Top 10 best uses for aluminium

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Popular Use for Aluminium

Aluminium has many applications in a variety of different domains, including:

Aluminium is an element that is very widely used in the world today. Its appearance is silvery white, and it has many unusual properties. There is no other metal that has ever been used in so many different ways such as aluminium. Its unique properties enable it to be applied in different ways, including in the construction of aluminium doors.

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Uses of Aluminium

  1. Building and construction is the area where aluminium is used most. It can be applied in the creation of domes, roofs, bridges and different structures. Stairways, landings, cladding and so on are made from aluminium. Its malleable nature makes it the best option for aluminium, windows, aluminium doors, window frames, grills, doorknobs, and more. Aluminium sliding doors and aluminium folding doors are also very popular. Commercial buildings also use aluminium in different areas.
  2. Packaging, including beverages, foods, pharmaceuticals and so on. Toasters, fridges, kettles, utensils, thermoses, bottles, and cans are made using the element. It keeps the food safe and does not affect food smell or taste.
  3. Modes of transportation like buses, boats, ships, trains, and aircraft use the element to make them strong and weightless. The electrical systems, wiring, exteriors, and frames of airplanes also use aluminium.
  4. In the automobile industry, the metal is used in the manufacturing of cars.
  5. Electrical materials and power lines use a percentage of aluminium to transmit high voltages.
  6. It is used to make heat reflectors and mirrors.
  7. Consumer products such as bicycles, containers, gas cylinders, and household fittings are made of aluminium.
  8. It is used in making marine equipment.
  9. The sports world uses it for watches, golf clubs, tennis racquets, and baseball bats.
  10. The entertainment industry uses it to make CDs and electronic equipment.

One other notable area that is worth mentioning is that many compounds and salts of aluminium are used in the manufacturing of gemstones, paints, paper, ceramics, and glass. There are also places where coins are made of aluminium.


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