Aluminium Shopfronts and Windload Guide

shopfronts image, Aluminium shopfronts, aluminium windows and doors by SigmadoorsThe terminology wind load is used to describe forces or pressure that is exerted by wind on structures. There are three main kinds of wind loads. Top of the list is shear wind load. This is a kind of horizontal pressure that is brought by excess wind. If it is too strong, it can cause walls to tilt or even crack in very extreme conditions. Secondly, there is lateral wind load which is another kind of horizontal wind load popular for making buildings move off their foundation or overturn. Lastly, there is uplift wind load which refers to an upward force that tends to affect various roof structures. Such wind loads flow beneath roof structures such as canopies hence pushing it upwards.

Shop Fronts and Wind Loads

With that in mind, it is vital to ensure that your shop front is strong enough to withstand such strong winds. As is the case with aluminium windows and aluminium doors, aluminium shop fronts are one of the best alternatives for such. Aluminium is one of the strongest metals known to man with an ultimate strength of 45,000 psi and yield strength of 34,000. Although it is not as strong as steel, it still remains to be extra sturdy and worth withstanding heavy wind loads. Aluminium windows and aluminium doors are known for their sturdy nature. This is the same case with aluminium shop fronts. They can withstand all kinds of wind loads ensuring that your shop remains in tip top condition regardless of the weather condition.

All things aluminium offer users with an economic solution to their needs. This is the case with aluminium windows, aluminium doors, and aluminium shop fronts. The latter are economical in the sense that they offer ultimate cover and are elegant in design. Aluminium shop fronts are fitted using head springs that are uniquely concealed. As a result, they are firmly held in position without necessarily affecting their sleek design. If required, doors can either swing open or slide open so long as they are electronically controlled. In summary, just as is the case with aluminium windows and aluminium doors, aluminium shop fronts are the perfect option for withstanding wind loads in commercial establishments.


Aluminium Doors and Wind Loads

Basically, a wind load refers to the amount of force or pressure that winds tends to exact upon a building. It is a very important aspect to consider during construction as it determines factors such as actuarial glazing. There are three main kinds of wind loads. There is the uplift wind load which is and upward moving force that affects the roofing structure of the building. It also affects all sorts of horizontal structure in the house, an example being awnings. Secondly, there is the shear wind load which refers to horizontal wind pressure. It is known for causing tilts and cracks on buildings. Lastly, there is the lateral horizontal wind load which can easily cause a building to overturn.

As such, it is important to ensure the doors one uses are in good shape so as to withstand the prevailing wind loads. Aluminium doors are by far one of the most viable options to this regard, be it aluminium sliding doors or aluminium folding doors. Scientifically, aluminium is one of the strongest metals known to man with yield strength of 240 MPa and tensile strength of 205 MPa. The idea is to find a door that can withstand adverse wind loads and aluminium fits the description. With most aluminium doors including aluminium sliding doors and aluminium folding doors being used for exterior purposes, it is advisable to utilize them since they get in most contact with wind loads. The high-strength image associated with aluminium doors helps them avoid any sorts of damage whenever wind loads prevail.

Aluminium is also known as a very versatile metal. It is due to this that there exists a wide variety of aluminium doors, with aluminium sliding doors and aluminium folding doors being the most common. Nowadays, there are several aluminium sliding doors available in the market designed specifically for very intense wind loads. There are also aluminium profiles that are designed to withstand the stipulated geographical wind speeds.  These are used in the manufacture of wide opening window and door openings.  It is therefore important to ensure that you buy windows and doors that conform to these standards.


A Buyer’s Guide – Interior & Exterior Doors

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entry doors, french doors, aluminium doors, double hinged doors
Entry door image

Whenever one goes shopping for new doors, be it plain entry doors, interior doors, exterior doors, french doors or back doors, they should ensure that they go for the most durable, functional, secure and good looking options. Moreover, you should also pick doors that offers a favorable insulation rating with specific regards to the living space where they’ll be installed. To ensure that these factors are appropriately considered, below are some guidelines that you should consider before buying doors for your home.

