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Sigmadoors offers quality, safe and reliable garage doors at competitive prices. Our expert team ensures every installation is seamless, using high-quality materials to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your property.

Garage Doors 

Garage doors provide safety, aesthetic appeal, and adequate security to every home. It is the entrance to your entire home. So, if it’s not sturdy and durable, you may be disappointed over time. That’s why you must choose the best from reliable vendors with an impressive track record. 

Garage doors also complement your stylish and attractive home design. As you ensure security for your loved ones, you can also add a touch of elegance to your home. 

Sigmadoors offers many garage door models and garage door sizes to provide the perfect choice for your home. 

Our garage doors

Sigmadoors garage doors ensure the perfect finish to your home décor. Our customers are always satisfied with our wide selection of commercial and residential garage doors. We also offer all the tools, accessories, and supplies you need for your garage door installation. 

We provide diverse garage door sizes and styles to fit every home. So, the size of your garage doesn’t matter. We have garage doors of 1.22m, 2.74m, 3.04m, and 4.88m

Sigmadoors understands garage door insulation’s benefits. We offer insulated doors to boost your energy-efficient lifestyle. Insulated garage doors are comfortable, energy-saving, and quieter. So, if you’re interested in gaining all that, get one of our garage doors today and live simpler. 

But if you prefer a more traditional setting, we also have non-insulated garage doors. 

What makes our garage doors popular? 

Sigmadoors ensure client satisfaction above everything through a diverse range of products. If you’re still wondering about the reason to choose our doors, consider the following:

  1. Durable and sturdy 

Sigmadoors garage doors are popular for durability and sturdiness. We are connected to leading brands in the industry to ensure our customers’ satisfaction and security. Garage doors secure a home. So, we ensure that our clients get doors that intruders can’t unhinge or kick down easily. Moreover, people pass through the garage multiple times a day. The process of opening and closing the doors can make it weak and ineffective.  So, your garage doors must be strong enough to withstand impact no matter the pressure from frequent usage. 

  1. Security 

Our garage doors offer maximum protection for families and organizations. Sigmadoors garage doors feature rolling-code technology to boost the security of the home or commercial space. This technology automatically changes the opening code after every use to prevent hackers from compromising the door. With over 1 billion code combinations, it’s hard for anyone to open your garage door without permission.

  1. Stylish 

You don’t have to worry about your home décor with Sigmadoors garage doors.  Our garage doors blend with many home styles. We select stylish doors that homeowners can’t resist. So, if you aim to make a statement in your neighborhood, we have just the right door for you. 

  1. Budget-friendly 

Sigmadoors has different ranges of garage door prices to match all levels of budgets. If you’re searching for simple designs that won’t cost an arm or leg, you’ll get them in our store. Also, if you’re interested in those doors with lots of features and made with costlier material, we have them for you. 

  1. Contemporary features

Many contemporary garage door designs allow digital capacities, such as a wireless keypad or smartphone kit. We have those types of garage doors at Sigmadoors. We aim to ensure convenience when using our products. That’s why we provide modern doors to suit the trends of this digital age. 

Our range of garage doors on offer 

Sigmadoors caters to the needs of every customer by offering different types of garage doors. Sometimes the difference between these doors lies in their fabrication materials. Garage doors come in different materials, and we offer the most popular amongst them. We have aluminium garage doors, wooden garage doors, aluzinc garage doors, and steel garage doors. 

 How do these garage door materials differ?

  1. aluminium Garage Doors

Sigmadoors offers garage doors made with aluminium. The material is resistant to rust and corrosion. aluminium is almost like steel, except that it is lighter in weight and more affordable than steel. But amongst other garage door materials, aluminium is always a good choice if you’re living in a coastal area. 

aluminium garage doors don’t succumb to wetness or moisture. That’s why they don’t rust. 

If you’re on a budget and want a garage door that can last, pick one of our aluminium doors. Sigmadoors aluminium doors are very affordable and can also stand the test of time. 

Moreover, our aluminium door installation is usually easier.  Due to the lightweight nature, there’s usually minimal stress on its torsion springs & tracks, thereby ensuring a longer lifespan. 

Most importantly, our aluminium garage doors require little or no maintenance. The doors don’t rust, so you don’t need to buy paints to spray anytime. Also, the material can be recycled for other things after it has outlived its usefulness. 

But bear in mind that aluminium garage doors are best suited for areas with frequent rainfalls or chilling cold weather. This is because aluminium doors are usually hot when exposed to excessive sunshine.   

  1. Wooden Garage Doors

Our wooden garage doors are simply beautiful and provide that traditional and inviting atmosphere around your home. Wood is one of the popular materials used in making garage doors. This is why Sigmadoor offers a wide array of wooden garage doors for your perusal. 

 Most importantly, our wooden doors are energy-efficient. This means an automatic reduction of your next electricity bills.   Also, we offer flush panel designs and Rail-and-Stile designs of wooden doors to ensure customer satisfaction.  

