Why Choose A Frameless Shower?

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Frameless showers – The latest trend in fashionable homes

Frameless showers have gradually become the ‘in-thing’ in most modern type bathrooms. Chances are you’ve already seen them someplace- either in a friend’s house or in an episode of your favorite TV show or whatnots. Regardless of whether you’ve already seen them or not, like millions of frameless shower enthusiasts around the world, you’re about to fall in love.

What are Frameless Showers?

Speaking of shower enclosure, there’re two alternatives to choose from: either framed shower glass or frameless shower glass. Of course, there’s the third option of curtains. But who uses those these days? They’ve become old-fashioned. Installing a glass shower raises the beauty of a bathroom. It causes a corresponding rise in the value of the property. Glass showers have become the way to go.

Now, let’s examine a frameless glass door by contrasting it with its counterpart- framed showers: What are frameless showers and what makes them superior to framed showers?


Frameless shower doors, Sigmadoors, Johannesburg,While a framed shower consists of metal frames all around it, a frameless shower does not have a surrounding metal frame. And this property is what gives frameless showers their unique, distinctive look. Like framed showers, they are typically made of tempered glass. The glass in frameless showers is, however, thicker and more substantial. The increase in size dimensions makes up for the absence of external support (aluminium frames).

Beauty and Style

This is where frameless showers score massive points with interior décor enthusiasts. Sure enough, there are other properties of the frameless option that puts it ahead of the framed option. But the look and feel that that frameless showers add to the bathroom is the leading reason for their mass-market acceptance.

More so, they are easier to customize. Compared with framed showers, you have a more extensive array of frameless shower designs options to choose from. They are also somewhat easier to clean. You haven’t got to worry about not being able to reach any tight spots. With a rubber squeegee, you can keep this thing shiny for a long, long time.

Versatility and Stability

Unfortunately, frameless showers are less stable than framed showers. In fact, they can’t be fitted into just any bathroom. Some criteria would have to be met. To know whether your bathroom is a good fit for a frameless shower installation, have a frameless shower expert check it out.

Susceptibility to leaks

Frameless shower doors, Sigmadoors, Johannesburg,

Indeed, frameless glass doors are more susceptible to leaks. Leaks could occur through the small gaps at the hinges and doors. But frameless shower seals exist for this purpose. With proper installation, there’s a very low probability that you’ll have a case of water leaking through the openings. Goes without saying that the decision on whom you choose to install your frameless door shower is a critical one.


As for frameless shower prices, they tend to be a little more expensive than framed showers. Nonetheless, their increasing popularity does prove that homeowners and estate developers are willing to pay the premium to have one these fitted into their property.

Now that you know all about frameless shower doors, don’t you want to buy one? It’s safe to say, were accurate about our earlier assumptions- You have now fallen in love. After all, what’s not to love?