Aluminium Doors

Standard South African Aluminium Doors with Prices

Search for your favorite aluminium doors with prices under this category. This collection consists of standard South African aluminium doors with prices in variety of sizes and opening style. Search through sliding doors, folding doors and hinged doors.


Aluminium Sliding Doors

Aluminium sliding doors have proven to be the most versatile and functional doors for use to access patios and decks. They’ve also remained a cost effective option for providing large views to gardens and pool areas.

Aluminium Folding Doors

Aluminium folding doors adds a very modern look to any home.  Folding doors will sure add the style to your home and provide a seamless connection to the outdoors. Our stacking door systems provides a durable, easy to operate functionality that comes in a great sliding and folding design.

Aluminium Hinged Doors

Hinged doors are perfect for use as main entrance doors to your home. Hinged doors with prices come as either single or double hinged doors. The large glass panes enable natural light to flow onto entrances and living areas depending on the application.

Below are some of the features that are included in our range of doors:

  • Safety Glass

Our aluminium doors with prices combine the functionality, style and innovation that can only possible when using the right materials.  All our doors come fitted with safety glass to provide the ultimate barrier between the interior and all outside elements.  The most common safety glass used on our doors is the laminated safety glass. Besides being strong to withstand most stresses or impact, safety glass ensure that even if the glass could break it will not result in sharp glass particles that can be dangerous to the occupants. In other words, safety glass is less likely to break and even when it breaks, it is less likely to cause injury unlike normal clear float glass.

  • Weather Seals

Weather seals are provided on all our doors to help keep dust and other elements out. These seals vary as per manufacturers recommendations This may include seals such as wool piles, bubble seal strips, etc.

  • Hardware, locks and metal screws.

Our aluminium doors with prices come fitted with manufacturers recommended hardware, locks and metal screws that provides a pleasant, slimline and discreet architectural appearance.

NB. Where you cannot find the door that you are looking for, please contact Sigmadoors for further assistance.

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