Frameless Shower Advantages and Disadvantages

Frameless shower doors, Sigmadoors, Johannesburg,

Frameless shower doors, Sigmadoors, Johannesburg,Your bathroom is one place you just have to visit every morning. And if you’re like most people, you’ll want it to look open and appealing. Frameless glass shower doors are quickly replacing the more conventional framed doors in many homes. Why? You ask. They are minimalistic, have a luxurious feel, and are quite appealing to the eye. Perhaps you’re contemplating it yourself but are not quite sure it’s the best option just yet. Well, we hope to help you out with these frameless glass advantages and Disadvantages article. Come along.

Advantages of Frameless Glass Shower Door

Exquisite Styling

If there is only one benefit that glass screens offer, then this would be the one. The frameless glass has a way of adding some levels of exquisiteness into the space they’re in. This shower casing completely removes the bulkiness that comes with rubber or metal-framed glass, thus making the glass look sleek, modern and attractive.

No Mould or Corrosion

One of the downsides of metal is rust, and even when they are used with glass as frames, corrosion still happens. A Frameless shower gets rid of this worry since no metal is involved. Besides unlike framed doors which makes it easy for mold to breed, frameless shower doors drastically reduce the rate for mold to grow in your bathroom.

Different Sizing Options

Framed doors typically come in standard sizes. Frameless doors, on the other hand, allow for a little flexibility. This means that irrespective of the dimensions of your shower space you can still get a custom-made enclosure to fit it perfectly. This way, you get to keep the unique designs of your shower.

Open Feel

If you’ve seen a frameless shower encasement before then, you know that it is entirely transparent. No metal around its edges and no visible demarcation to interrupt the flow of the room. Now, this so awesome because it is precisely this feature of the glass door that encourages optical illusion. This means that the glass makes the room appear more open and airier than it actually is.

Frameless shower doors, Sigmadoors, Johannesburg,Disadvantages of Frameless Shower Doors

Exorbitant Price

Frameless shower doors are durable and visually stunning, so you don’t expect them to come cheap. These enclosures are designed beautifully using high-quality glass alongside other quality materials. In fact, their glass is much more massive than those used in framed doors. These are some of the things that influence the prices of glass enclosures and make them expensive.

Prone to Leaks

Because of their lack of metal or rubber casings around their edges, glass screens can leak. However, this only happens when the glass is not cut correctly or fixed. This brings yet another concern. Frameless shower doors are tricky to fix and may require professional intervention.

Risk of Shattering

Though this does not happen all the time, glass doors still stand a chance of shattering. This could be due to poor installation, heat pressure, slamming and damage over time. Thankfully, this glass is made in such a way that they shatter into tiny pieces to minimize safety risks.

Even with their pros and cons, you might want to consider a frameless shower casement for your bathroom renovation project. Their design is timeless, and if you can afford it, it might really be worth the buy.