Caring for Aluminium Doors And Windows – A Guide

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aluminium doors, glass door, aluminium patio doors, entry doors, hinged doors, access doors aluminium doors for sale sliding doors for sale aluminium doors cape town aluminium window installation standard aluminium window sizes window frame aluminium windows prices aluminium sliding doors aluminium windows and doors aluminium doors for sale SigmadoorsAluminium can be used in the making of window and door frames. The aluminium doors and windows are designed in such a way that they can withstand all types of weather conditions. When you follow the best maintenance tips, you can get great service from the aluminium frames.

What care they require

Aluminium products require some care during and after installation for them to last a long time, thereby giving the owner more value for their money.

Care before, during, and after the installation of the aluminium doors and windows

A professional cleaning company usually conducts the initial cleaning. All aluminium products should go through this. This is often covered by the suppliers and installers of the aluminium doors and window frames.

When installing, you should never let any solvents, corrosives, or concrete materials to set in or be stuck on the frame as it might be damaged. Do not scratch the surfaces as you install, and remove the stickers by simply soaking them before attempting to remove. You should never scrub.

General maintenance of the aluminium sliding doors

When you have installed the aluminium windows and doors, it is very important that you ensure that you do not install outdoor sprinklers too close to them. The aluminium parts need to be kept dry at all times.

When you are cleaning the aluminium sliding doors or folding doors, then it is important to use mild soapy water or even a cleaning solution and a very soft cloth or sponge on the glass surfaces. This should be followed by drying using a soft cloth to remove water from the glass, the hinges, the sealant and the frames. This helps reduce the risk of damage.

If there are any hardware components, they need to be lubricated using a silicon spray. Solvents, abrasives, and chemical cleaners should never be used on the aluminium doors and windows.

Steel brushes should also never be used, nor should any abrasive and scrubbing pads be used when cleaning the frames. You should also avoid any high-pressure cleaners or high-pressure spray nozzles.

How often you should clean your aluminium doors

The doors need to be cleaned every month. However, more frequent cleaning may be required depending on the prevailing weather conditions.


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