Aluminium Windows vs Timber

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Aluminium windows and doors vs Wood


When picking the right type of door or window, one important aspect to consider is the type of material that is used to make them.  The dilemma is often between timber and aluminum windows and doors. Which material is the better choice? 


Looking at the pros and cons of both wooden and aluminium windows and doors is the easiest way to determine which one will be fitting for one’s home or office. 


Advantages of Aluminium Windows and doors

  • Cheaper than wooden windows and doors

For most applications aluminum doors and aluminium windows tend to be much cheaper compared to timber and uPVC.

  • Good resistance against weather conditions 

Aluminium provides the best resistance against harsh weather conditions such as extreme hot and cold weather, rain and frost. 

  •  Resistance against corrosion

Aluminum windows and doors are resistant to corrosion and removing rust would not be a problem even after many years of use.

  •  Strong and structurally solid

-Once aluminum profiles are assembled and the right type of glass is inserted, aluminium windows and doors will no longer warp during and after years of installation.  Product life is extended because it does not crack. It may bend if undue pressure is accidentally applied, but it will not crack.  it does not swell even if it is often drenched by rain and it does not split either.

  •  Easy to clean

Because of it’s smooth surface, cleaning aluminium windows is much easier than wood. It can also be directly washed using a hose and detergent. Soap will not ruin the surface.

  •  Flexible design and application

There is a wide array of design options for aluminum doors and windows. Some have powder coating while others are anodized.  Aluminium tends to be an automatic choice in commercial applications. This can be seen in most high rise buildings. 

  •  Eco-friendly recycling

The recycling of aluminum is also considered as more earth-friendly. When going through the recycling process, only 5% of the initial energy used in creating it is required.


Disadvantage of Aluminium windows and doors

  • Easy to dent or scratch

The aluminium door may not crack or swell but if this is accidentally hit or pushed the wrong way, the aluminum door can be bent.  Aluminium surfaces can also be easily scratched or dented. Fixing dents on aluminium surfaces is not easy because it requires hammering and flattening.

  •  An industrial look and feel

Since aluminum doors and windows have a more industrial look, this easily works with home and office exteriors but may not look too appealing indoors for others.  In most traditional and country settings aluminium windows and doors may look a bit awkward. 

  •  Lack of availability of replacement parts 

Smaller parts in aluminum doors and windows may be difficult to find. If one part is broken, sometimes the entire set has to be replaced.

  •  Increased operational sound

-Aluminum doors tend to produce louder sound when being opened or closed because of the metal sheet.


Advantages of Wooden Windows and Doors

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  • Not easily dented

Initial cost may be a little higher but since it does not easily get dented or bent, the doors and windows last for a longer time.

  • Provides a homely feeling 

Very versatile and can be used for both interior and exterior of homes and establishments.

  •  Good insulation properties

Timber has a natural insulating characteristic which contributes in preserving the right temperature within a room. The acoustic properties are also very good. 

  •  Can be painted

A wooden surface can be easily painted with various colours over the years and will always look new after each and every new paint is applied. Innovative wood treatment makes timber water repellant and avoids rotting and swelling.

  • Easily available components and parts

When a part is broken, there are a lot of available fixtures for wooden windows and doors which makes repair much easier. There is no need to replace the entire set.

  •  Wide range of design options

There are more intricate designs for timber doors and windows because these can be carved, smoothened and trimmed to make them look more appealing.

  •  Quieter operation

Functions more smoothly and does not produce a loud noise.

  • Good security 

Thicker timber doors provide more security.


Disadvantage of Wooden Windows

  • A nightmare if not treated beforehand

If the wood is not properly treated before installation, there is a tendency for the door or window to swell or warp. Treatment layer has to be applied too so that the wood would not rot easily.

  • Increased maintenance

Proper maintenance has to be done at least 2 to 3 times a year which includes thorough cleaning and reapplication of wood treatment.

  •  Bad resistance to weather elements

When often exposed to extreme heat or humidity, the wood can be damaged.

  • Bad resistance against damage by insects

If the wood is not cared for, it may serve as home for mold and termites.

  • Limited use

It’s use is limited to residential applications.  Commercial buildings can cope with high maintenance costs.