Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless Shower Doors and Screens

Our frameless shower doors and bath screens are made of clear, toughened safety glass.  For over 10 years, we have been manufacturing and installing top class frameless shower doors in South Africa. 

With clean, simple lines, our frameless shower doors are a perfect addition to any contemporary bathroom.       

Measure – Design – Manufacture – Install


Sigmadoors’ Frameless Shower Doors and Bath Screens at Wholesale Prices

Frameless shower doors and bath screens are everywhere, but the quality is always hard to find. However, this is your chance to give your bathroom a new glow with top-notch shower doors and screens.

So, what kind of frameless shower door would you like? Modern and attractive? Pivot shower doors or sliding shower doors?  Replacement shower doors? Lucky you, our consultants are waiting to assist you in making the right decision.  

We have just what you’re looking for! For over 10 Years, Sigmadoors has been a top manufacturer of frameless shower doors and screens in Johannesburg.  All supplied with chrome hinges, door handles and seals.

We have prided ourselves in providing only the best to our clients. Talk of elegance, beauty, and durability, our classic frameless shower screen collection epitomizes all these. Our thick 8 – 10mm safety glass shower doors and screens are not only made for your safety, but they are also to give your bathroom that luxurious feel.

If you’re furnishing your new home, you might want to try our single panel shower screen. You’ll totally love it!


Why Choose Us?

  • 7 Day Turn-Around Time, Max!

The whole process takes up to 7 working days!

  • No Hidden Costs

All costs are reflected in the quote.

  • We Measure, Manufacture and Install

We measure, design, manufacture and install all our showers

  • Toughened Safety Glass

Our 8 – 10mm toughened safety glass is just what you need because safety is a big deal to us.

  • Supervised Installations

Every installation must showcase our signature.  Our teams are closely monitored to ensure the highest levels of quality.

  • Price 

Customers never stop talking about our prices.  We do all the wholesale deals so you can pay less.

  • Quality fittings

Everything we offer from glass to finishing’s is top-notch. And you’ll love them.

  • Custom made

First we obtain measurements for your shower cubicle. Then we custom-make to your specifications.

We would love to get a call from you. Call us so we can start turning your bathroom around.

Quality Frameless Shower Doors and Bath Screens

Are you looking for the best frameless shower doors and bath screens with clean lines and high end fittings? Look no further. 

Quality Glass Shower Doors and Screens 

Choosing quality glass shower doors can be challenging at first.  Well, Sigmadoors makes the journey simple and memorable.  We remain the go-to authority in the design and supply of high-quality frameless shower doors and bath screens in South Africa.  All supplied with chrome hinges, door handles and seals. 

Sigmadoors offers both common everyday configurations and exclusive design solutions for frameless shower doors and clean screens at wholesale prices.  Our services include measuring, design, manufacture and installation of frameless shower doors and bath screens.  Our glass screens can be used anywhere; home, office, or commercial buildings.

 High Quality Toughened Safety Glass with Upmarket Fittings 

Sigmadoors also offers high-end fittings. Besides, you are free to choose what kind of glass you want. Our glass is South African cut and processed and is tough enough to ensure your safety. 

What’s more, our skilled workers are dedicated and will install your frameless shower doors and bath screens to your satisfaction. With us, you can always rest assured that your bathroom remodelling and shower door replacement is in good hands.

Bathroom Remodelling or Shower Door Replacements?

One of the most vital and useful parts of any house is the shower. Shower enclosures can come in varying designs and types while still being able to deliver in the ways that they are meant to.

Contrary to what you may believe, shower door replacements are not as difficult as it may seem. If you’re thinking of doing a small bathroom remodelling or renovation, there are a lot of angles to approach the project from, especially when it comes to replacing old aluminium framed showers.

Frameless Shower Designing

However, you’ll want to start by finding out the dimensions of your bathroom and determining the shower design that’ll go best with it. Also, you may want to focus on styles that you’re drawn to while you find showers, whether on magazines, the internet or any other place. Note that while you may like many different designs, you’ll find one that attracts you the most.

The good news is irrespective of the feel you want your new bathroom to have– cozy and efficient, large and luxurious, or simply modern– we can help you with that. At Sigmadoors, we design and install neatly and professionally.

Framed or Frameless Shower?

Showers can be framed or not framed. You might be wondering which one to go with between these two. Well, first, let’s find out what the differences between them are.

A framed enclosure is made with glass but has metal frames around its edges to offer structure and support. Generally, A standard framed shower door is less costly compared to custom made, frameless shower doors.

While there’s really no difference in terms of quality, standard framed shower doors are less pricey because of the cost-effectiveness of mass production. One can order a standard framed shower door and get it within a day.

On the other hand, frameless shower doors, though created with clean tempered safety glass, do not have aluminium frames. Plus, they can be made to order in varying sizes.  Even so, their doors can be designed to open inwards or outwards.  All supplied with chrome hinges, door handles and seals.

On the other hand, a framed shower can only open outwards. Besides, frameless shower doors and bath screens are characterized by clean lines and very few metal fittings. As such, they make the room appear bigger and more open.

Standard Measurements and Frameless Glass Shower Door Price

If you are one that doesn’t mind a little DIY project, your bathroom remodelling is probably something you can handle. The tricky part, however, is measurements. If your dimensions are standard, then you have less work to do. If not, you have to ensure that the measurements are as accurate as possible.

Better still, why not save yourself all these troubles and hire professionals like us to do your shower installation for you? After all, our frameless shower door price is not so overwhelming. We are experienced, skillful and timely. And you will find that the cost is only a small price compared to all the services you’ll be getting from us.

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