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We Supply Quality South African Standard Aluminium Windows and Doors. Custom Sizes Are Manufactured To Order. Delivery & Installation On Request and Prior Arrangement.

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Aluminium Windows - Top Hung

PTT2115 Aluminium Window – 2100 x 1500mm

Original price was: R4,890.00.Current price is: R3,675.00.

Aluminium Windows - Top Hung

PTT1818 Aluminium Window – 1800 x 1800mm

Original price was: R5,600.00.Current price is: R4,280.00.

Aluminium Windows - Top Hung

PTT918 Aluminium Window – 900 x 1800mm

Original price was: R3,280.00.Current price is: R2,710.00.

Aluminium Windows - Top Hung

PTT1815 Aluminium Window 1800 x 1500mm

Original price was: R4,270.00.Current price is: R3,320.00.

Aluminium Windows - Top Hung

PT159 Aluminium Window – 1500 x 900mm

Original price was: R2,670.00.Current price is: R1,725.00.

Aluminium Windows - Top Hung

PT66 Aluminium Window – 600 x 600mm

Original price was: R1,330.00.Current price is: R1,100.00.
Original price was: R8,595.00.Current price is: R7,050.00.

Aluminium Windows - Top Hung

PTT2418 Aluminium Window – 2400 x 1800mm

Original price was: R5,840.00.Current price is: R5,610.00.

Aluminium Windows - Top Hung

PTT216 Aluminium Window – 2100 x 600mm

Original price was: R3,140.00.Current price is: R2,780.00.

Aluminium Windows - Top Hung

PTT189 Aluminium Window 1800 x 900mm

Original price was: R3,050.00.Current price is: R2,700.00.

weekly featured aluminium doors

Original price was: R6,905.00.Current price is: R6,380.00.
Original price was: R19,305.00.Current price is: R16,320.00.
Original price was: R15,950.00.Current price is: R13,400.00.

Best Selling Products

Original price was: R8,020.00.Current price is: R6,920.00.
Original price was: R6,905.00.Current price is: R6,380.00.

Aluminium Windows - Top Hung

PT129 Aluminium Window – 1200 x 900mm

Original price was: R2,490.00.Current price is: R1,635.00.

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Buy Aluminium Window Frames Online

Aluminium is a durable and strong metal, that’s why products made up of this metal usually outlast other conventional metals. Therefore it would be appropriate to say that aluminium windows in South Africa offered by Sigmadoors maintains rigidity and can resist forceful twisting and wrapping. Although aluminium windows and doors are generally light, they are still considered good insulators from both the heat and cold. Now you can buy standard aluminium window frames online.

Some Popular Window Types Offered by SIgmadoors

Casement Windows

  • Description: Hinged on the side, opens outward like a door.
  • Advantages: Excellent ventilation, unobstructed views, good security.

Sliding Windows

  • Description: Consists of two or more sashes that slide horizontally.
  • Advantages: Space-saving, easy operation, great for wide openings.

Top Hung Windows

  • Description: Hinged at the top, opens outward from the bottom.
  • Advantages: Good for ventilation even in rain, energy-efficient, modern look.

Bi-Fold Windows

  • Description: Multiple panels that fold back to one or both sides.
  • Advantages: Maximizes open space, seamless indoor-outdoor flow, aesthetic appeal.

Fixed Windows

  • Description: Non-opening windows designed to let in light and provide views.
  • Advantages: Energy-efficient, large glass panels, unobstructed views.

Double-Hung Windows

  • Description: Two vertically sliding sashes, both can move up and down.
  • Advantages: Versatile ventilation, classic appearance, easy to clean.

Corner Windows

  • Description: Installed at the corner of a building, providing a wrap-around view.
  • Advantages: Enhanced natural light, unique design, panoramic views.

Bay Windows

  • Description: Projects outward from the main walls, forming a bay inside the room.
  • Advantages: Adds space, enhances natural light, attractive feature.

Custom Shape Windows

  • Description: Non-standard shapes designed to fit specific architectural styles.
  • Advantages: Unique designs, tailored to specific needs, architectural interest.

Small Cottage Pane Windows

  • Description: Characterized by multiple small panes of glass within a single window frame, often arranged in a grid pattern.

Advantages: Classic and charming appearance, enhances traditional or cottage-style architecture, allows for customization in pane design and layout.

At Sigmadoors we offer some commendable solutions to various requests from our customers. We also offer double glazed energy efficient windows and doors in South Africa.

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At Sigmadoors we make sure our Aluminium doors and Aluminium Windows with prices stand up to the expectations of customers in terms of lightness, strength, fitting, minor and major details. Buy aluminium windows online and we will do whatever necessary to get it to your doorsteps without any further delay.

Aluminium Door Frames

Sigmadoors is counted among leading distributors of Aluminium windows and aluminium doors in South Africa. We have a strong alliance with numerous supplier outlets, therefore we make sure to understand the latest and current taste of our clients regarding the installation of doors and window frames.

aluminium doors aluminium sliding doors aluminium folding doors Sigmadoors

Being at the top of the distribution chain, we invite our customers to purchase a bulk assortment of aluminum doors from us, so that you can save a large amount of money in the process. These will include aluminium sliding doors, aluminium stack doors, aluminium hinged doors, pivot doors, garage doors and much more.

Although our aluminium profiles and hardware is sourced from reputable and wholesale aluminium suppliers, our aluminium doors are available in a variety of colours but at lowest possible prices where bulk orders enjoy the privilege of special discounts. Therefore don’t be the last one behind, our aluminium doors with prices are highly sought after with a promise for high quality material and workmanship. Don’t just listen to us, visit our website and experience only the best available aluminium doors at unbeatable prices.

