Over-Bath Glass Screens

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Frameless shower doors, glass doors, over-bath glass screens, glass panels, Sigmadoors, Johannesburg,A great shower is vital for starting your mornings clean and refreshed. But do you know what’s even more important? Your bathtub glass screens. Compared with shower curtains, bathtub Glass screens are more modern and appealing. Curtains, however, often appear archaic and messy. So, glass screens are definitely a good choice for your bathroom if you have the budget. Of course, we do not expect you to dive into getting a tub screen for your bathroom without having full knowledge about it. Here’s a detailed discussion about bathtub enclosures.

So, What’s a Bathtub Glass Screen Anyway?

They are glass enclosures usually installed around a bathtub. This casing keeps the water from splashing all over the place while also providing a little privacy as you bath. They come in handy when you’re looking to break up your space without making it very obvious. Bath shower screens are normally installed into the wall through a type of hinge mechanism. Tub screens come in varying thicknesses and may sometimes have handles and other fixtures.

Types of Bathtub Glass Screens

  1. Single Panel

This kind of Glass screen is constructed with only a single pane of glass. The glass can be moved using a hinge. Because they offer a clean and smooth design, single panel screens are the most preferred choice for most people. Apart from this, the panels do not have that many nooks so mucks can hardly breed on them. What’s more, they typically come in a frameless design.

  1. Double Panel

One of the uniqueness of the dual panel glass screens is that they can be opened in different ways. They have a hinge in their middle, which allows for this. Dual shower bath screens have more extended measurements and are thus suited for long bathtubs.

  1. Folding shower screen

Folding shower screens are easy to move. If you are the type that needs to gain easy entrance into your bath, this shower screen will prove valuable. They possess chrome profiles which connect panes of glass, and they often come with different pane options.

Bathtub Glass Screen Measurement and Sizes

Before purchasing screens for your bathtub, you need to first know what size to buy. Well, this is dependent on the measurements of your bath. Typically, tub screens are measured in millimeters though they have different heights, widths, and shapes. However, 1400 – 1500mm is the most general height measurement.

Glass screens also come in different thicknesses. They are generally between 8mm to 12mm thick. Thicker glasses are costlier and heavier, but they have a luxurious feel and are, of course, safer. This is unlike their lighter counterparts which are not as strong or costly but will still work fine as a shower encasement.

How Easy Are They to Install?

For the brave ones who do not mind a little do it yourself project, fixing bathtub glass screens in their bathroom can be very easy. If, however, you aren’t quite cut off for these kinds of task, you can hire a professional. Doing it yourself comes with many risks. First, you could damage the glass. Second, you might injure yourself in the process. However, it does help you save time as well as labor costs.

No matter what kind of screens you buy, make sure it’s from the best. And if DIY doesn’t scare you then do try fixing it yourself. Who knows, you might even enjoy it.