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5 Benefits of a Frameless Shower

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5 Benefits of a Frameless Shower When it comes to modern bathroom styling, nothing beats frameless showers, at least not yet. If this comes across as a bold claim to you, you probably haven’t seen one of these before. There are many reasons why frameless showers are perfect for your bathroom. Let us go through […]

Over-Bath Glass Screens

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A great shower is vital for starting your mornings clean and refreshed. But do you know what’s even more important? Your bathtub glass screens. Compared with shower curtains, bathtub Glass screens are more modern and appealing. Curtains, however, often appear archaic and messy. So, glass screens are definitely a good choice for your bathroom if […]

Why Are Frameless Shower Doors A Better Option?

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Why Frameless Shower Doors are better? To be sure that we’re on the same page, I’ll ask this: ‘what are we comparing against?’ Certainly not shower curtain, this is the 21st century! But framed glass (or semi-framed) showers? Okay that’s a fairer basis for discussion While many agree that frameless shower doors are superior to […]

Frameless showers – A guide to cleaning glass shower doors

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A guide to cleaning glass shower doors Wouldn’t you agree that the sight of a stained-glass shower door can be awfully dissatisfying? If you’ve been brainstorming ways to polishing your shower recently, know this: “You are not alone” (in Michael Jackson’s tone of voice, ha-ha). Okay, time to be serious. Here’s one thing you should […]

Renewable Energy vs. Nuclear Energy: What Is Better?

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One of the most heated and vigorous debates in the contemporary academic domain is about renewable energy and nuclear energy. Both the efficient energy alternatives have garnered split global support, decades of research and billions in multi-currency investments. The question, however, still lingers whether nuclear energy should be the primary option. Or the alternative/renewable resources […]