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5 Benefits of a Frameless Shower

5 Benefits of a Frameless Shower When it comes to modern bathroom styling, nothing beats frameless showers, at least not yet. If this comes across as a bold claim to you, you probably haven’t seen one of these before. There are many reasons why frameless showers are perfect for your bathroom. Let us go through […]

Frameless or Semi-Frameless Shower Enclosures?

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Choosing designs for your frameless shower doors There are several things you need to consider when deciding upon which frameless shower design to choose for your home. We understand that making a decision might seem overwhelming. The excitement of remodeling your old bathroom into a modern-type bathroom can quickly be dampened by merely anticipating the stress of […]

Update Your Bathroom With A Frameless Shower

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Update Your Shower with a Frameless Shower If you’re planning your bathroom remodeling or full house restructuring, you should consider putting up a frameless shower in there. There’s a reason(s) the glass shower trend is sweeping across Europe and the world. We’ll tell what those reasons are. All you’ve got to do is read on […]

Frameless Shower Advantages and Disadvantages

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Your bathroom is one place you just have to visit every morning. And if you’re like most people, you’ll want it to look open and appealing. Frameless glass shower doors are quickly replacing the more conventional framed doors in many homes. Why? You ask. They are minimalistic, have a luxurious feel, and are quite appealing […]

Why Choose A Frameless Shower?

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Frameless showers – The latest trend in fashionable homes Frameless showers have gradually become the ‘in-thing’ in most modern type bathrooms. Chances are you’ve already seen them someplace- either in a friend’s house or in an episode of your favorite TV show or whatnots. Regardless of whether you’ve already seen them or not, like millions […]

Guide To Home Insulation

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It is often said that for mere survival, a human needs four things: Food Water Shelter Oxygen Shelter plays such a crucial role in survival. Our house is what protects us against natural calamities, wild animals and unpleasant situations. When you’re having a bad day, you’d just want to go back to your house; […]

Aluminium Shopfronts and Wind load Guide

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The terminology wind load is used to describe forces or pressure that is exerted by wind on structures. There are three main kinds of wind loads. Top of the list is shear wind load. This is a kind of horizontal pressure that is brought by excess wind. If it is too strong, it can cause […]