Update Your Bathroom With A Frameless Shower

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Update Your Shower with a Frameless Shower

If you’re planning your bathroom remodeling or full house restructuring, you should consider putting up a frameless shower in there. There’s a reason(s) the glass shower trend is sweeping across Europe and the world. We’ll tell what those reasons are. All you’ve got to do is read on (winks).

frameless shower door, frameless shower panel, over bath glass screen, glass shower, SigmadoorsWhat are Frameless Showers Anyway?

As the name suggests, frameless showers are glass shower enclosures that do not have metal frames around their exterior edges.
Instead, they depend on the thickness of the glass for stability. The absence of metals makes them very transparent, showing off the interiors of your shower area. Their minimalist design is what makes them highly esteemed.

Think about it, if you had to choose an enclosure that showcased your meticulously selected tile design to be visible across the room and on that covered it up, which would you choose? Right! If you’re typical, you’d go for the first. There’s simply no reason not to.

Speaking again of their design, for a door to be considered (entirely) frameless, they only place a metal should be sighted on it should be around the hinges. There’s a similar variety also very revealing and with few metal fixtures. But because of the slim U-channels metal frames around its edges, we call those semi-frameless metal fixtures.

Why is Updating Your Shower with a Frameless Shower a Good Idea?

The fact that glass showers are the fad of the day might not be a convincing enough reason to want to include one in your bathroom. There are many other empowering and compelling reasons. So, let’s take a closer look at why it is a great idea to remodel your shower by fitting a glass shower in there

1. It raises the value of your home.

Did you know that certain companies rank bathroom renovations as the second most contributory area to increase our home value? It’s second only to kitchen renovations. Now, you know it’s a fact that bathroom renovations do have a tremendous effect on home value.

If you’re looking to earn a higher ROI for a house you’re putting up for sale, then you should look the way of frameless shower doors. They are considered upscale design by the majority. And really, their beauty cannot be contested. But even if you’re not putting your house up for sale, a glass shower enclosure is exactly what you need to bring a cozier feel and modern look into your bathroom area.

2. It adds to the beauty of your home

Everyone likes a beautiful space. And right now, frameless glass showers are (more or less) the epitome of bathroom aesthetics. If you want to change your bathroom’s look from that 80’s feel to something modern and trendier, frameless glass showers are it!

Frameless shower doors, Sigmadoors, Johannesburg,After a stressful day, the bathroom is where you go to wash off all that stress. Does it not make sense to make the most of your experience in the bathroom by updating your enclosure? If your bathroom is beautiful, bright and comfortable, you’ll want to go there even more often. And that facilitates further relaxation.
To conclude, the majority isn’t always right, but there are right about this one. A frameless glass enclosure is a great-to-have for every home.