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Aluminium horizontal sliding windows HS306-XX


HS306-XX Aluminium Horizontal Sliding Windows 3000 X 600 (width x height in mm)

High quality windows at affordable prices for use in residential and architectural projects.

Aluminium Windows by Sigmadoors

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HS306-XX Aluminium Windows-Horizontal Sliding 3000 X 600 (width x height in mm)

  • Aluminium Windows-Horizontal Sliding are offered in a choice of three colours (ie. Natural, Bronze and White). 10% Will be added to the price for other colours not listed here.
    • All Dimension indicated are nominal opening sizes. Actual window sizes are 10mm less.
    • Glass is fitted into the sashes in rubber channels to enable simple and speedily replacement of glass panes
    • High quality aluminium windows constructed from extruded aluminium alloy.
    • Glazed with standard clear float glass, Safety glass where prescribed by Glazing Regulations.
    • Manufactured to comply with minimum performance requirements of 600Pa wind loads (Inland areas). Heavy duty mullions are fitted where required by regulation.
    • The windows can be used for residential and other architectural projects.
    • Other variations of sizes and number of sliding panels are available to be ordered separately by email.
    • All windows come complete with fixing lugs, handles, metal screws.
    • The windows are very easy to operate, sliding rails are smooth to enable easy sliding of sashes. The rails are easy to clean to remove any dust that may accumulate over long periods of time.

Aluminium Windows-Horizontal Sliding | Aluminium Windows by Sigmadoors, South Africa.


Bronze, Natural (Silver), White, Other (Add 10%)


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