Sigmadoors Pivot Doors

Pivot doors 

Pivot doors add a touch of elegance to the entryway into a home or a commercial building.  These doors transform an ordinary exterior into an impressive and eye-catching splendor. You can use them to enhance any architectural design by adding them to the front entrance doors. They’re more modern than even the sliding and swing doors. Our pivot doors in South Africa are scalable, have a timeless appeal, and suit modern architectural designs perfectly. 


aluminium pivot doors for sale pivot door prices pivot door sizes SigmadoorsPivot doors are different from the usual hinged doors that grace the entrance or doorways of many homes. These doors don’t depend on door frames or door leaf to support their weight. Instead, the weight of the pivot doors is supported by the spindle that helps it to rotate. This is why pivot door sizes are often larger than hinge doors. So, if you’re looking for a tall or larger door for your entryway, the best choice is a pivot door. 

Pivot doors can be made with many materials such as wood, aluminum, steel, etc. At Sigmadoors, we offer the best quality aluminum pivot doors to suit our customer’s designs and styles. 

Our South Africa aluminum pivot doors

Our aluminum pivot doors have an aluminum alloy frame with glass inlay. These doors are suitable for adding style to your entry doors or used as partitions in commercial spaces. Sigmadoors aluminum pivot doors are durable and can withstand wet conditions. The glass is tough and doesn’t succumb to water or other destructive elements. 

These doors are environmentally friendly and reduce production costs. Moreover, if you want to compliment the doors with windows or sidelights, you’re free to request customization. One good thing about our pivot doors is that you won’t spend much on hardware for installation. 

Also, the manpower requirements are often lower, thereby reducing costs and stress for you. 

However, bear in mind that you don’t need a pivot door for semi-detached homes or cottages. You can use them as a front door or a rear door. Also, if you intend to bring some huge items into the house, you may need to install double pivot doors. 

Our aluminum pivot door designs are affordable, and we offer different pivot door sizes to suit your home design. We offer the tall pieces, the larger ones, and very wide-pivot doors. So, it depends on where you want to use them. 

You can use Sigmadoors aluminum pivot doors on commercial and residential buildings. But if you aim to use it at home, we recommend the smaller sizes. We usually recommend the larger doors for commercial spaces such as hotels, car dealerships, restaurant decks, hospitals, etc. That is one of the good things about pivot doors. No matter the weight, it operates smoothly and efficiently without affecting the pivots. 

We also have the right size for residential front doors, patio openings, home office doors, etc. Also, you can customize our aluminum pivot doors on request. If you didn’t find a pivot door for sale at Sigmadoors, you could reach out with your specs for a quote. Our manufacturers produce every customer’s request without missing any specification. 

 What makes our aluminum pivot doors popular?

Sigmadoors offers premium quality aluminum pivot doors that stand the test of time. Some of the reasons for the increasing popularity include:

  • Pivot doors are very balanced 

Our aluminum pivot doors are usually fixed using pivots. The pivots are often placed at the top & bottom of the doors. As a result, they bear the door’s weight and remain stable for as long as you use the door.  This is why you can use larger-sized pivot doors without fear that they’ll malfunction. 

Pivot doors are different from other types of doors because the latter uses hinges and frames to bear the door’s weight. In such construction, the door frame or hinges can wear, thereby weakening in strength after a long time of use. That’s why you often struggle to open or close your doors when the hinges get weak. 

But with our aluminum pivot doors, you can be sure of a proper balance after installation. Our manufactures take adequate care in suggesting the proper placement for the doors based on the size and weight. 

  • Pivot doors ensure adequate ventilation.

Our aluminum pivot doors encourage the inflow of air into every home. If you use it as your entry door, you’re sure of proper ventilation. The doors open at the center, thereby letting air from both sides pass through easily. This is unlike the standard doors that open from one end to close off the other end. 

Also, if you add insulations to the pivot doors, it helps to retain your home’s temperature no matter the season. They retain either heat or cold depending on the weather. So, if you’re keen on ensuring proper ventilation or always balancing the temperature of your home, our aluminum pivot doors are all you need. 

  • You can use our heavy aluminum pivot doors for larger spaces.

Pivot doors are balanced, fixed with pivots, and not hinges. Therefore, you can use heavy doors to guard your home or commercial building without fear of malfunction. The pivots can bear the weight of the door without shifting. This is unlike a door hanged with hinges on door frames. 

There’s a level of weight you can’t introduce to avoid issues. But our pivot doors can be as heavy as you need them to be and remain intact and functional for many years. 

  • You don’t need hinges to hang pivot doors.

Doors frames are not necessary for our aluminum pivot doors. You don’t have to spend money and time working on the walls or floors to install the doors. So the cost of framing the doors and attaching hinges is no longer necessary. Once you support the door with the top and bottom pivot sets, you can use the doors without fear. Opening and closing the pivot doors is also very easy and smooth. Moreover, the doors take up little space in the house.