Things To Consider When Buying Doors:

  1. Unlike in the past, external doors aimed at helping individuals gain access to balconies or gardens are no longer restricted to solid french door or similar. Now a variety of doors are available for this purpose.  These include sliding doors, folding doors, or glass double doors, etc.
  2. Traditionally, French doors were strictly made out of wood. However, with recent trends, such doors are now available in a variety of material options. Some of the most common options include aluminium and PVC-u.  Additionally, these doors can be made to open outwards or inwards. Therefore, it is important to consider this depending on the type of space one plans to install the door.
  3. It has been realized that sliding doors turns to require more maintenance with age. As a result, it would be advisable to avoid sliding doors in places where there will be too much traffic and heavy operation. For this purposes there are other types of doors that could be functional such as folding doors or even the usual hinged doors. Folding patio doors are by far the most convenient option where there are landscape views to be enjoyed.entry doors, shopping for doors, external doors, french doors, front doors
  4. One should also consider the width and height of doors, especially entry doors, so as not to restrict any access to any of the rooms.  Where there is movement in both directions, wider doors makes a viable option.
  5. The privacy provided by a door should be considered in areas that requires more privacy for the occupants.
  6. The beauty and elegance of entry doors should be considered in relation to the appearance of the entire facade where the entry door is to be installed.  For less important access points and those obscured doorways, a cheaper, less significant door could be a better option.
  7. One should also ensure that the hardware used on doors is readily available for purchase in local retail outlets.  It would be a pointless exercise to purchase an imported door if the hardware used are not available locally.
  8. Weather-proofing options available for the type of doors that you want to buy should also be considered. If the doors are to be exposed to adverse weather elements such as entry doors, then it will be prudent to investigate the various weather-proofing options available to that specific door.

The above are just a few factors to bear in mind when shopping for doors

Rust Proofing Your House

Your house is your investment and just like any other investment, the amount of work your put into your house determines how long it will last. One of the key factors that lead to the deterioration of such an investment is rust. It is normally a major headache especially in extreme cases. Rust tends to destroy most pieces of metal which in turn lead to the destruction of various essential parts of the house. As such, it is of utmost importance that one adequately rust proofs his or her house in order to avoid massive losses in the future.

Rust: Aluminium windows and doors

With that in mind, the best way to rust proof one’s house is by installing rust-resistant materials. Top of the list should be aluminium windows and aluminium doors. It is scientifically proven that aluminium is rust resistant due to its unique chemical composition. Unlike other metals such as steel and iron, aluminium does not react to moisture. Therefore, this makes aluminium doors and aluminium windows a very viable option for your house. Rust proofing is all about ensuring that rust has not lee way into your home. In other words, it is all about ensuring all parts of your house comprise of rust resistant material. Therefore, one should seriously consider utilizing aluminium doors and aluminium windows for all rooms in the home.

aluminium shower door, shower panel, frameless showerThere are certain rooms where aluminium becomes even more appropriate. For example, aluminium shower doors are the best because of their rust resistant qualities.  Another material that is not prone to rust is glass. Therefore, it would be advisable for one to use all glass panes for the shower. The best option in this case would be frameless showers. The good thing with frameless showers is that they are made up of pure glass. Given the fact that bathrooms are most exposed to moisture, it is important that one avoids any form of material that is prone to rust. This makes frameless showers one of the few viable options for such a setting. Generally, frameless showers are just as crucial as aluminium windows and doors when it comes to rust proofing your house.

Choosing a Patio Door

Home owners have to basic choices when it comes to purchasing patio doors. One can either go for aluminium doors or wooden. Just as is the case with wooden, aluminium doors offer sleekness, long-lasting beauty, and sleek designs. In addition to this, they are easy to maintain and offer good insulation.

Popular Patio Door Material

Wooden doors are made from various types of hard timber material. The reason behind the use of hardwood is so as to ensure that the outer frame remain strong enough to hold up well against any sort of mishap, dent, or scratches. This helps ensure that the door is durable. It is an important factor to consider since patio doors help link the outside to the inside. Given the fact that this is by far one of the busiest doors in any homestead, it is of importance that one ensures the door is strong enough to survive through the high level of activity. Moreover, wooden doors are more energy efficient than aluminium doors. This makes them more suitable for homes located in colder regions where it’s extremely cold. Aluminium doors would not be a very prudent idea for such homes since they tend to let a lot of heat out. Therefore, aluminium patio doors are better off used in areas with moderatet to extreme heat conditions due to their cooling effect. All in all, aluminium doors also have numerous benefits in that they are easy to maintain and do not rust. They offer homeowners years of aesthetic value without heavy maintenance requirements.

Style & Durability of Patio Doors

Another factor worth considering when it comes to patio doors is the style of door. There a number of varying styles including French, out swing, aluminium sliding doors, and aluminium folding doors. This decision tends to vary depending on the home design. One advantage of using more contemporary doors such as aluminium sliding doors or aluminium folding doors is the style they offer.  Both give the house a more elegant look than the traditional kind of door. However, it is important to note that the aluminium folding doors and aluminium sliding doors tend to use a rather hectic mechanism for their operations. The aluminium sliding doors for example rely on a set of rollers placed at the bottom in order to slide effectively. Chances are there will be mechanical issues somewhere along the way. Same is the case for aluminium folding doors. Therefore, it is advisable to pick an option that is easily maintained and one that is not prone to mechanical breakdown.

