How do I search for windows and doors on your website?

There are three ways of searching for products on our site.? First, you can search by using ?Categories? which are located on the left-hand side of the screen. This will either take you to product sub-categories or directly to the relevant products.? Secondly, you can click on the ?PRODUCTS? tab in the top menu bar and access the drop down list of product and its sub-categories. This method will yield similar results as the Categories search method.

Alternatively, you can just enter standard South African aluminium window or door code into the search field (situated at the very top of the homepage screen).? This method is ideal if you have standard aluminium window or door codes from architectural plans or a window schedule.? Under normal circumstances, architects will issue a Window or Door Schedule which will contain standard aluminium windows and doors codes for each window or door.? These are the codes you can insert in the search field to find the product you need.? Should the codes you have vary from the one?s used on the site, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I am not sure of the colours to choose, where can I see the various colours available?

Please check our colour samples in the Technical section of the website?click here.

Can I obtain a written quotation first before concluding the purchase?

Yes! At Sigmadoors we have made it simple for you to shop online.? Simply put all your products onto your Shopping Cart by selecting “ADD TO CART”, then print the contents of your Shopping Cart and you?re done!? Once you have decided to make a purchase, just go back into your Shopping Cart and proceed to CHECKOUT!


Alternatively you can request a quote by emailing us a list of products you require.? Our representative will be in contact with you.

What if I cannot find the option or item I need or if it is not listed on the website?

We are continually developing our website, if something is not yet listed it may be available on our stock or at our manufacturing.? Please enquire by contacting our customer service who will check and where available, the items will be made available to you ? our email address is info@sigmadoors.co.za.

How do I place an order?

Ordering is very easy.? You can simply browse through a variety of windows and doors that we offer online.? Once you find the product that you like. You can place the order on that page using our online shopping cart by selecting ADD TO CART and then by clicking on ?CHECKOUT? and following all the prompts or you can use one of the alternative methods below.


1. Call one of our Service Representatives on:-

Tel. (+27)11 083 5150 or (+27) 72 252 0945

Monday ? Friday8:00am – 5:00pm South African Time (GMT+2)


2. Email your order request to:-


NB. All Purchase Orders other than those paid directly online, must be accompanied by a proof of bank deposit for the total amount issued at the time of ordering.? Our banking details are as follows:

Sigma Doors

First National Bank

Sunninghill Branch

Br Code ? 251650

Acc No. – 62734174957

International Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ

Please note that placing your order online is faster, safer and more efficient. It will ensure that your delivery address, billing address and item(s) ordered are captured correctly.

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