Glass & Window Films Guide

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Window Films Guide

This aims to provide enlightenment to those who are not familiar with window films by answering some of the most frequently asked questions. Through this, you will be able to decide easily if a window film is right for you and how you can reap the benefits of investing money in it.

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What is a window film?

A window film is a film that is based on polyester film. It is used to the glass of any kind. It is normally made to lessen the heat energy, especially the solar heat energy. It also helps in providing an establishment with an aesthetic appeal. The materials often range from different components like metals, ceramics and dyed as well. There are films that are especially made for security purposes. They were made to secure the glass from breaking into pieces, blast mitigation films can help in preventing collateral damage brought about flying glass debris. The decorative films are made to provide the glass with a particular appeal to commercial and residential users.

What are the uses of a window film?

There are lots of grades, colors, shades and widths of window films and they were built to provide solutions to various challenges. Window films are a retrofit upgrade for current glass that can be used to provide solutions to different problems related to glazing that includes reduction of heat and glare, thermal insulation, UV filtration, safety and security, privacy, security against graffiti, decoration, branding and signage. The installation of window films is absolutely a cost efficient way to lessen the heat and the cooling cost in establishments by lessening the amount of heat transfer by glazing.

Are window films costly?

The average cost of a window film installation is usually less than the cost of some other window treatments. Normally, your investment in a window film will give back the dividends in the form of less air conditioning as well as heating costs and the security against expensive fading.

What is the typical lifespan of a window film?

The appropriate life span of a window film depends on the kind of film, the kind of glass, the window construction, the orientation of the glass and your location as well. There are some instances wherein the film lasts more than 20 years. All window films of the highest quality regardless if they are for residential and commercial use are given warranty by the manufacturers for a minimum of 5 years. A lot of films for commercial installations have been given more than 15 year warranty, while those for residential use have a lifetime warranty.

Is there a special cleaning instructions on taking care of a window film?

Window films are easy to clean and you can do that without damaging the appearance of the film as long as you use a soft cloth or sponge to clean and dry the window. The use of a glass cleaner is fine as long as there are no coarse materials involved. Since the window films nowadays are scratch resistant with their scratch resistant coatings, there is no need to take special care when it comes to cleaning them.

Can window films boost energy efficiency?

Amidst summer time, an ordinary glass will enable the sun’s heat to penetrate into your home, it will force the air conditioner to work even harder to keep the entire house cool. Amidst winter time, the quality of home heat is lost by using an ordinary glass window. The solar control window film when installed to the interior of the windows can help in rejecting more than 80% of the sun’s heat. Your home will be cooler at summertime and it will be more comfortable as well. You can save more energy and your bills will go down. Some of the window trap films can trap room heat to provide you with all year round comfort.

Can the window film help save furniture fabric?

The window tints can help in saving the furniture fabric by blocking up around 99% of the UV rays from the sun. This way, it can greatly help in lessening the effects of the sun to the carpets, fabrics, rugs as well as artwork. The window film can also help in eliminating the amount of glare through the windows, thus it will give your home a pleasant view. Your investment in an appropriately installed window film can give back the dividends in the form of less air conditioning as well as less cost of heat and it will also secure your furniture against fading.

Can a window film help in increasing the value of a property?

Window tints can provide any establishment with a more upscale and fashionable look. They can also give a varying look without the blinds and the curtains that looks like a big clutter. Window films can make an establishment more attractive to possible tenants and it will enable more useful space as well. They are available with a scratch resistant coating and in a different elegant color that may be invisible on the windows.

Does a window film has the capacity to protect a household against possible injury?

Window films act as an invisible shield. The security films can provide you great security from broken glasses when accidents happen at home or at the office. When a window glass breaks down, it may be a possible risk to the entire household. The broken pieces of the glass will become scalpels and they can cause dangerous or injury or even fatality. Because window films were made with powerful bonds, the security films can help in lessening the risks of broken glass by keeping the pieces altogether and attached to the film.

Can window films help in protecting against extreme weather condition?

The glass window is one of the very first casualties during a hurricane, earthquake and other natural calamities. Amidst an extreme weather condition, when the glass breaks, the wind, flying debris and rain are provided with full access to your home or to the office. It may lead to damage of property. Having window films installed at home can help by securing your home against wind and extreme weather condition. The film can help by preventing the water entry, wind born debris, giving additional security 24/7. You’ll never know when a disaster will occur, because there is no warning, but security films are ready to assist you.

