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A Guide To Safety Glass & Building Glass

Safety glass sheet laminated glass tempered glass Sigmadoors

Building Glass and Safety Glass – FAQs Glass is a translucent material that fabricators make by applying heat to sand. In most parts of the world, building glass is an essential material in construction. Using building glass gives elegance and class to modern houses. It improves the aesthetic appeal of any building.  Glass is a […]

The Cost & Sizes of Double Glazing in South Africa

Understanding the Cost and Sizes of Double Glazing in South Africa Double glazed windows advantages energy efficient windows and doors double glazing units Sigmadoors

Understanding the Cost and Sizes of Double Glazing in South Africa Double glazing is a popular choice for homeowners looking to improve energy efficiency, enhance comfort, and increase property value. In South Africa, the cost of double glazing can vary widely based on several factors. This article covers key topics to help you understand the […]

Frameless or Semi-Frameless Shower Enclosures?

framed shower door frameless shower doors semi framed shower panel over bath glass screen glass shower Semi-frameless shower enclosure Sigmadoors

Choosing designs for your frameless shower doors There are several things you need to consider when deciding upon which frameless shower design to choose for your home. We understand that making a decision might seem overwhelming. The excitement of remodeling your old bathroom into a modern-type bathroom can quickly be dampened by merely anticipating the stress of […]