Why Are Frameless Shower Doors A Better Option?

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Why Frameless Shower Doors are better?

Frameless shower doors, Sigmadoors, Johannesburg,To be sure that we’re on the same page, I’ll ask this: ‘what are we comparing against?’ Certainly not shower curtain, this is the 21st century! But framed glass (or semi-framed) showers? Okay that’s a fairer basis for discussion

While many agree that frameless shower doors are superior to framed glass, some find the thought unfounded. They don’t understand the basis of such conclusions. Maybe you’re of those wondering what it about your frameless shower doors is that make people consider them as superior. Well then, you’re about to know what it is.

What’s the difference between Framed and Frameless shower doors?

Framed glass shower doors, as the name implies are glass doors framed round with light metals- usually aluminum. The metal frame provides additional support and gives the door a sturdier structure. The frameless glass doors, on the other hand, have no metal frames. They are joined to the rest of the stationary structure using frameless shower hinges. 

Since they have no frames, for them to be stable, they are designed to be thicker than frameless glass. They are considered to be the aesthetically superior of the pair. And that’s essentially the difference between both Framed and Frameless shower doors. Now, you may ask, ‘You mean this (seemingly) small difference in structural design is responsible for a vast difference in perceived beauty and value?’ Yes, that’s precisely the case! And you’re about to see just how that is.

Frameless shower doors, Sigmadoors, Johannesburg,Frameless Shower Doors are Superior because…

  1. …They are Showier

If you want the beauty of your tile to reflect all across the room, frameless glass doors are it! No metal obstructions whatsoever! Although because of the thickness of the glass, one may notice a (very) slight tint, a frameless glass door does a better job in displaying the beauty of your bathroom.

  1. …They raise the value of your Property

Frameless glass doors are popularly perceived to be more beautiful than framed doors. They are also more expensive. The combination of these factors implies that any house that possesses them will be valued at a higher price.

  1. …They are more comfortable and cheaper to maintain

For one thing, frameless glass doors have fewer replaceable parts. The challenge of corrosion of the aluminum frames that are experienced with framed shower doors is also non-existent in frameless shower doors. But that’s not all.

Because they have fewer fixtures, there’s lesser space for dirt to build up and are less conducive for mold to grow. If you already use a framed door, you’re certainly familiar with the mold issue. So, with a frameless shower door, you’ll be saving time and other resources on maintenance and routine cleaning.

  1. It has a longer life span

As I hinted before, a frameless shower door will not corrode since there are few metals in the structure. In fact, apart from the hinges, there no other metals in the frameless shower door. A typical frameless shower door could last up to 30 years

No doubt, frameless glass doors are more expensive than framed glass doors. Some consider this to be a significant con. But if what matters to your upscale aesthetic design, then the frameless glass is what you’ve been looking for. And for that, any price is worth it.