Weatherproof Doors & Windows – The Insulation Guide

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weatherproof weather stripping window seal window plastic door seal Aluminium windows and doors, Insulation, weather proofing windows & doors, Due to an extreme decline in the house market with mortgage rates hitting an all-time low, more people are opting to maintain their old homes rather than move in to newer and more modern homes. As a result, such individuals are expected to pay more attention to their house maintenance and upkeep. To this regard, one of the most vital aspects is door and window weatherproof as it helps one lower their energy bills.

Weatherproof Aluminium Windows & Doors

The best place to begin your weatherproof exercise is by working on the windows and doors. In order to adequately ensure weather conditions remain constant in your house regardless of the season, the first thing you should do is check around the aluminium doors and aluminium windows for crumbly caulk. In case one finds some peeling or chipping around the aluminium doors and aluminium windows, it is important they are replaced. Fortunately, the process of replacing caulk is rather easy. Even the most basic handymen can manage this task. The caulk should be evenly distributed across the aluminium windows so as to ensure to space is left uncatered to.

Weather Stripping

Another vital step is checking the weather stripping. This basically refers to the flexible material that is placed around aluminium windows and aluminium doors. It is typically made up of vinyl, although some manufacturers prefer to use plastic, foam, various metal cases, and cork. For aluminium doors and especially folding or aluminium sliding doors, the doors need to be opened first for the vinyl to be replaced. This is because the weather stripping material is concealed underneath the aluminium sliding door whenever it is closed. It is the same case for casement style windows.

In some cases, it would be advisable to add plastic sheeting to all windows so as to reduce heat loss during cold seasons. This should be done in lieu of installing storm doors and windows. Aluminium sliding doors should also have this plastic sheeting due to the fact that they have a larger surface area exposed. Regardless of your aluminium sliding door size, adding this plastic sheet is highly advisable since they are inexpensive and very easy to install. Lastly, check all your outlets for drafts since they are very common especially in old houses.



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