Is it true that a window film also acts as an anti-graffiti protection?

Yes, this is true. There are anti-graffiti films available in the market and they are in clear multi-layered film installed on the exterior glass doors or windows. The look and the feel is close to a real glass, but when vandalized, the film can be eliminated and changed at an inexpensive cost than changing the entire glass.  This is best for offices or shops where vandalism is a problem.

Can window films really protect a family from crime?

Windows and doors are the weakest parts of your home or office, they are the entry points of the burglars. They can simply break it or smash it to get in. The glass is very inviting for thieves, but even if there is an alarm system to help, it will provide you with little protection against possible thieves. The security films can help in protecting your family, this is because they cannot get in the glass even if they use a heavy object. They will soon be discouraged and they will just go away from the target and look for some other place.

Are window films damaging to house plants?

In a lot of cases, if the house plant is getting enough light, the window film will not be harmful to it. The growth of the plant may be slow with for a few days, the plant may suffer from a state of shock as it adjusts to the changes of light. If the plant will wilt by the end of the sunny day, it will flourish with the film around. Even if there are some rules to know the effects of window film on plants, there is a sample test made before installing the film, to eliminate the plant to a place with less sunlight for a few days. To add up to that, most of the nurseries are advised to move the plant to a place where there is a minimal light.

Why window films turn purple at times?

The car films are typically dyed or a combined metal alloy and dye. All products with dye will become purple at one point. This is just a normal process of dyes fading. Car films must not be applied to home and office window glass. The films that must be used for home and office installations must be made of metal alloys and ceramics. The metal alloys as well as the ceramics are more stable in color and they will not change color over time.

Is there a difference between residential films from commercial films?

The primary reason why offices install window films is to protect the tenants from the heat as well as the glare of the sun. The glare is an intense problem that a person cannot see the PC monitors and it may be unbearable throughout the day. Commercial films on the other hand, are typically reflective and dark. Residential films however are quite lighter and they are not as reflective as commercial films. The primary goal of most window film manufacturers is not to completely change the appearance of the home or office, they just want to enhance the look. Most of the famous residential films can actually cast off more than 70% of the solar heat and they are also light in shade.

What is the difference of a solar screen from a window film?

Solar screens are mounted on the screens. They cover the whole window exterior. There are different screen densities, the darker the screen the more it can absorb the heat. Unluckily, they are not optically clear when you look through it. They must be clean regularly and to do this you need to remove them and then reinstall them again after cleaning.  They are not durable enough, because they can also break down, because of too much heat of the sun and due to bad weather. In time, you must need to change them, which will cost you money. Solar window film on the other hand is installed in the interior windowpane. As soon as it’s installed, it may be a part of the glass. They are optically clear and easier to clean as well. Because the films are interior mounted, they may not be subject to bad weather and may last longer compared to solar screens.  Solar window films also have various options for you.

Is there any payback after installing a window film?

Even if they are known to provide the same energy savings, window films are usually inexpensive to install than to change your window. You can actually save as much as 5%-10% of the entire cost. This means that the capital investment is quite lower for a window film. It can also help in lessening the cooling cost. Every house varies, so how much you can actually save depends on you and your location.

How long does it take to dry a window film?

The drying time of the film depends on its kind and on the weather conditions as well. The normal drying process is around 3 days. This is due to the fact that the films are installed using a soapy solution and even if most of the liquid is eliminated during the process, some may be left between the glass and the film. The liquid must evaporate first through the film to be able to completely diminish as the film dries up.

Is it possible to clean the film?

Yes, this is possible, but you need to wait until the film completely dries out before you clean it using a glass cleaning with a sponge or cloth. Refrain from using a towel to clean, because that may cause scratches to the film. Since the films are installed in the glass, you can wash and clean the glass as you normally do.

What film should I choose for my car?  Is it advisable to pick a dark colored film?

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Every film is dissimilar from one to the other and it is a mixture of 3 primary criteria like VLT (visible light transmission), heat reduction as well as reflection. If you will pick a darker film that might not be the best option for you, but your criteria must be followed. Your preferences can help you, but it will be nice to check out the brand and ask the dealer if she/he can help you out in choosing the car film.

