manufacturing companies provides job opportunity. It has proven to be a good source of employment in areas such as sales and installation, research and production. Not only does it create job opportunities, but it is also, an avenue for indefinite economic growth.

  1. Solar panel are quite simple to install

With the availability of either horizontal or vertical space, installation can be done. It is quite easy and less complicated to install a solar energy panel. Although, most manufacturing

Companies offer the services of installation. It would be best if the manufacturing companies are contracted for the installation of solar energy.

  1. Increases home value.

The worth of any home consist of the quality of items is in the home. Investing in a solar energy panel is one wise way to add value to your home. Most especially if such a home is for sale, it will give your home a touch of class and make potential buyers long for it.  Also, it will make you smile to the bank.

Although solar energy is one good and available power supply, it also has some cons that we will discuss shortly.

Disadvantages of solar energy

  1. Climate conditions

Solar systems are mostly functional in sunlight. Although solar power can still function in cloudy weather conditions, its effectiveness is very slow. This means there could be some sort of complications when it’s rainy or cloudy. Also on the cons, solar energy cannot function when it’s dark. However, if you want a functional water heating solution at night and when it’s rainy, then we recommend thermodynamically.

  1. Fairly high costs

Buying a solar energy system is cost intensive. Though, there is a systematic plan by the US government for the choice of a renewable energy source, called the feed-in tariff. This entails paying for solar panels, batteries, inverter, wiring, and installation as well. All of this is what makes it expensive. But subsequently, with the new solar technologies on the ground, we believe that the price will be lower.

  1. Requires large space.

A solar energy plant requires enormous space.  The quantity of sunlight you need determines the numbers of panels you need to install. This is a major problem because some rooftops can’t accommodate the necessary panels some houses need. This will equally reduce the volume or determine the electricity you can use in your home. Though it is advisable to store some in your yard also if there would be access to sunlight there.

  1. Greenhouse Gasses

Greenhouse gasses are air pollution associated with solar energy. During the process of installation, this harmful gas could be emitted. There are equally some hazardous components that come out during the manufacturing process of solar photovoltaic. However, pollution from solar energy is less in comparison to other sources of energy.

  1. Expensive to move

If you have plans to move from a particular location soonest, it is not advisable to install the solar energy yet. This is because it is quite expensive to move from one location to another. This is a disadvantage that should be noted. However, solar panels add value to homes, and in time the money invested in it will pay off.


The primary needs of man are food, shelter and clothe. Howbeit, these primary needs of ours are a connection with the need for a good electricity supply. You will agree with me that in this modern world it is almost impossible to meet these primary needs effectively without the use of a good power supply.

Subsequently, the advent of solar energy is a sure way to meeting our power supply needs and living a happier and healthier life. So when you think of an efficient power supply, think solar energy.