Flush door panels are customizable to suit modern architectural designs. Both the exterior and interior are usually very smooth to touch. You’ll get them in an unfinished state to allow for further enhancements, such as adding window trims if you want. If you’re targeting a minimalistic design for your garage door, pick one of our flush panel design garage doors. 

Rail and Stile door panels feature a more traditional look for every home. They are also customizable to suit your taste. Also, you can add window trim designs to create a unique style to your garage door. The doors are made with hardboard panels that have thin rails and stiles overlaid. This type of wooden garage door lasts long, and the designs also remain intact for years. 

It doesn’t matter whether your home is a modern design or a simple traditional architecture. Our wooden garage doors will bring elegance to the exterior of your home. Most importantly, Sigmadoors wooden garage doors are affordable, durable, and attractive. 

But if you’re living in areas where there’s constant rainfall or moisture, you may consider choosing our aluminium or steel garage doors to reduce maintenance and replacement costs. Wooden garage doors require painting from time to time to maintain their aesthetic appeal. But if you don’t mind, pick our wooden doors to enjoy the timeless elegance it brings to every home. 

  1. Aluzinc Garage Doors

Sigmadoor offers different styles of aluzinc garage doors at affordable prices. If you’re on a budget, this range of garage doors should be your best choice. Aluzinc garage doors last long. They’re resistant to corrosion and abrasion due to the hardness of their surfaces. 

The material is a steel substrate coated with aluminium-zinc alloy and silicon. The coating is a mixture of 1.6% silicon, 43.4% zinc, and 55% aluminium. The surface coating enables the doors to resist corrosion no matter how long it’s exposed to corroding substances. 

Also, the garage doors last long and remain attractive always. You don’t need to paint or carry out regular maintenance on the doors. Most importantly, Sigmadoors has different colors of aluzinc garage doors to match your style. There is light oak color, dark oak color, charcoal color, white color, and brown color. Our aluzinc doors also come in either the single door design or the double door design. 

So, if you’re living in coastal areas, you can pick any of our aluzinc garage doors. But if you need a very sturdy door to withstand high impact, you may have to choose our steel doors or others.    

  1. Steel Garage Doors

Sigmadoors steel garage doors are very sturdy and durable. If you need a garage door that won’t rust, get one of our steel doors. Our steel doors are made with real-gauge steel that requires little or no maintenance.

Garage steel doors come in three strength levels. We have single-layer steel garage doors, double layer, and triple-layer steel doors. 

Single-layer steel garage doors have durable and solid exteriors that don’t rust easily. You won’t have to spend money on maintenance. But due to the lightness, these doors are not very resistant to impact. Also, if you require wider openings, they may not be suitable for you. 

Double layer garage doors have a steel layer plus polystyrene thermal insulation. They are also quieter and last longer too. Our double-layer steel doors are also energy-efficient, require little or no maintenance, and suit every architectural style. 

Sigmadoors triple-layer steel doors are made with heavy-duty steel both at the front and back. They are very strong, durable and withstands all levels of impact. Also, due to the triple-layer design, these doors are energy-efficient, retain your home temperature, and operate quietly. Triple-layer garage doors are popular in the industry and don’t require much maintenance.

So, if you’re searching for the strongest amongst steel garage doors, go for the triple-layer design. Single layers are good too because they’re lighter and easier to transport and install. Double-layer steel garage doors are also good if you need to upgrade from the single-layer doors. 

Garage door prices

Garage door prices differ based on style and materials, width, and color. Also, residential garage doors are cheaper than industrial or commercial garage doors. Other important considerations on garage door prices are the accessories, installation, taxes, and shipping cost. 

If you’re buying from a local vendor, the transportation costs will be lesser than when you’re shipping from a far location. 

Our garage door prices are usually for residential garage doors, new sections, heavy-duty hardware, vinyl stops, springs, tracks, plus the taxes if applicable. However, if you’re interested in one of our commercial garage doors, you’ll have to call us for the price. 

Below is the range of our garage door prices

  • aluminium Garage door prices 

aluminium garage doors are of different types. We have single doors and double garage doors made with aluminium in our shop. Sigmadoors aluminium garage door prices range from R8, 535.99 to R35,549.12 depending on the type, style, design, etc. This price doesn’t include installation costs. So, it all depends on your choice of the aluminium garage door. But our doors accommodate every budget level. 

  • Aluzinc garage door prices 

Sigmadoors have assorted types, sizes, and designs of aluzinc garage doors. We also have them in different colors to match the homes of our customers. Due to these differences, the prices of our aluzinc doors are not the same.

Our single Aluzinc doors start from R 9,250, while the double doors start from R 15,995.00. These doors feature a door motor and are already installed & automated. 

  • Steel Garage door prices 

Sigmadoors steel garage door prices differ based on material, design, style, color, and level of strength. Also, the prices of single doors are different from double door prices. 

The lowest quality of our insulated steel doors starts from R 10, 688.47, while the highest quality starts from R 26,367.80 on average. 

These prices are without installation costs and hardware costs. Moreover, the prices are subject to changes based on the market movement. 