How do window films get mounted?

There are authorized window glass dealers that are well versed in installing window films. The materials will be installed inside the glass. There are different steps to finish this procedure, from fixing the films to be installed to complete the process by eliminating the water, cutting the edges of the film and making sure that all of the materials needed are dry.

Is it true that window films can cause glass breakage?

The glass may break when frazzled. For a glass to break into pieces, there may be 5 types of glass strain. These things include thermal stress from absorbing the of solar radiation, flexible stress from the glass weight, motorized bending pressure coming from the wind, stress from an impact because of flying objects like hail and twisting stress coming from a sagging window frame.

The first kind is the thermal stress and this is the primary reason that may be because of the effect of the film. When you use window films, they can upsurge the thermal strain on a glass with sunlight. On the other hand, some reasons may affect thermal stress like half shading of the window overhangs, securely installed blinds or curtains, decals on your windows, heating as well as cooling vents. More so, there are various kinds of glass like tempered glass, clear, dyed and others and each of them have dissimilar solar captivation charges and they are bound to withstand various grades of thermal stress.

Is window film capable of preserving the fabric color, hardware floors as well as carpets?

If you currently make changes in your home furnishings and decorations, that will be good for you. There is truly nothing that is much better than a newly furnished home. But do you know that the UV rays can make things look old right away. A lot of fabrics and home furnishings that may fade and may be damaged when the sunlight passes through the untreated windows. By blocking around 99% of the UV rays, the window film offers you an absolute protection for all the things that you have loved. It can help in preserving the color of the fabrics, the hardwood floors and carpets as well to help in securing antiques, artwork and wood floors from fading and possible discoloration.

The UV rays that may possibly go through the windows not just affect the home furniture, but also cause damaging effects to the eyes and skin. It also causes premature aging, thus it leads to skin cancer as well. Do you know that 1 of 5 Americans developed skin cancer nowadays? Why will you live with risk? Window films are especially made to secure you against the harmful UV rays. It is a microfilm, transparent in color and can help you in enjoying the view without the UV rays.

Dermatologists suggest that the use of window film is safe to the skin and it is also one way to prevent skin problems and skin cancer for those with solar sensitivity. There are certain brands of window films that carries the skin cancer seal of recommendation. This seal is awarded to the window films that help in securing the skin and work like a sunblock. You can help and secure your family by using a window film as a part of your safety measures for your family. You can never be so safe at home, so it will be best to use a window film that has the credibility of protecting the household against the sun’s harmful rays.

Are there window films for decorative purposes?

Regardless if you are making a mood or you want to deal with a certain function need, you may find it hard to struggle in discovering some decorative window films. There are decorative window films that are sturdy enough, but can be easily removed. It is one way to redecorate your home in a snap.

Is there a basic window film process to follow for vehicles?

When it comes to installing window films on vehicles, there is a basic process that must be followed, because this is a delicate process. It must be handled by a professional and expert in installing window films. There is a process that must be followed such as the following:

  1. It is essential to keep the outer part of the window clean, since they will give the setting for you to be able to cut the pattern. Clean the windows simplify to position the pattern and then enables you to see where you will cut.
  2. After putting a film on a clean outer part of the window, cut the pattern to fit a specific window. There are some cutting methods that might need to be used, but that depends on the window kind.
  3. This method is absolutely essential. Eliminate the trace of contamination before you install the film. It is highly recommended to let 3 days, pass through just to make sure that it is safe enough. Make sure that the dirt is not visible to the eye anymore, so check some hard to reach spots.
  4. The use of a trimming glass to cut the film, especially the corners are a must to make sure that it is clean and the patterns are even. In this part of the process, the film is now ready to be installed. Eliminate the liner from the film and then spray the unprotected mounting bond with a solution. The moist will enable you to place the film on the window in a right position.
  5. Transfer the film from the trimming glass in the windows of the car. It will be easier for the dirt to be magnetized to the exposed bond. As soon as the pattern is on the glass window, place the film through the squeegee in a gentle manner.
  6. As soon as the film is fastened securely to the window, squeegee all of the solutions under the film. This can help in lessening the contamination and it can also help you make the job done successfully.

How manufacturers come up with window films?

