Which Window Frame Material?

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So, since you have seen the various types of window frame materials, it is ideal to comprehend the advantages and disadvantages of each set, so that you may know on the best piece to go with on your project.


Based on the discussion above on vinyl window frames, some pros and cons of the set have been drawn below for easier comparison and decision making.


Advantages of having a vinyl window frame installation include:

  • Incredibly energy efficient window frames. This is due to their ability to trap air.
  • Moreover, these are also UV resistant in addition to their insulation power.
  • These are not only affordable but also happen to require very little maintenance on the long run.
  • Are very durable and usually last up to 20 years which is the set warranty period of these types of frames.
  • Nonetheless, vinyl frames are resistant to any form of corrosion.
  • These are more appealing when installed in windows, adding to the beauty of the abode.
  • Moreover, these are resistant to any form of fading or pitting. Pitting is simply hollows or indentation which result with time on window frames.
  • An impressive thermal break, as it minimizes heat loss from within the abode.
  • Most importantly, vinyl windows do not create any form of condensation, hence avoid any unwanted results.


Some of the main disadvantages of choosing vinyl installation are:

  • Not readily recyclable.
  • Not an effective noise reducer as compared to the other types of frames.
  • They are very bulky as compared to the likes of aluminum window frames.
  • They are not strong, though they are very bulky, making them all the more undesirable to have as your option.
  • Their inability to be painted makes vinyl window frames hard to match with the overall abode color. Along these lines, their color cannot be replaced once it fades with time.


From the overall discussion and further research on wood frames, a number of advantages and disadvantages about the set have been compiled below for you.


Some of the benefits of wood frames are:

  • Natural insulation hence interior temperature moderation.
  • It is easy to repaint wood frames with time and tailor the frame color to that of your abode.
  • Naturally beautiful to look at, hence a generic aesthetic beauty of your abode.
  • Employee health and family health is taken care of since wood has been used from time immemorial and proved to be environmental friendly.
  • Typically, it is easy to reconstruct window frames which are made of wood, hence save on the need for setting up a whole new system.
  • Highly resistant to fire and hence secure. This is because once wood is exposed to fire, all the external surfaces get carbonized, preventing any further spread of the fire.
  • If well maintained, these can be long lasting.


On the contrary, wood frames have some undesirable features as discussed below:

  • Since wood frames tend to expand and contract based on the weather conditions, they are hence susceptible to buckling and some warping.
  • Moreover, wood may also be prone to rotting and deterioration based on the environmental condition within which you are.
  • Wood is not only investment intensive during the initial installation, but is also demanding when it comes to the subsequent maintenance and checkup.
  • Requires regular painting to maintain the overall aesthetic quality of the frames.
  • Naturally, wood frames require a lot of care if they are to maintain their state, which is not usually the case.


Typically, aluminum window and door frames have seen some sort of popularity, but that is not all, some pros and cons have been found about the set, and have been discussed below. Using this information, you may be able to decide whether you ought to go with the clad option or the plain aluminum option of window frame material.


Usually, some of the benefits of using the aluminum frame include:

  • Their resistance to scratching and any sort of marring.
  • May be painted or at times powder-coated to meet the required preferences.
  • Somewhat stringer as opposed to the likes of vinyl and wood.
  • Aluminium window frames are naturally lighter which makes them even more desirable mostly for large commercial buildings.
  • Good when it comes to the overall noise reduction. Aluminum is a metal and hence an absorber of both noise and heat. This in effect proves to be quite helpful on the long haul in the event that noise is of a concern like when making a library, sauna or yoga establishments.
  • It is somewhat easy to recycle aluminum as opposed to the likes of vinyl frames.
  • They offer an impressive thermal break feature, which impressively increases on the overall energy efficiency and at the same time eliminate the condensation problem which is prevalent in the likes of wood frames.


Though generally impressive, aluminum windows seem to have some disadvantages such as:

  • They are naturally expensive than the other types of window frames.
  • They need subsequent maintenance such as frequent lubrication if they are to last longer.
  • With time, aluminum window and door frames may pit or their painted surfaces may as well fade.
  • Since aluminum is a metal which is reactive, it may react with the steel or the zinc fasteners which are used in aluminum windows after some period of time.
  • The main problem is that aluminum doesn’t hold heat well, and hence, act as a constant heat dissipater from within the room.


Being a combination of two versions of window frames, clad frames are a valuable option to go with, but it would be best to understand the benefits and drawbacks of choosing this as an option.


Being a variation of some already present window frames, clad frames come with some advantages such as:

  • Generally these are stronger than the likes of vinyl window frames.
  • Usually, with the clad window frames, there is somewhat more air tight condition, making them better noise insulators.
  • Usually, the clad window frames tend to be more stable, owing to the fact that they are a combination of wood and aluminum/vinyl hence don’t weather easily.
  • Resistant to any sort of water effect, be it hot or cold water, hence long lasting.
  • Has an impressive choice of color, since they can be painted to suit the preference of the abode or establishment.
  • Have the ability to retain their shape when exposed to extreme temperatures on both the short as well as long haul.


Though somehow a hybrid of the two of the best window frames options, this option has some disadvantages such as:

  • Naturally, clad window frames happen to be more expensive as compared to the other variation of window frames.
  • Energy inefficiency factor since aluminum generally is not a good heat retainer. Thus, cause the colder feeling during the winter and the unappealing hot nature during the summer.


This set is one of the latest variations in the market and thus the need to understand what it brings to the table, by considering the pros and the cons of the set.


Basically, this variant has some of the most appealing features such as:

  • Being able to resist even some of the most adverse heat conditions.
  • Easy to maintain and take care of.
  • Literally possesses the insulating qualities of wood.
  • Somewhat stronger than some of the various types of window frames like wood.
  • Can be painted as per your preferences to suit your institutions or abode color choice.
  • Eco friendly in the sense that it is way easier to recycle wood as opposed to some of the various types of window frames like vinyl.
  • Resistant to swelling, rotting or any sort of warping. This perchance makes them the best option if you wish on having long lasting window set.
  • Does not need any sort of thermal break which is the case in most of the aluminum window frames.


Though this variation of window frames is perchance one of the best, it is also packages with some unappealing features such as:

  • The fact that it is the most expensive type of window frames out there. If you plan on having these set up, then you ought to make sure that you have a loaded bankroll ready.
  • With fiberglass, the range of colors available is narrow, and the darker colors tend to fade with time as well.
  • The total installation time of the set is very long, since each window frame set is ideally a custom installation, which has to be skillfully furnished into place.

Based on the above discussed pros and cons for each and every type of window frames, it is now very easy to know the type of window frame which will suit you best. Case in point, it is very easy to compare and contrast the pros and cons of vinyl window frames and those of fiberglass window frames and know the one which is best for you. Nonetheless, you can now use the data above to set your budget very easily as per your bankroll.