  • Pivot doors facilitates diverse customizations 

Aluminum pivot doors can be customized to suit every architectural design. No matter the functionalities or design you need, we can accommodate your preferences with multiple customizations. For instance, if you want to sound-proof your pivot doors, you can request them. We work with the best manufacturers in the industry, and they can integrate all your requirements. 

Also, another customization available for you is to motorize your aluminum pivot doors and open them with biometrics. Our manufacturers can make this happen to enhance the elegance and modern style of your home. You can use facial recognition, fingerprint scan, or retinal scan to open your pivot doors. Moreover, you can choose a keyless or keypad entry, and we’ll add a key fob to enable it. 

Apart from motorizing your door, you can request other customizations such as LED lighting or glass inserts on your door. All these additions will boost the aesthetic appeal of your front entrance doors. Also, the LED lighting helps you during nighttime to avoid unnecessary accidents. 

  • Pivot doors are known to be durable 

The aluminum material is very durable, and the glass is tough. There are many materials used in making pivot doors. But aluminum lasts long and remains attractive all through. You can say goodbye to rusts and corrosion once you install any of the aluminum pivot doors from Sigmadoors. With the powder coatings on the door, you can enjoy the smart looks of your pivot doors for a long time. 

Aluminum doors are many times stronger than wood. Some doors made with aluminum can even withstand a hurricane. Also, whereas rodents, termites, or even vermin can attack wooden doors, aluminum is resistant to all of them. 

  • Aluminium pivot doors need very little or no maintenance 

Since our aluminum pivot doors don’t rust or corrode, you’ve got little to worry about in maintenance. All you need to do is clean the door surfaces often to eliminate dirt build-ups. This is important, especially if you’re living in dusty places. 

Other types of materials may need repainting from time to time. For instance, wooden pivot doors may look old and faded after a long time of use. This is why you’ll have to buy paints from time to time to restore them to their beauty. But with aluminum and glass, all you need is water and clean towels to get them shining and looking stunning. 

  • The doors Utilizes available space 

One important reason for the popularity of our pivot doors is that they fit into your available space. These doors enable you to create functional spaces in your entrance doors. Instead of using standard double doors at the entrance for large items, you can use pivot doors to maximize the available space. With a pivot door, you can freely bring your furniture in and out of your home. In cases of very large items, you can install double pivot doors instead. 

Our Pivot doors features:

  • Our pivot doors are made with aluminum. 

Sigmadoors pivot doors come in aluminum alloy and glass materials. These aluminum materials last long as they’re tough to withstand and resist destructive elements. The glass overlays are also tough and don’t crack easily. 

  • Pivot doors are stylish and eye-catching.

Our aluminum pivot doors come in different designs to enhance an ordinary-looking entranceway into a stunning sight. You can use them for your home or commercial building to make a bold statement.  We take pride in the craftsmanship on display from the manufacturers of the aluminum pivot doors.  

  • We provide diverse pivot door sizes. 

You can get pivot doors of different sizes. Some of the standard sizes range from 1200mm by 2100mm or 1200mm by 2400mm. But, if you order for a customized piece, you can get a pivot door of 1400mm by 2600mm. If you have a large space in a commercial building, you can get the perfect size for it by sending your specifications to us. 

  • Our pivot doors come in diverse colors.

Sigmadoors aluminum doors come in different colors. We have powder-coated white, charcoal, bronze, etc. These colors blend into all kinds of home décor to add that timeless elegance of front entrance doors. However, you can also tell us exactly how you want your doors to look, and we provide them. 

  • Doors are Installed by experts 

Our team of aluminum door installers is available to handle the installation once you request such services. They have the skills, experience, and knowledge to install residential and commercial pivot doors. So, you don’t have to worry about anything. 

  • Customized offers on pivot doors are available 

If you need the standard door sizes, we have the designs on display for your perusal. While we have standard pivot doors for sale in our showroom, you can get an instant quote for other sizes not displayed. We understand that our customers may need longer or broader sizes that may not be on display right now. All you need to do is send your unique requirements in size and design to us. We’ll get everything you need without extra charges.  

  • Warranty 

Our aluminum pivot doors come with a warranty from the manufacturers of pivot doors in South Africa. The companies we work with understand the need for quality and don’t hesitate to assure the durability of their doors. So, you can rest assured that your doors are coming from reliable and trusted door manufacturers. 

  • We provide style options. 

Our doors come as a single or double door design. The single doors swing in, out, or swing in and out. The operation of our single pivot doors is smooth and also allows an expansion of the panels. You can also get combo doors featuring sidelights but no frames. 

But if you need our double doors, we got you covered as well. The double doors are designed to swing in or out. They don’t swing both ways as the single doors do. But the design is usually appealing and modern. You can also get a combo double door without frames in the middle but with sidelights. 

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