There are certain processes that manufacturers follow to come up with window films. To the average user, a window film is just a simple product that can be used at home for added security and to boost energy efficiency. Never did they know that the process that the window films go through is very complicated. When you found out the process involved in manufacturing a window film you will be amazed of how companies thought of it.

The process involved the use of polyester based films, since they are robust and sturdy. The outer film surface coating is also essential, this will make sure that the window film is durable and scratch resistant as well. Another is the adhesive, it plays a vital role in the window film. It enables the film to stick to the surface of the glass and then bond different layers of films altogether.

What is the difference of the mounting adhesive from the dry adhesive?

Every window film company has their very own way and formula when it comes to developing adhesives. Aside from the differences, there are just 2 kinds of adhesives that manufacturers are using these days and they are the laminating and the mounting types.  The laminating process of the adhesives is applied during the manufacturing method where there are 2 or even more piles of raw materials that are bonded together.

Mounting adhesives will be used to bond the film to the glass. There are 2 kinds of mounting adhesives in the film world nowadays and these are the Pressure Sensitive and the Dry Adhesive. Even if every kind of adhesive has its own quality, the usual application method keeps the same for both. They are different somehow in a way that they will react with the glass. The pressure sensitive adhesive forms an abrupt mechanical bond to the window glass and it will be very strong while the curing and the drying process is taking place.

The response is close to the adhesive tape that you are using daily. The adhesive is in a ready to use state and it will mandate you to put pressure to the bond to make it stick to the surface. The principal advantage of the Pressure sensitive adhesive is to provide an immediate bond. Even if the bond is not yet fully completed until the film is cured. This adhesive makes the application method simpler when you work in tight spaces. This is the primary reason why this type of adhesive is used for heavy construction since it has the capacity to bond right away.

When it comes to the dissimilarity of pressure sensitive adhesives to dry adhesives, they are not sticky enough when you touch them even if the liner is taken away, since the adhesive is not yet activated until it is moistened. There may be times even if there is a mounting solution, the dry adhesive will not be sticky like the PS. This is because this is especially made to form a chemical bond to the window glass. As soon as it is activated by the water, the properties that are sticky will go out of the pores of the glass and this will complete the bonding method.

What are the different kinds of window glass?

  1. Annealed glass

This is a common kind of glass being used nowadays. It was made through the float method and the melted glass is placed into the bed of melted tin. Since the melting point of the tin is lesser than the glass, the glass will become solid as it cools down on the tin. It is a fragile type of glass available these days, since it has a low amount of heat compression on its surfaces. In case the glass breaks down, it can be seen in different shapes.

  1. Heated/treated glass

This type of glass is 2 times stronger than the annealed glass, this process brings the glass and the heat to the softening point, which is around 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit.  It will be controlled and cooled by water. The water will be the one responsible in cooling the surface of the glass faster than the interior glass, so it will give an added degree of surface compression. Increased cooling rates will end up in a more durable surface compression. Do you know that a heat treated glass is much more durable than the usual annealed glass and it is more resilient to stress brought about by the heat and flying objects.

  • Wire glass

This type of usually perceived to be much more durable than the annealed type, on the other hand, this is not a fact. It is not as strong as the annealed type, since the wire interferes with the structure of the glass. This cannot be considered as safe in houses and buildings though. But, it is a fire resistant kind, since the wires are holding the glass in place during an accident. The wire will be the one to hold the glass in place amidst a pressure.

  • Anti-reflective glass

This type of glass goes through a dipping process and that process coats the layers of metal oxide. The outcome is that it reflects at a low percentage of light, but it still enables transparency and lucidity. The anti-reflective type of glass is the best for buildings to keep the visual clear.

  • Float glass

It is the standard flat and clear type of window glass. This is due to the process it went through during the production. Along the process, soda lime glass, magnesium and other ingredients were mixed and heated in a furnace at a 1,500 degrees Celsius temperature. The melted glass will be placed into a tin bath. The tin is fluid, but the glass will remain sticky, so they will not mix together, instead the glass will stay flat. When it cools down it will be placed in a chamber for annealing, where it will go through a cooling procedure until it reaches a room temperature.

  1. Fire resistant glass

There are 2 kinds of fire resistant glass and they were designed to provide benefits to the users.  Heat transmitting is one kind and it mixed the wired glass, and imposes laminated glass that gives security over the flames and inflammable gasses, but that is just for a short span. Fire insulating is the other type and it has the capacity for holding longer containment for period flames, smoke and gasses as well to disrupt the transmission of heat.

