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How to Choose Aluminum Windows?

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What Should You Look For When Buying Aluminum Windows? Windows made of aluminum are always beautiful and elegant when perfectly installed. They are known for their toughness, durability, and low maintenance. People who are renovating, building extensions, or new houses now go for this type of window because of these qualities. However, all Aluminium windows […]

How Long Should Aluminium Windows Last?

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How Long Should Aluminium Windows Last?  When it comes to lifespan, the aluminum window is one of the most durable materials used. It is lightweight, requires no frequent maintenance, and is relatively affordable. Unlike wood, aluminum is resistant to eroding from moisture. But, it has its disadvantages. Although aluminum windows can last up to 45 […]

Stacker vs Sliding Door

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What is the difference between Stacker Folding Doors and Sliding Doors? Two very interesting types of aluminum doors are the stacker door and the sliding door. They both have large glass panes which provide the house owner(s) efficient sunlight and a great view. Also, both doors are opened and closed by movable panels that slide […]

The Real Price of Aluminium Windows and Doors

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Aluminum Window And Door Prices – FAQs Aluminium windows and doors prices are a consideration for most people planning to build. The stylish and aesthetic display of aluminum windows and doors gives your building that unique, appealing look. The beauty that they offer in homes is creating a popular trend for them. Aluminum windows and […]

A Guide To Safety Glass & Building Glass

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Building Glass and Safety Glass – FAQs Glass is a translucent material that fabricators make by applying heat to sand. In most parts of the world, building glass is an essential material in construction. Using building glass gives elegance and class to modern houses. It improves the aesthetic appeal of any building.  Glass is a […]