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Hinged Aluminium Doors

Quality hinged aluminium doors complete with safety glass, handles, hinges, locks and keys.

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Quality Hinged Aluminium Doors

Hinged doors always adds that privacy to a room. As we all know that despite the need for open door living, there are also times where we need to have some privacy.  Our hinged doors range is all about providing you and your loved ones with functionality and flexibility.  This range consists of both single and double door configuration.  You also can choose between hinged aluminium doors with a mid-rail or without a mid-rail.

Our hinged doors have a modern yet timeless appeal whether used as a kitchen door or front door, internally or as a patio door.  As such, our double doors, also known as french doors have the versatility for a variety of uses.  Here are the two main types of hinged doors that we offer:

  • Single Hinged Aluminium Door

This type of aluminium doors consist of one panel that is hinged onto the frame on the one side and provided with a lock and handle on the other side.  This type of aluminium door is great for use as an external kitchen door, scullery door or bedroom door leading onto a patio or balcony.

Hinged aluminium front doors (Single) are also popular in modest homes. A popular trend nowadays is to have aluminium front doors patterned. This is done with angled mullions and transoms.  The doors are usually glazed with obscure or tinted glass so as to provide some privacy for the occupants. 

  • Double Hinged Aluminium Door

Double doors consist of two panels that are hinged to the frame on opposite sides.  Door locks, handles and latches are placed in the inner stiles of the doors to secure the two door panels together.  

Both panels are usually paneled with a single pane of safety glass.  In some installations the glass pane is divided into two with a midrail. Double hinged aluminium doors are usually used either as front doors or as patio doors. 

Hinged Aluminium Door Sizes

Single hinged aluminium door usually have a minimum width of about 800mm.  Double hinged doors can have a minimum span of about 1200mm or more.  It must be noted however that there is a limit to the total area of the glass that hinged doors can carry.  Beyond this limit the doors are likely to sag over time and begin to touch the floor. Our hinged doors are based on the Crealco Clip 44 Shopfront system.

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If you can't find the specific door sizes to suit your project, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free custom quote.