Aluminium Folding Door Frames

Nowadays aluminium folding doors or aluminium stacking doors are highly in demand. This is not only because of their innovative technology but also the reduced prices that you pay when you order from us. Our customers find it convenient to shop and get their aluminium stacking doors installed in no time.

4521 Aluminium folding door for sale South Africa aluminium stack doors aluminium sliding folding doors for sale Cape Town Aluminium folding doors in Pretoria Sigmadoors

Most homeowners prefer aluminium folding doors due to the limitation of space, sometimes expecting a larger opening to cater for the demands of modern outdoor living can be daunting and only possible through the installation of patio doors. This is where the convenience of aluminium folding doors come in. Now even space deprived rooms can now open out to the outdoors thanks to stack doors. This also provide for an elegant look and feel of a much larger home.

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Most people love the flexibility of switching between enclosed and open living spaces. As a result, the Installation of aluminium folding doors in most areas of Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town plays a vital role in this process. Aluminium stacking doors with movable glazed panels that can stack and slide either on one side or both.

Those who want a seamless transition in their homes can think about purchasing these units from Sigmadoors.  At Sigmadoors we have an array of folding aluminium doors along with their accessories. So now you don’t need to wait weeks for the manufacturing to take place we have various combinations and specifications to suit every need.

Custom Glass Types Available

Single Glazing

Description: Single layer of glass.

Uses: Basic window installations, interior windows, and areas where thermal efficiency is not a primary concern.

Advantages: Cost-effective, lightweight, and easy to install.

Double Glazing/Insulated Glass Units (IGUs)

Description: Glass units with multiple panes separated by spacers, sealed around the edges.

Uses: Energy-efficient buildings, residential and commercial applications.

Advantages: Enhanced thermal performance, reduces condensation, and improves sound insulation.

Frosted Glass

Description: Glass that has been treated to have a translucent, frosted appearance.

Uses: Bathrooms, office partitions, and areas requiring privacy without blocking light.

Advantages: Provides privacy while allowing light transmission, aesthetic appeal.

Laminated Glass

Description: Two or more layers of glass with an interlayer, usually made of polyvinyl butyral (PVB).

Uses: Security applications, noise reduction, and areas requiring increased safety such as skylights and glass doors.

Advantages: High security, sound insulation, and holds together when shattered, reducing injury risk.

Tinted Glass

Description: Glass with a color tint to reduce glare and heat gain.

Uses: Buildings in sunny climates, areas requiring reduced sunlight and heat.

Advantages: Reduces glare, minimizes heat gain, enhances privacy and aesthetic appeal.

Reflective Glass

Description: Glass coated with a thin layer of metal or metallic oxide to reflect heat and light.

Uses: Commercial buildings, office windows, and areas with high sun exposure.

Advantages: Reduces solar heat gain, enhances privacy during daylight, and minimizes glare.


Low-E (Low Emissivity) Glass

Description: Coated glass that reflects infrared light, keeping heat inside during winter and outside during summer.

Uses: Energy-efficient homes and buildings, windows exposed to direct sunlight.

Advantages: Reduces energy costs, minimizes UV damage to interior furnishings, and enhances comfort.

Toughened (Tempered) Glass

Description: Heat-treated glass that is much stronger than regular glass.

Uses: Safety applications, areas with high wind loads, and in buildings where human impact is a concern.

Advantages: High strength, shatters into small, blunt pieces, reducing injury risk.

Shower Doors

A shower is an integral necessity of every contemporary bathroom. This is the reason why every house owner whether he has an existing house or in the process of constructing a new house want to install either the common framed shower doors or the more exclusive frameless shower doors.

In earlier years frameless showers were viewed as a luxury only available for the well heeled customers but now with the evolution of wholesale online platforms like us, things have changed. We now offer every form of shower enclosure at the lowest price you can afford.

frameless shower door, frameless shower panel, over bath glass screen, glass shower shower enclosure showers for sale shower installations in Johannesburg frameless shower enclosures in Cape Town Sigmadoors

This is not because we don’t give importance to the quality of our shower doors, infact, it is because we are deeply connected to leading suppliers in our industry, thus bringing quality shower enclosure solutions directly to our consumer at affordable prices.

South Africa is a wide country, despite all this; we make sure that our services would reach every customer living in any part of the country. This is our urge of service, we hope you support it…

Aluminum Sliding Doors for Sale

Aluminium is light in weight but offer ultimate strength to the overall integrity of a house. Aluminium sliding door frames not only enhance the security of the house but also save money in the maintenance.

Aluminium sliding doors, patio doors, door frames, sliding door installation, Sigmadoors, Johannesburg, South Africa
Not many homeowners are willing to invest money in costly replacement of door frames and windows because of characteristic failures from bad or poorly insulated door materials, therefore installing aluminum sliding doors makes perfect sense. Aluminum sliding doors for sale at Sigmadoors can be trusted to offer these benefits without you paying an arm and a leg.

Architects always suggest that large opening windows and door frames are installed on the side where direct sunlight falls. Such installations also create an illusion of a larger home and makes it look even more comfortable. Apart from this, who wouldn’t want to move into a well-lit, airy and spacious looking house? Call us today and take advantage of our current sale on aluminum windows, aluminium doors, aluminium sliding doors and aluminium folding door frames. And make sure you find time to ask our sales people about the range of aluminium windows and standard aluminium door frames on offer right now – don’t miss out!

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