A Guide to Crealco Products & Systems

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Crealco Aluminium Products and Systems

When it comes to high-end aluminum manufacturing companies in South Africa, Wispeco (Pty) Ltd is one to reckon with. It is, in fact, the biggest and most renowned aluminum extrusion distributor in Africa and majorly a producer that converts scrap and raw aluminum into extrusions of several standard profiles. 

Thus, Wispeco developed “Crealco” in a bid to create a world-class marketing platform for its uniquely-designed architectural door, window, and other construction systems. 

What is Crealco?

Crealco Wispeco Architectural Products is the brand responsible for showcasing Wispeco’s Aluminum and glass products. These products range from windows, doors, barriers, and façade systems. Notably, Crealco products depict:

  • Innovation in relation to the functionality & manufacturability of products.
  • A Modernized design for the appearance and experience of the products.
  • Creativity and design liberality for architects and structural designers.
  • Energy-efficient building products.
  • Eco-friendly products (or products that comprise green characteristics) via recycled aluminum which reduces carbon footprint. 
  • Products that are in compliance with the recent Building Legislation in South Africa. 

Crealco aluminum profiles and hardware accessories are accessible from Wispeco Appointed Stockists around the nation. Interestingly, distribute more than 1500 aluminum & glass door, window, and façade installers and fabricators all around South Africa. 

What are Crealco Products categorized into?

All Crealco Products are categorized into four major ranges, and we’d discuss them in this section. If you’re ready, then let’s proceed.

  • Home Range

This range of products is entry-level and ideal for residential buildings within the middle-lower income categories. 

  • Mansion Range

This range comprises residential product ranges ideal for luxurious homes, estates, lodges, etc. Additionally, it is also suitable for commercial applications. 

  • Mall Range

This range is suitable for commercial products ideal for office blocks, shopping complexes, hospitals, malls, etc. 

  • Tower Range

The tower range is ideal for commercial high-rising buildings like hotels or airports.


Furthermore, Crealco Products are Sub-Divided into different product kinds:

  • Crealco Aluminum Windows

This includes various kinds of windows, such as:

    • Casement Windows: This kind of window has its hinges at the sides or top and opens outward to the right or left, or from downward (for the up hinges).
    • Sliding Windows: This is one of the oldest kinds of windows. It is a set of horizontal windows that comprise sashes that slide from side to side, rather than vertically.
    • Shop Front Windows: These are windows positioned at the entryway or façade of a retail shop on the floor level. 
    • Pivot Windows: These windows are typically casement windows with a different opening mechanism. Rather than moving from one end, it hinges at the middle and opens either horizontally or vertically.
  • Inward Tilt and Turn Windows: This is a unique type of casement window that enables you to open it in two ways. You can open the window inwards or tilt it from the bottom to open at an angle. 
  • Crealco Aluminum Doors

This set of categorizations includes:

  • Sliding: This kind of door opens by sliding from side to side. The sashes are positioned parallel to each other and are usually mounted on a rack.
  • Pivot: This is a swinging door with its hinge in the middle, and the sash rotates on a vertically-positioned axis. 
  • Stacking Folding: This kind of door comprises up to 3-6 panels (usually glass) and slides on an aluminum track. Thus, giving a wide and flexible entrance.
  • Hinged: This is arguably the oldest and most renowned kind of door. It comprises a door panel of any material hinged on one side and opened from left or right.
  • Shop Front: These are the entrance doors to stores or shops.
  • Sliding Bath Enclosures: These covers are installed in the bathroom and use siding runners to enable the door to move within the enclosure. 
  • Tilt And Turn Doors: These doors open inwardly and operate in two ways. Their hinges are on the side, but you can tilt one leaf to provide more ventilation. 
  • Even Tilt And Slide Doors: These unique doors have sashes that are not restrained by the rail frames. Thus, making it simpler to operate than the normal sliding doors. 
  • Crealco Aluminum Bath & Shower Enclosures:

This includes pivot or sliding shower doors, fixed panels, and sliding or pivot bath enclosures.

  • Crealco Aluminum Barriers:

This incorporates 

    • Partitioning Barriers: These comprise large modular panels which are easy to install to provide some level of partitioning. 
    • Sliding Barrier: These barriers are built to resist vehicles from accessing site entrances. They are usually heavy-duty and are either electronically or manually controlled.  
  • Stack Away Or Hinged Fixed Or Adjustable Shutters.
    • Window And Door Insect Screens: This component typically consists of breathable nets which prevent insect intrusion into the home. They can be mounted on doors or windows. 
  • Y/O/Z Louvres: These Louvres are created to function as protectors from extreme weather conditions like high sun and rainfall. 
  • Balustrade: These are small columns usually topped by a rail and located most times in terraces and staircases. 
  • Safety Bars: These bars are designed to assist individuals in sustaining balance or reducing fatigue while standing. 
  • Crealco Aluminum Curtain Walls:

The Aluminum curtain category comprises 

Façade 60, the most recent and latest technology curtain wall system. It is super-affordable, energy-efficient, and simple to fabricate and mount. Additionally, it doesn’t require hole punching and complex machining. 

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