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Weatherproof Doors & Windows – The Insulation Guide

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Due to an extreme decline in the house market with mortgage rates hitting an all-time low, more people are opting to maintain their old homes rather than move in to newer and more modern homes. As a result, such individuals are expected to pay more attention to their house maintenance and upkeep. To this regard, […]

5 Quick Tips for an Energy Efficient Home

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How Important is an Energy Efficient Home? For home owners, making your home energy efficient may seem to be a rather challenging at first.  However, once you start thinking critically about it you realize just how valuable it really is. By having a plan for your energy efficiency needs, you will not only help keep […]


Double glazed windows advantages energy efficient windows and doors Sigmadoors

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT ENERGY EFFICIENT WINDOWS Many a time when you plan on considering a window replacement or even a first time window installation, there are a number of things which you have to bear in mind about windows. These have been summarized here in terms of some of the most commonly frequently asked […]

SANS 10400-A Quick Guide

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A QUICK GUIDE TO SANS 10400 REGULATIONS As of now, the South African National Building Regulations requires each of the following regulations to be adhered: SANS 10400 XA1 This regulation stipulates that buildings are to be able to use energy efficiently and be able to reduce the overall greenhouse gas emissions, which is in accordance […]

SANS 10400 – Fenestration and Energy Efficiency Explained

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FENESTRATION AND ENERGY EFFICIENCY – SANS 10400 xa This section basically focuses on the encouragement of energy efficiency in fenestration in the South African context based on SANS 10400xa regulations. It has been divided into a number of sections, all of which answers a specific question about the section. WHAT IS SANS 10400 – ENERGY […]

Window Quality & Testing


MAKING AIRTIGHT WINDOWS & TESTING In any situation where you have to install your new window set, or if you wish to be a manufacturer, there are those three key things which you have to always consider when you are making your windows or you wish to have a new window installation set. These three […]

Choosing the Right Window Types

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  Popular Window Types To Choose From Assuming that you have your budgets right and would like to know the best window types for your home, here are some tips to choose the perfect window type. 7 Useful Tips on Choosing the right Window Types WEIGHING THE BRAND AND THE SUPPLIER. Usually, when it comes […]

Energy Efficient Ideas – Windows & Doors

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A Guide to Energy Efficient Windows and Doors An increasing number of homeowners are looking at ways of becoming energy efficient.  For most, the choice to go green is motivated by the ever increasing energy bills while for others it is the unstable supply of electricity by the authorities.  Whatever the reason, there seem to […]