Types of Window Frames

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Are you looking to do some renovations to your establishment and you have no idea on the best pick for your window frames installation? If not, are you planning to build that new home you have been craving for years and have not been able to make up your mind on the best choice of window frames to go with? 

Window Frames are a Big Part of The Aesthetics 

If anything, you have to take this step with the seriousness it deserves, since a neat set of window panes does indeed add to the overall aesthetics of a house.  You will also want to choose an option that will save you from the frequent replacements in the long term

Nonetheless, within this context, you will find below a list of the most popular types of window frame materials to opt for, including brief introduction, characteristics and why you should consider each.


Aluminium window frames sizes South African aluminium windows and door with prices wispeco catalogue download free SigmadoorsIntroduction

If you are looking for a modest but valuable option when installing a new set of window frames then aluminium window frames are the best option to go with. 

In most cases, aluminum window frames are the most cost efficient option for most applications.  Aluminium window frames are way thinner than the other types of window frames, making them a favourable option for both residential and commercial application.  It’s for this reason that most, if not all modern high rise buildings use aluminium frames.  You will find them to be a common option in retail stores and showrooms. 

As a homeowner, you can easily set up an aluminum window frame for a range of establishments, from a simple treehouse to a mansion!

Why Aluminium Windows Frames?

  • Owing to the fact that it is thinner, it is more appealing mostly when it comes to the making of large commercial building windows.
  • Aluminum comes in a variety of colours, making it easier for you to select the preferred color for your window frames to match with your building.
  • Aluminum is a metal and hence it is not only thin, but also stronger.
  • Aluminum offers some sort of a noise reduction feature to your establishments, cultivating a noise free working environment.
  • Aluminum window frames are durable compared to the other types of window frames.
  • Aluminium windows and doors perform very well in extreme weather conditions and require very little maintenance.
  • Thermally improved aluminum window frames can be great when it comes to energy efficiency.
  • Aluminium window frames compare very well with other windows materials on cost.:
  • Aluminium windows are more durable and all you need is a simple maintenance practice, such as simple greasing, for the movable parts.
  • Aluminium window’s thin feature and light weight allows you to install large sets of aluminum window frames with ease.


wooden window frames vs aluminium window frames vs steel windows frames vs upvc window frames vs fiberglass window frames vs clad window frames SigmadoorsIntroduction

Wooden windows are typically the traditional version of window frames. These are mostly for homeowners as well as your places of work, such as in your grocery store, library or even in financial institutions. Moreover, these specific variations of window frames can be tailored to meet any specific requirements, as all that is needed is simply curve them the way that suits you best.

Why Wooden Window Frames?

  • To begin with, you get the benefit of free natural insulation, since by nature, wood happens to be a good insulating material that maintains favourable internal temperatures.
  • Many times you may want to have some private sessions, or even cultivate a noise free environment within the establishment such as a library.  Wooden window frames will serve this purpose by simply acting as a noise barrier.
  • Generally, even without paint, wood happens to give your establishment some sort of an aesthetic beauty.
  • The good thing about wood is that you are free to paint and repaint it as many times as you may wish, and with different colors to suit your overall color theme.
  • Wood is a readily available renewable source of energy and hence an environment friendly option to go with.


upvc window and door frames vs aluminium window and door frames vs wood windows and door frames vs steel window and doors frames South African windows with prices catalogue download free SigmadoorsIntroduction

Typically, this variation of window frames is mostly popular amongst homeowners owing to the fact that they are more durable and at the same time affordable. These usually present themselves in numerous variants of sizes and hence perfect where flexibility is of concern.

Why uPVC Window Frames?

  • Usually, these are way cheaper than other types of window frames.
  • If you plan on customization, either during installation or future, then this set is perfect since it is easy to customize as per the user needs and other preferences, such as colouration and different moulding techniques.
  • Usually, these are more tied with energy efficiency as they help in heat preservation, mostly during the winter season, making your inside warmer. On the contrarian, the same also happens during summer since they help keep excess heat away during the summer.
  • If you are looking for something which is weather resistant, then this is the perfect option to go with. uPVC frames have proven with time to be resistant to any type of weather impact heat, moisture or even freezing.
  • Many times you may prefer a serene environment, free of noise, but can’t seem to figure out the best way to do this. Well, with uPVC windows, you will be able to get free noise insulation, since the material helps cut off the noise, impressive!
  • Unequivocally, uPVC frames need very minor to no maintenance at all.  These will never need any future painting and they are also resistant to the likes of dirt, stains and mold.


Steel is a very strong metal.  Traditionally, steel windows are known to be stronger and secure than most other window materials. Steel windows provide a great option for people looking for low maintenance windows and doors.

The fact that you can still find steel windows in some old buildings shows the longevity of steel windows.  Another factor that makes steel windows attractive is the thermal properties provided by them. Because steel windows are made on a bespoke basis it provides a variety of design options and size.  We have all seen the elegance of small cottage steel windows in traditional styled homes.

Steel windows vs aluminium windows vs clad windows SigmadoorsWhy Steel Window Frames?

  • Strength
  • Secure and safety
  • Low maintenance
  • Flexibility of design
  • Can be painted to suit any surrounding


clad windows Installed window SigmadoorsIntroduction

These are a combination of uPVC or aluminum and wood. Normally, aluminum is on the outside acting as a coating and wood is on the inside. This usually makes the set very durable and easy to maintain on the long haul. 

Nonetheless, if you plan on having this set of windows, then you should also make sure that you have set aside the right amount of money and budget for the overall installation, since these window frames can be quite expensive.

Why Clad Window Frames?

  • Comes in a variety of colours, making it easy for you to set the preferred internal appearance of your home.
  • Are more resistant to humidity and bad weather conditions.
  • They are generally hardwearing, meaning that they can be able to withstand harsh wear and tear conditions.
  • Owing to the fact that there is some sort of air cushion between the two cladding materials, there is some sort of heat coefficient reinforcement.
  • There are no instances of water condensation or any dew in the window panes, since the aluminum or uPVC coating is not porous.
  • They are generally durable.
  • They are cheaper to maintain on the long and short run.
  • Offer some sort of moderate room temperatures, by being a conductor and insulator, as per the exterior weather conditions.



Fiberglass windows are way newer than the other versions of window frames. They are aimed at offering better experience than other available options such as wooden window frames and aluminium window frames. 

This type of window frame is considered environmentally friendly but expensive.  

Why Fiberglass window frames?

  • Usually stronger than uPVC or wood and thus has lower chances of warping.
  • May easily be painted without any difficulties to fit your preferences.
  • You may envision them as being more environmentally friendly since it is made of about 60% glass, and glass is highly recyclable.
  • These are sturdier and constant in variant environmental conditions, which means that they will retain their shape in any weather condition.
  • Are also chemically inert, which makes them safer.
  • Are rot resistant, both on the short and long run.
  • Has the coefficient of thermal expansion which is similar to that of glass.
  • They are made from silica and sand making them harmless to the environment.

From the above listed set of window frames, you can be able to see the one which is right for you, based on your budget and requirements. Nonetheless, you can easily compare and contrast, so as to settle on the best option for you.