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Aluminium Sliding Doors

Aluminium sliding doors are supplied complete with clear safety glass, handles, tracks and rollers.

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Quality Aluminium Sliding Doors

Our quality Sigmadoor aluminium sliding doors are a classic fit that guarantees ease of use, good quality and never goes out of style.  Our range of aluminium sliding doors are supplied with safety glazing, door handles, sliding door hardware (ie. tracks and wheels).  We always recommend installation by qualified aluminium installers, builders or carpenters.  

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Below you can search for the various standards sizes.  If however you do not find the right aluminium sliding door size, please contact our sales consultants.  Our consultants will provide you with a quote for custom-made sliding door.

Crealco Icon (Series 700) Aluminium Sliding Door

The Icon aluminium sliding door system is a tried and tested South African sliding door.  This patio door system is an exact match of the old series 700 that has been in the market for many years now.  This sliding door system is well known for it’s great reliability and performance.  The sliding doors can be configured in formations of 2 to 6 door panels. The prices for the series 700 sliding doors is very much at an entry level average.

Palace Aluminium Sliding Door

The Palace aluminium sliding door system takes the patio door game to another level.  The palace sliding door allows for more complex applications than the Icon sliding door system.  Higher than normal heights can be manufactured using the palace sliding door system.  In upmarket applications, the Palace aluminium sliding door system provides for durable and more functional installation.  The price for the Palace sliding door is higher than that of the series 700.

Aluminium Sliding Doors and Windows For Every Home

Our South African manufactured aluminium sliding doors are a true reflection of quality that never goes out of style.  Sigmadoors’ custom sliding doors are measured, made and fitted to the high standard within the industry.  Our sliding doors are low maintenance, easy to clean and will improve any home with its simple, modest slimline quality.

Aluminium Sliding Doors Prices

Our aluminium sliding doors are competitively priced and come in a range of designs to suit all budgets. From time to time our online store provide significant discounts on aluminium sliding door price. The cost of aluminium sliding doors will depend on the size, style and design of the door.

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If you can't find the specific door sizes to suit your project, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free custom quote.