Choosing Designs for your Frameless Shower Doors

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Choosing designs for your frameless shower doors

frameless shower door, frameless shower panel, over bath glass screen, glass shower, SigmadoorsThere are several things you need to consider when deciding upon which frameless shower design to choose for your home. We understand that making a decision might seem overwhelming. The excitement of remodeling your old bathroom into a modern-type bathroom can quickly be dampened by merely anticipating the stress of making a decision.

Not to worry though, we’ll walk you through it, and we promise to keep it simple. Are you ready to transform your bathroom? Let’s do this!

  1. Restructuring or Building?

Your bathroom’s design has already placed some limits on what you can or cannot buy. This is the reason why you can’t walk into a store and pick just any shower door that fits your fancy. Don’t think of this as bad news. You’ll find that most of the shower doors you want can be customized to fit your specific needs.

You may decide to hire a consultant to guide you through the process. They’d tell you what to measure, inquire (or even visit to find out) about the design of your bathroom. After an initial survey, you will be better informed on the dimensions to give your seller when making the purchase.

  1. Frameless or Semi-frameless doors?

A little less than often, retailers of these enclosures define the terms differently. Unfortunately, there are no industry-wide standards on the definitions. You will find some so-called “frameless” shower doors that still have thin U-channels (a type of metal bar for securing glass) around their exteriors. The more precise term for these kinds of doors is; semi-frameless door.

But there’s one thing that’s great about the semi-frameless variety. They still do a great job opening up your bathroom. However, they are significantly cheaper than frameless shower enclosures. 

  1. Know your Styles

Speaking of style, every seller has something unique. But a few things are universal. You’ll have to decide whether you want a sliding door a pivot door. A pivot door would open 180-degrees in either direction. Which of course boils back to whether or not your bathroom space can take it. You’ll also have to determine if what you need is a tub-enclosure, depending on whether your shower space has a tub or not.

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Speaking of the glass itself which would make up about 80% of what you’re paying for, you have an array of options to choose from. The most important thing is to ensure that you purchase glass with safety glazing. When safety glazed glass shatters, it shatters into pellets. And so, it doesn’t cause injury as it would have if it smashed into shards.

  1. Frameless Shower Door Prices

Your budget is another thing you have got to consider. There’s a frameless shower door for (almost) everyone. But not every frameless shower door is for everyone. Understand that not all frameless shower doors are created equal and choose one that fits your budget.

In summary, it’s first about determining what you want then ascertaining what you can have within the limits of bathroom space and cash budget, and then going for it. There you have it, the frameless door selection process demystified!