  • Wooden garage door prices

Sigmadoor wooden garage doors for sale come in different designs, garage door sizes, and styles. So it depends on the particular wooden garage door you choose. Also, some of our garage doors come with windows while others don’t. All these plus other hardware requirements influence the price of the doors. 

Our wooden door prices start from R 13, 809.98 to R 20, 928.52, depending on the particular door you choose. But the price does not include installation costs, hardware costs, etc. So, if you need to know about the installation costs, send us a message to give a quote unless you’re installing it yourself.  

 Garage door installation

Garage door installation requires the knowledge and experience of an expert. While some clients may prefer to do it themselves, we usually recommend that you use a professional installer to save time and cost. 

The costs of the door don’t include installation costs. Our primary goal is usually to provide high-quality garage doors to our clients. But peradventure you want us to handle the door installation, we can send a quote to you. 

Sigmadoors works with experts who can install every kind of garage door you order from us. Our installation process starts after you place your order. We’ll send a specialist to inspect your home for the accurate size of the door. 

Afterward, we’ll schedule the work and communicate it to you. Our installers will then take over the project from there. They’ll come with the new door you ordered and remove your old garage doors. After installing the new door, they will also reconnect your door opener, clean the area, and complete other necessary steps. 

We offer a labor warranty after installing your garage doors to boost your confidence in our services. 

The cost of installation for garage doors differs because our customers usually demand customizations. So, if you have some design ideas or specific configurations you require, we’re ready to send in the quote. 

In some cases, we may recommend that you use a local installer to complete the process. But in such instances, we won’t be responsible for who you choose. You can reach out to installers in your locality to get the best both in costs and expertise. 

But if you want to handle the installation yourself, we will recommend that you follow the steps correctly to avoid mistakes. You don’t want to mess up the process and end up ordering another door or paying for an installer to redo the work. 

Garage door repairs

Garage doors are frequently used in a home. We open and close it at will to run different errands, thereby causing some damages to it. This is why your garage doors need maintenance from time to time to keep them functional all the time. 

There are some maintenance actions you can carry out yourself to keep your garage doors in good condition. But some hardcore repair jobs need the touch of experts. While we focus on selling high-quality jobs to our customers, we’re also available to carry out your garage door repairs when necessary. 

Some of the garage door repairs we handle include:

  • Broken wheels
  • Broken automatic opener repair 
  • Deep dings and dents on your garage doors that require replacement 
  • Broken door panels replacement 
  • Broken springs replacement 
  • Multiple broken hinges 
  • Roller replacement 

These are the major garage door repair services we render to our clients. Some other minor repair services that spring up can be handled as a DIY project. But when the issue requires professional knowledge, we encourage you to reach out to us at Sigmadoors. 

We work with highly trained technicians who have the expertise to repair every kind of garage door no matter the issue. Our technicians ensure that the tasks are carried out safely and timely. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to us whenever there’s damage to your garage doors. 

Garage door automation 

Garage door automation is popular because it ensures safety and convenience. For instance, you can automate the opening and closing of your garage door with a remote control device. You don’t have to lift the heavy door manually all the time. 

There’re many products we offer to automate your garage doors. It all depends on what you want. Check out the following automation to apply to your home;

  1. Centurion Domestic Roll-up Garage Door Motors: this product enables you to maintain the quietness in your home even while in operation with its ‘whisper-quiet mechanism.’ It has a strong lifting capacity and ideal for heavy garage doors. There’s also a battery backup and works perfectly well in cases of emergency.  
  2. ET Gate Motors: They operate perfectly for both sliding and swing garage doors. Their mechanism is speedy yet silent. Also, they have an anti-theft bracket and two remote controls.  
  3. DC Blue Advanced (Tip-up and Sectional) Garage Door Motor: this has a LED programming display. It can also display any fault on the garage door. It comes with a beam input that ensures safety.  
  4. The Dominator Garage Openers: They can detect obstacles and will reverse immediately.  They have a battery backup for use during a power outage.  
  5. Doorman SD03 Garage Door Motor: This garage door automation has a single-channel receiver through the remote control that shows up to 15 operations fully. There’s an anti-crush setting that ensures safety.  

Garage door hardware

Sigmadoors offers durable and attractive garage door hardware to ensure that your door is functional. We have all the hardware parts for every kind and style of your garage door. Apart from the individual components, we also offer hardware kits to find all the parts you need for your door. There’s also detailed instruction on how you can be your installer. 

We offer different types and sizes of hinges. You’ll also get hardware such as bearings, sprockets, fasteners, and gears. We also offer others like couplings, cables & drums, exhaust system parts, misc hardware, pulleys, locks & handles, chain hoists, rollers, etc. 

At Sigmadoors, we offer decorative garage door hardware to improve the aesthetic appeal of your garage door. We provide pull handles, decorative hardware sets, door knockers, decorative latches, etc. 

Our garage door hardware is durable and stands the test of time. These items are resistant to corrosion and also withstand the impact of different weather conditions. With a cast iron construction material, each hardware from Sigmadoors retains its looks from day one until replacement. 

Improve the appearance of your doors by choosing our high-quality hardware for garage doors.