Is it possible for me to customize my car and stand out from the rest just by means of using a car window film?

Yes, it is possible to stand out from the crowd just by means of installing a window film. Regardless if you want to make your car elegant looking with a clear or tinted window film you can make things happen. The truth is that you can easily make it happen just be simply selecting a window film brand you want and have it installed on your car. You will not just achieve the look that you want, but you can also enjoy your privacy whenever you are on the road.  Car savvy individuals will agree that installing a window tint to every vehicle is a must to make it look stylish and to also safeguard the passenger. There are different shades of window car films available these days.

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How can clear window films protect us from the harmful UV rays?

Window films don’t need to be too dark to work for your benefits.  This might be surprising for a lot of people nowadays, but window films do not need to be dark to be able to do its job. It may be transparent enough to provide you with all the advantages like lessening the harmful Ultra Violet rays and buildup of heat without putting dark films on your car glass. Most of the film brands nowadays offer to provide Ultra Violet rays protection, but there will be one that will surely capture your attention, especially if you are not interested in tinted window films. This is because there are certain places with strict laws that mandates the motorists to not use very dark window films.

Some people think that if they will use a dark tinted film to their car, the UV rays will be blocked, not thinking that it can be possible even if the window film is transparent or clear. It is capable of blocking around 99% of UV rays, which is also the primary cause of skin cancer and aging. It can also affect the interiors of the car.  When you lessen the heat buildup in the car, you will ride with greater comfort and you will be able to find yourself not soaking in perspiration, because the temperature of the car will remain cool. You will soon realize that the fuel efficiency of your car has improved.

The motorists do not know that when the sun is down, the optical clarity and low reflectivity of the film will go up and will not interfere with your driving vision at night time. Most of the window films nowadays use a Nano ceramic technology to be able to achieve the one of a kind level of security that you are looking for. Worry no more because the electronic accessories of the car will not be disrupted by the film.

What is in an automotive window film? How does it work?

An automotive window film tint is a composed of a sheet of durable polyester treated laminate in different ways to boost the look along with the presentation of your present windows. There is a part of the film that contains a scratch resistant coating, while the other part of the film has a bond that will adhere to the glass window.  There are films that are meant for controlling the penetration of the sun’s energy to the car, they can also help in lessening the temperatures of the cabin, boosting the outward visibility by lessening the glare, eradicating the destructive effects of the UV light on furniture and upholstery and to also protect your skin and eyes as well. There are high tech films that are meant to control the passage of the UV lights, infrared radiation and optical clarity that were made to regulate the passage of the bands of energy to fit into the needs of the users.

What is the truth behind car window tinting laws?

Car window tinting laws tackle about the darkness of the window tint installed in a car. Tinting laws are implemented by various countries and states in the world. A lot of motorists are installing car tints to lessen the amount of light passing through the car window. The car window tint is graded based on the percentage of the VLT (visible light transmission). This pertains to the amount of light the film enables to pass through. There are some manufacturers that grade the window film as to the quantity of the light the film will block, so that more than 20 percent of the VLT may be allowed to pass through the window glass.

On the other hand, there are some manufacturers that allow more than 80 percent of the light to pass through at around 20 percent of the light being blocked. It may be confusing, so you need to ask the seller or the installer first before buying the film. A lot of law enforcers in various countries and places in the world have specific laws about the darkness of the car tint you may have. This is due to the fact that if the tinted window is so hard, you might have problems in seeing the roads clearly, most particularly at night time. The policeman cannot also identify you when you are inside the vehicle.

Is there a window tint law?

In most countries the regulations require all the front windows to have no less than 70 percent of VLT (visible light transmission) only.  The windshields must not be tinted outside of the windscreen wipers to around 100mm from the top of the windscreen. The authorities will penalize anyone who will violate this law. Though, there are no regulations yet about the levels of tint that you can have on your rear windows, so you can still place any kind and color of tint that includes very dark shades.

Is there a window tint law in other countries?

The window tint laws in the US are administrated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admin. It is under the Federal Department of transportation. It says that the minimum allowable tint for cars is not more than 70% of the VLT (visible light transmission). for windows of the windshield to the left and right sides of the drivers, but this is just for commercial vehicles. Private vehicles on the other hand, are not covered by this law. But the state may also implement laws for private vehicles and that may be set by the DOT as well. The vehicles may have window tints from the left and right sides of the driver that is just as dark as 20% VLT, but that depends on the state.