Burglar Proofing Aluminium Windows and Doors

Burglars gain access in and out of your home in the same manner you do; through doors. As such, it is highly advisable that one properly burglar proofs both the back and front doors. Forceful entry through the windows more often than not comes about as a last result. Just to be safe, it is prudent that one safeguards all their aluminium windows and aluminium doors including the garage entrance, basement door, and the patio aluminium sliding door.

Burglar Proofing Your Aluminium Windows and Doors

The idea behind bugler proofing all points of entry is to safeguard your home in that it is your best effort towards deterring burglars from picking your home. Usually, whenever thieves break into a home, time is always of the essence. One is required to do whatever is necessary to slow them down and eventually break down the attack. There are a number of ways through which one can do this. They include:

  • Ensure all exterior doors are solid-core. Aluminium doors and aluminium sliding doors are sturdy enough for this purpose. However, make sure to use heavy-duty dead bolts so as to give the frame a more firm structure.
  • Apply window film to your aluminium windows. The film makes the glass more shatterproof. In addition to this, it would also be advisable if one slightly tinted majority of the exterior aluminium windows. This prevents strangers with ill motives from scoping your home.
  • Utilize as many aluminium door and aluminium window jammers as possible. These items help prevent any unauthorized entry from outside. They are inexpensive and offer reliable security. For your patio aluminium sliding door, brackets should be installed instead. They are more or less jammers but work in such a way that they are screwed in positions that make it impossible for intruders to lift open your aluminium sliding door from outside.
  • All points of access on the roof including skylights should be secured accordingly using heavy-duty material.
  • For all aluminium doors located next to a window. Make sure to install dead bolts. In addition to the dead bolts, install captive key locks. This combination helps prevents burglars from opening the door even after breaking the window to try and access the lock from outside. This is due to the removable thumb latches.

The painting of aluminium windows and doors

Aluminium doors and windows are usually painted through a process called powder coating. The powder coat works just like the regular paint that you are probably familiar with. You can achieve any color or tone that you please. The surface has to first be prepared, and then the paint is applied in an electrical manner. The section has to be placed in the oven to bake and then finish. This is what makes the finish so consistent and hard to wear out. It is very easy to handle aluminium

Benefits of using the powder coating for aluminium doors and windows

When you use the powder coating, you will get:

  • An even application that is very consistent with the finish and the color
  • A wide array of color choices that you can use for your aluminium doors and windows
  • A wide range of colors that can be applied to match the colors that are within and around the property
  • A more durable finish than is the case with timber
  • Added protection from the elements to make the metal last longer

Anodizing on the aluminium doors and windows

This is yet another very popular option that can be used for your aluminium doors and windows. This coating is added to the metal through an electrochemical process. Anodizing usually increases the corrosion resistance and durability of aluminium. This is because the thickness of the oxide layer located on the metal surface is increased.

There are different grades that can be applied to the aluminium windows and doors; the highest level is the best option. This finish is marine grade. It ensures that the metal in the windows and doors remains protected from all elements and offers a long lifespan.

This is an option for those who want a lot of protection due to intense conditions. It is popularly used in the coastal regions on aluminium windows and doors. With this option, there is a limited color choice to select from.

You can paint aluminium regardless of how old it is. However, this work needs to be handled by a specialist.


Choosing a perfect sliding door for your home

Aluminium sliding doors are an amazing addition to any home. They are perfect for the patio area. They need to be selected carefully to ensure that they serve the purpose for which they are meant. A sliding door operates as one unit and it has two or more panels. In two-panel sliding doors, one panel remain fixed while the other is opened by means of sliding wheels. There is yet another option where the door can slide into a wall pocket. This is usually ideal for the indoor areas.

Selecting the ideal aluminium sliding door

When you want an aluminium sliding door, there are some things to consider. It is important for such a door to perform the basic function of sliding to allow access to outdoor areas and to allow fresh air to come into the home.

  • Appearance: when you are choosing the ideal aluminium sliding doors, you need to consider how they appear. It is very important to make sure that the door matches the home look. If you have a traditional style of home, you might choose a French-style models. For contemporary homes, then a modern door is suitable.
  • Material: there are many materials that can be used for the sliding door. You should weigh the options carefully and get to know the benefits each option will bring. Aluminium sliding doors are an amazing choice because of how versatile the material is. It is resistant to heat changes and remains in place regardless of the prevailing conditions.
  • Style: there are different styles of aluminium sliding doors that you can select from. This has to be considered when you are making a selection. You should select the option that matches your taste and your budget.

Aluminium sliding doors may be a bit more expensive to buy, but they are worth the money at the end of the day, especially when compared to other materials that can be used to serve the same purpose.

The best thing about choosing aluminium is that it is low maintenance. It also lasts a long time, allowing you to enjoy great service for many years.