Frameless showers – A guide to cleaning glass shower doors

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A guide to cleaning glass shower doors

Frameless Showers frameless shower Panel glassdoor panelsWouldn’t you agree that the sight of a stained-glass shower door can be awfully dissatisfying? If you’ve been brainstorming ways to polishing your shower recently, know this: “You are not alone” (in Michael Jackson’s tone of voice, ha-ha). Okay, time to be serious. Here’s one thing you should keep in mind: frameless glass doors are characteristically easier to clean than their counterpart- framed glass doors.

You haven’t got any tight, hard-to-reach spots to be bothered about. As a result, there’s lesser room for mold to grow. In other words, just by choosing a frameless glass door vs a framed one, you’ve significantly reduced the amount of effort and time you’ll need to spend on cleaning. However, that’s not to say that your shower door is immune to dirt.

The good news is, when it comes to maintaining that desired pristine look, there are several things you can do. Yes, you can do it yourself, and no, none of this involves buying a cleaner spray at the mall (even though these are also super-efficient)! The rest of this article is your guide on what to do. Tag-Along

3 Simple ideas on keeping your glass show door clean!

  1. Use a coating. 

Efforts on keeping your glass shower door clean begin from when you’re purchasing the door. Having coating on your glass shower prevents soap scum from building up on the glass walls. Shower glass door companies would naturally advise you to buy shower glass door protective coating. But if they don’t, make sure to inquire from them about which kind of coating to use.

The choice of which coating to use depends partly on the makeup of the glass. And so, the companies you the equipment from are in a unique position to advise you on which coating to use. 

  1. Squeegee after every shower

If you make a habit of squeegeeing after every shower, you would have a clean glass more often than not. The squeegee helps take care of the possibility of water stains or soap scum. For best results, squeegeeing has to be routinely done after a shower. And herein lies the challenge for most people.

aluminium shower door shower panel frameless shower aluminium shopfronts modern showers bathroom vanity glass showersPutting in the effort that is required to squeegee is something even the best of us would rather avoid. It’s easy to surrender to the cliché “I don’t have time” excuse. But when you think about it, you realize that it only takes a few seconds to wipe out the water and soap stains from the wet sides of your enclosure.

Once it becomes a habit, you’re good! It’s either that or you choose to get comfortable with keeping your head down while in the shower.

  1. Proper Ventilation helps

Simple as it sounds, it’s very effective. If there’s enough airflow through the shower, evaporation will occur, reducing the possibility of mildew builds up. To ensure proper ventilation, you may leave the shower door open or install an exhaust fan.


Surely, you don’t want to live with the dissatisfaction of seeing your once beautiful piece, now stained with water and soap. If you do these simple things, you’ll keep your enclosure sparkly, and you will require deep cleans less often. And isn’t that what we all want?