21 Dining Room Windows and Curtain Design Ideas

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21 Dining Room Windows and Curtain Design Ideas

The design of your dining room windows and curtains plays a pivotal role in creating an inviting and stylish dining space. Thoughtfully chosen window treatments can enhance the ambiance, provide privacy, and control natural light, all while complementing your dining room furniture. Whether you prefer elegant drapes, modern blinds, or a combination of both, there are endless possibilities to suit every taste and style. This guide, inspired by the expertise of Sigmadoors, will explore 21 dining room windows and curtain design ideas to help you elevate your dining area with beautiful and

The right combination of windows and curtains can significantly enhance the ambiance of your dining room, making it a comfortable and inviting space for meals and gatherings. Here are 21 design ideas for dining room windows and curtains to inspire you.

1. Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Expansive Views

Floor-to-ceiling windows provide an expansive view and flood the dining room with natural light.

Curtain Idea

Use sheer curtains for a light, airy feel, or heavier drapes for a more formal look.

2. Bay Windows

Cozy Nook

Bay windows create a cozy nook, perfect for a dining area with built-in seating.

Curtain Idea

Install a combination of Roman shades and side drapes for versatile light control and style.

3. Arched Windows

Architectural Elegance

Arched windows add architectural interest and elegance to your dining room.

Curtain Idea

Hang curved curtain rods and flowy drapes that accentuate the window’s shape.

4. French Windows

Classic Charm

French windows with multiple panes add a touch of classic charm and sophistication.

Curtain Idea

Opt for light, breezy curtains or shutters for a timeless look.

5. Casement Windows

Modern Functionality

Casement windows offer modern functionality and can be fully opened to let in fresh air.

Curtain Idea

Use simple, sleek roller shades or Roman blinds for a clean, contemporary look.

6. Picture Windows

Scenic View

Picture windows frame scenic outdoor views, making them a focal point in the dining room.

Curtain Idea

Install minimalistic, floor-length curtains to complement the view without obstructing it.

7. Stained Glass Windows

Artistic Touch

Stained glass windows add an artistic touch and vibrant color to your dining room.

Curtain Idea

Use simple, neutral curtains to let the stained glass be the star of the show.

8. Double-Hung Windows

Traditional Style

Double-hung windows offer a traditional style and easy ventilation.

Curtain Idea

Pair with classic curtains or shutters for a timeless, elegant look.

9. Sliding Glass Doors

Indoor-Outdoor Flow

Sliding glass doors provide a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor dining areas.

Curtain Idea

Opt for vertical blinds or panel track curtains for easy access and modern style.

10. Skylights

Natural Light

Skylights bring in abundant natural light from above, creating a bright and airy dining space.

Curtain Idea

Install motorized shades or blinds for convenient light control.

11. Bow Windows

Expansive Curve

Bow windows create an expansive curved view, adding elegance and charm.

Curtain Idea

Use curved curtain rods with light, flowing drapes to enhance the shape.

12. Awning Windows

High Ventilation

Awning windows placed high on the wall provide ventilation and maintain privacy.

Curtain Idea

Use simple, clean-lined Roman shades or roller blinds for a modern look.

13. Corner Windows

Panoramic Views

Corner windows offer panoramic views and a unique design element.

Curtain Idea

Install curtain rods that wrap around the corner with floor-length curtains for a cohesive look.

14. Transom Windows

Added Light

Transom windows above doors or other windows bring in additional light without sacrificing privacy.

Curtain Idea

Use lightweight, sheer curtains or leave them uncovered to maximize light.

15. Sash Windows

Classic Design

Sash windows offer a classic design that complements traditional and modern interiors alike.

Curtain Idea

Opt for layered curtains with a combination of sheer and heavier drapes for versatility.

16. Full-Height Windows

Modern and Dramatic

Full-height windows create a dramatic, modern look and maximize natural light.

Curtain Idea

Use motorized blinds or sleek, floor-to-ceiling curtains for a contemporary feel.

17. Frosted Glass Windows

Privacy and Light

Frosted glass windows provide privacy while still allowing light to filter through.

Curtain Idea

Pair with minimalistic curtains or blinds to maintain the clean, modern look.

18. Garden Windows

Indoor Greenery

Garden windows extend outward, creating a mini greenhouse for indoor plants.

Curtain Idea

Use simple, sheer curtains to allow light for the plants while maintaining a cozy feel.

19. Leaded Glass Windows

Vintage Elegance

Leaded glass windows offer vintage elegance with their intricate designs.

Curtain Idea

Choose neutral or complementary curtains that highlight the beauty of the leaded glass.

20. Palladian Windows

Grand and Elegant

Palladian windows with their arched tops add grandeur and elegance to your dining room.

Curtain Idea

Use long, luxurious drapes that emphasize the window’s height and design.

21. Floor-to-Ceiling Drapes

Luxurious Effect

Floor-to-ceiling drapes add a touch of luxury and make the dining room feel more spacious.

Design Tip

Choose rich fabrics like velvet or silk for a formal dining room, or light linens for a more casual look.


In conclusion, the right window and curtain design can transform your dining room into a sophisticated and welcoming space. By exploring various styles, from luxurious drapes to sleek blinds, you can find the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. Incorporating complementary dining room furniture, such as dining chairs, tables, and suites, further enhances the overall look and feel of the space. With these 21 design ideas, inspired by Sigmadoors, you can create a dining room that not only meets your practical needs but also reflects your personal style, making every meal a delightful experience.

These 21 design ideas for dining room windows and curtains offer a variety of styles to suit different tastes and home aesthetics. By choosing the right combination, you can create a dining space that is not only functional but also beautiful and inviting.