Can I lower down my electric bill just by having windows film installed at home?

Yes, this is possible. The heat penetrates through the windows and it boosts your electric bills. Having window films installed can help in lessening heat gain by more than 79% and that can help in lowering down your energy consumption.

Can window film boost the resale value of my house?

When you have decided to sell your house, you need to go through the daunting and costly process of renovation to make the house improve. For a not so costly project that will boost the resale value of your home, you may consider installing window films. A lot of modern house makers nowadays are very much aware about the essence of energy efficiency. Anyone who is using less energy will not just reap the benefits for the environment, but will also enjoy great savings from lower electric bills. There are window films nowadays that are meant to control the sun’s heat and these can help in preventing too much heat from penetrating into your home. This can lead to lower air conditioning costs even during summer time.

You can always pick a film that will block the sun’s heat without obstructing your view or without preventing the natural light to come in. Because of this, window films became a better alternative to curtains and window blinds as well.  Window films also provide different advantages that will make homeowners decided to have them installed. They have the capacity to secure your family against the harmful effects of the Ultra Violet radiation that may lead to skin cancer. It can also help in preventing the furniture and the fabrics from possible damage due to fading. When it comes to benefits, the window film may also secure the glass window from breaking in case of natural calamities like bad weather condition or thieves invading the house.

The aesthetic appeal of the house will also improve accordingly when you look for a buyer and the window films will not intervene with the appeal of your home. You can always pick a clear film or a decorative film depending on your need. It is just essential that you come up with an improvement without losing a fortune. Though window films may be more expensive than curtains and blinds you can get long term benefits from it and it can help you in boosting the resale value of your property.

What are the other uses of window films aside from blocking the sun’s rays?

Window film companies now come with a shatterproof window film and this is not new anymore. They manufactured this to help homeowners, prevent thieves from coming into their property. But this is not just only the thing that window films can do to boost your home security. They are not just for blocking the sun’s rays, but they have added a decorative feel and this has been a good thing for a lot of homeowners.  By simply buying a clear or dyed window film, you can cover some things other than blocking the sun’s rays.

There are brands of window films nowadays that offer privacy window film to avoid people from looking into your windows in different parts of the house, particularly in the bathrooms or bedrooms while the lights are on. The decorative film on the other hand can add aesthetic appeal to rooms in the house. With dyed window film on your windows, you can add a dramatic look without changing the windows, which is more expensive nowadays. Moreover, there are window film brands that offer solar security to lessen the heat from your home all year round and not just during summer time where the heat is extremely hot.

Are window films useful to hospitals as well or are they just for home use?

The doctor’s office waiting area might not be one of the most daunting places in this world. A lot of people walk into the office of the doctors with the sick feeling. People do not want to know what he/she expects of the doctor after all. Because of the stress of the patient’s every time they go and visit their doctor, most of the doctor’s offices nowadays have a warm and very pleasing waiting area. Unluckily, a lot of waiting areas are designed with a very challenged space and this makes the patient stay outside of the clinic for a while until called for his/her turn.

But, no doctor’s clinic or hospitals will go out of their way to do some remodeling. There is on the other hand an easy way to customize the clinic and this is through window films only. There are brands of window films that offers different designs and they can add beauty to any establishment and not just to a home. They can keep the ambience in a doctor’s office appealing and light while waiting.  The cost is just minimal compared to changing the glass window or door of the doctor’s office to make it look appealing.

Buying a decorative film can also help in making sure that the patients have a relaxing experience all the time.  You can choose the type of window film suited for your needs and you can also choose the level of darkness that you want for the film to make sure that the patients will feel comfortable enough while waiting for their turn. The film is easy to install just by seeking for a professional help and it is also easy to clean and may last for several years without changing it.

What is so special with window films and why they are a must for every home and office window?

