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SFD4821_7 Panel Aluminium Vistafold Folding Door


Aluminium Vistafold Folding Door 4800 x 2100

(width x height in mm)


SFD4821_7 Panel Aluminium Vistafold Folding Door 4800 x 2100

(width x height in mm)

Aluminium folding doors, also known as Bi-Fold doors or concertina doors, are offered in a choice of three colours (ie. Natural, Bronze and White). 10% Will be added to the price for other colours not listed here.

  • All measurements on images are nominal opening sizes. Actual door frame sizes are 10mm less.
  • All our doors come fitted with safety glass.
  • Our folding doors are fitted with wool pile to keep dust and water out.
  • Our folding patio doors are very easy to operate. The folding rails and rollers ensure the panels slide and fold smoothly and silently.
  • Doors have a pleasant slimline, discreet architectural appearance and have a long lasting finish.
  • folding doors allow remarkably large openings, breaking the boundaries between the indoors and outdoors.
  • folding doors allow plenty of ventilation into your home and let you enjoy the cool summer breezes.
  • Our High quality aluminium patio doors are constructed from extruded aluminium alloy.
  • Glazed with standard safety glass as prescribed by Glazing Regulations.
  • Our folding patio doors are manufactured to comply with minimum performance requirements of 600Pa wind loads (Inland areas). Heavy duty lock stiles are fitted where required by regulation.
  • The patio doors are commonly used for residential and other architectural projects.
  • All folding doors come complete with fixing hardware, locks and metal screws.
  • Aluminium folding doors are low maintenance, have durable handles and rollers for a smooth and silent operation
  • With the folding doors opened and folded flat against each other, your patio and living areas becomes transformed into a huge living area.

10% Will be added to the price for colours other than Natural, Bronze and White.

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Bronze, Natural (Silver), White, Other (Add 10%)


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