7 Biggest Bathroom Trends Right Now

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7 Bathroom Trends and Tips

modern bathroom deco ideas_bathroom trends, Bathroom ideas, bathroom doors ideas, bathtub ideas, bathroom tiles ideas, Sigmadoors Though your bathrooms are probably one of the smaller spaces in your house, they are still quite significant. After all, it is one of the areas in your house that you can’t help but visit several times in a single day. Many people go lengths to make this vital home space feel just as unique as they consider it to be.

You can design your bathrooms to feel Serene, luxurious or relaxing. Lately, crazier trends have been emerging in the world of bathroom design. Why not keep reading to see the biggest bathroom trends that people are adopting right now?

  1. Statement Bathrooms

In times past white was like the favored color for bathrooms. In recent times, however, homeowners are showcasing their creative streak by dumping the conventional white and going for colorful bathroom designs. One of the biggest trends nowadays is luxury finishes, statement tiles alongside bold colors in bathrooms. You can design your bathroom to make a statement and even show it off to guests.

  1. Terrazzo

modern bathroom deco ideas_bathroom trends, Bathroom ideas, bathroom doors ideas, bathtub ideas, bathroom vanity ideas, SigmadoorsTerrazzo, a blend of natural stones, marble, and cement; who wouldn’t love it? Nowadays, you will find terrazzo in almost every angle of the home, either on the wall surface, as a decorative accessory or on counters.

Terrazzo is most commonly used for the flooring of bathrooms and makes the space look utterly alluring. And yes, they are colorful.

  1. Open Shower in Bathroom

Nothing makes a bathroom more tranquil than the feel of openness. Though there are different shower styles today, the most trending one is the open-concept Italian shower.

This latest trend separates the shower and bath from the rest of the room using glass walls. Usually, the bathtub is included in the shower. This and the glass screens make the bathroom look so much more spacious.

  1. High Tech Bathrooms

It turns out technology is penetrating everywhere, even our bathrooms! Don’t be surprised to see USB chargers in the vanity drawer of the next bathroom you walk into. In fact, please don’t consider it unusual to see smart shower heads that can save water in your neighbor’s bathroom. These things are fast prevailing in bath spaces today.

  1. Bathrooms with Console-Style Vanities

Talk of the biggest bathroom trends and you can’t leave Console-Style Vanities out. Massive furnishings are now giving way for the more space effective console-style dressers which prove very ideal for smaller bathrooms. Only the necessities will be stored in the vanity as there’s not that much space. As such bath spaces are less crowded with unnecessary things.

  1. Biophilic Bathroom Designs

There’s also a trend for lovers of nature! Bioliphic bathroom designs introduce a lot of natural elements such as plants into the bathroom’s decor, thereby connecting its users with nature. So maybe you don’t need to be outside to enjoy the serenity of nature. You can have it right there in the comfort of your bathroom!

  1. Customized Bathroom Experiences

modern bathroom deco ideas_bathroom trends Bathroom ideas bathroom doors ideas, bathtub ideas bathrooms frameless showers vanity toilets bathroom tiles SigmadoorsHomeowners are not going conventional anymore. Custom-made bathroom fixtures are on the rise. Shelving’s, seating, and even shower glass screens, all these things are now being designed specially so that people can enjoy a more personalized shower experience.

We hope you’ve found a trend or two that you’ll like to try out in your forthcoming bathroom renovation. You can even start a trend of your own. Enjoy your renovation.

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