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Latest trends in window curtains

Latest curtain trends Sigmadoors

Latest trends in window curtains Window curtains are an essential element of any home decor, and they have evolved over time to keep up with changing interior design trends. Here are some of the latest trends in window curtains: Natural fibers: Natural fibers such as linen and cotton are becoming increasingly popular for window curtains. […]

Over-Bath Glass Screens

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A great shower is vital for starting your mornings clean and refreshed. But do you know what’s even more important? Your bathtub glass screens. Compared with shower curtains, bathtub Glass screens are more modern and appealing. Curtains, however, often appear archaic and messy. So, glass screens are definitely a good choice for your bathroom if […]

Frameless showers – A guide to cleaning glass shower doors

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A guide to cleaning glass shower doors Wouldn’t you agree that the sight of a stained-glass shower door can be awfully dissatisfying? If you’ve been brainstorming ways to polishing your shower recently, know this: “You are not alone” (in Michael Jackson’s tone of voice, ha-ha). Okay, time to be serious. Here’s one thing you should […]

Quick Energy Saving Tips

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In years past, we all took electricity as a ubiquitous commodity to be used without reservations. Maybe, the providers themselves didn?t help matters by not educate people on the importance of energy saving. Or the environmentalist failed to discover the dangers of excessive use of energy to the environment. It?s also likely that the citizens […]