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Serving Randburg, Sandton, Fourways, Johannesburg, Midrand, and Centurion, Sigmaglass is dedicated to providing quality sliding door repair services with a focus on customer satisfaction. Reach out to us and experience the perfect blend of quality, efficiency, and elegance in all your door repair needs.

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Repair and Replacement of Components:

Fixing and replacing sliding door rollers, tracks, handles, and locks to ensure smooth operation.

Repairing or replacing folding door rails and rollers for silent and efficient folding and sliding action.

Glass Replacement:

Providing safety glass for all door types, ensuring compliance with glazing regulations.

Offering various glass options, including clear, tinted, and obscure glass, to match the aesthetic and functional requirements of customers.

Maintenance and Upgrades:

Regular maintenance services to keep the doors in optimal condition.

Upgrading existing doors with new, durable hardware to improve longevity and performance.

Customization and Installation:

Customizing door sizes, panel configurations, and colours to meet specific customer needs.

Professional installation services to ensure correct fitting and operation of doors.


Installing wool pile and other weatherproofing materials to keep out dust, water, and wind.

Ensuring doors meet performance requirements for wind loads, particularly in inland areas.

Serving Areas: Our services are readily available in Johannesburg, Sandton, Randburg, Fourways, Midrand, Fourways and Centurion. We pride ourselves on delivering quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction across all these regions. Contact Sigmadoors Today: For inquiries or to schedule a door repair service, please contact us. Let Sigmadoors be your partner in all your sliding door repair problems, ensuring quality, durability, and elegance in every service we provide.

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Tips for clients on How to Log a Door Repair Service with Sigmadoors


Here are some tips for clients on how to log a door repair service with Sigmadoors:

Identify the Issue:

Clearly identify and describe the issue you are experiencing with your door. Note whether it is a sliding door, folding door, or any other type, and detail the problem (e.g., damaged rollers, broken glass, difficulty in opening or closing).

Gather Necessary Information:

Collect relevant information about your door, such as the model, size, and any previous repairs or maintenance history. This will help Sigmadoors understand the context and provide a more accurate solution.

Visit the Sigmadoors Website:

Go to the Sigmadoors website and navigate to the ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Support’ section. This is where you will find options to log your service request.

Use the Online Form:

Fill out the online service request form with all the required details. Include your contact information, a detailed description of the issue, and any other relevant information that could assist the service team in diagnosing the problem.

Email or Call:

If you prefer, you can also contact Sigmadoors directly via email or phone. Provide all the necessary details in your communication. Their contact details can be found on their website in the ‘Contact Us’ section.

Attach Photos:

If possible, attach photos of the door and the specific issue. Visual aids can significantly help in diagnosing the problem and ensuring the service team comes prepared with the right tools and parts.

Schedule an Appointment:

Once your service request is logged, work with Sigmadoors to schedule a convenient time for a technician to visit and perform the repair. Be sure to confirm the appointment and any other instructions provided.


After logging the request, keep an eye on your email or phone for any follow-up communication from Sigmadoors. Respond promptly to any additional questions or requests for information.

By following these steps, you can ensure a smooth and efficient process for logging a door repair service with Sigmadoors.