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Security Door – Ideas, Trends and Tips

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Security Doors, Burglar Doors / Security Gates  Security doors are tough doors designed to protect a home, office, or building from intruders—humans, animals, and insects. In this present time, there are several reasons why anyone would want to install security gates/doors in their homes. Notably, these doors are designed from top-quality metal and other tough […]

Cladding – Styles & Tips

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The Benefits of Cladding Cladding is the addition of other components or materials to the basic structure on its external surface. The materials added to a building could aesthetically improve its beauty, enhance its thermal energy efficiency, or more.  Though the application of cladding components is on the external structure of a building, they do […]

Fire Doors Explained – A Beginner’s Guide

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Fire Doors – Definition, Specs and Tips A fire door plays a great role in ensuring the safety of a building against fire breakout. Their construction and installation are such that smoke and fire cannot easily pass through them. So, they serve as the right security for any building like residential homes, offices, hospitals, or any […]

A Guide to Crealco Products & Systems

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Crealco Aluminium Products and Systems When it comes to high-end aluminum manufacturing companies in South Africa, Wispeco (Pty) Ltd is one to reckon with. It is, in fact, the biggest and most renowned aluminum extrusion distributor in Africa and majorly a producer that converts scrap and raw aluminum into extrusions of several standard profiles.  Thus, […]