Window film is usually applied with tints and this is done by a professional to the surfaces of the glass windows. This is done to boost the personal and the security of every home. More than the security properties of the film, they also come in different shades and tints to give aesthetic enhancements too. The use of window films in your home or to any establishment can help in securing you and your investment from possible damage brought about by the sun. The sun’s heat in the long run along with the Ultra Violet rays will contribute to the fading of your home and office furnishings and floors as well. The floors may be uneven overtime and the temperature inside the bldg. or at home may be very irritating because of the heat. The sun can also cause skin damage and the glare may be harmful to your eyes.

window film tint film for buildings energy efficient windows SigmadoorsAre you familiar with the National Home Improvement Month?

Those who are familiar with the National Home Improvement Month, this is the right time of the year to think of investing in your home. That is regardless if you just want to improve the look of your home or you just want it to be more functional and comfy at the same time. The weather is more cooperative now, you can easily go through the home improvement, especially if your goal is to control the temperature inside the house at summer time. If you are not sure about the type of project that you would want this year, then here’s some meaningful suggestions for you.

  1. For those who wish to do something about the value of their property, going through a renovation is just helpful. Making it more pleasant must be on top of your list.
  2. Do I need a contractor for that?? That depends on your background in terms of home remodeling. If you know you are not capable of handing the job, then hiring someone will do wonders to your home and can lessen your burden at the same time.
  3. The budget may be limited or it may also be beyond your limit, but it will be worthy to think of some other things that you can invest on which will bring you return on investment. For instance, you can call a contractor to install window films on your windows, this can save you energy costs along the way.  Homeowners nowadays invest in window films not just for added home security and glare issues, but also to lessen the energy consumption.

How does a window film affect the window glass?

The glass is designed to become the barrier from the elements outside of the house like rain, wind and storm while giving your home a view of the outside. When there is a solar energy penetrating in an untreated window, more than 90 percent of the heat is penetrating through the window glass. In distinction, as soon as the solar window film is applied to the glass more than 80 percent of the solar energy may be blocked. There are special colorings, metals and technology used in the film that works as the barrier in terms of absorbing the heat and the energy penetrating through the window glass.

The absorption level and reflectance depends on the quantity of how the film was made. Colored films do not contain any metal and they are also known as non-reflective. This is due to the fact that do not have the capacity to absorb the solar energy. They are not as effective in regulating the solar heat and the light as well, since they do not have any solar reflectant. However, the metalized films along with the films with nanotechnology are good at absorbing the solar heat and light penetrating through the surfaces of the glass.

What are the different kinds of window films?

  • Dyed or colored window films

These can add layers of heat absorbing elements. You might think that since the film absorbs the heat, it can make the car heat up too. But the truth is that the heat that escapes the film goes to the glass and dissolves right away with the airflow.

  • Deposited film

This is another type of film made from the deposition technology. Through the process, the tank holding metal ingots and is fed with the film and it is pressurized to make a vacuum effect. The argon gas will be pumped into the tank, as the ingots heat up it causes the metallic particles to go up and cover the surfaces of the film. This type of film is inexpensive, but it is usually dark and more reflective.

  • Sputtered film

There are more than 23 metals that are meant for sputtering, and that results in a much lighter film. The layers of metal are just fine and about the thickness of the human hair. But that depends on what metals are used in the process. It is very effective and suitable for blocking radiation and direct sunlight. This type of film makes a slight mirror effect, heat absorption and color shifting at the same time while working to keep the high reflectivity of the radiation.

The manufacture cost of the films used in this method is very high, that means the films can also be more expensive than the other types. There are basic components visible in the sputtered films and these are the layers of polyester with bonds, coatings that are scratch proof and metalized. The technology used in this film is a high complex method and just like the deposition technology, there is a magic that takes place in a vacuum chamber.

  • Hybrid window films

The hybrid window films have metals and colorings. By mixing these 2 important ingredients, the best qualities of both may be achieved with less of the negatives. The mixture of gray coloring and titanium is a good example. If each of them were used solely, the coloring can make the film mirror looking. But when both of them are used and mixed in a small amount, you will get a brighter and low reflective film. Some prefer hybrid films, because they believe that the darker the film is, the more it will be resistant to heat. Some prefer this film, because of the privacy it can bring.

What’s so special about decorative window films?

Window films are usually considered as a requirement, but not by those who already have it. It is not hard to check why they just look at some advantages the films can give like lessening the cost of the energy, eradicate annoying window glare, preserves the carpet color and the furniture as well and the film work by becoming a shatter safety device when the window glass breaks. People are not really aware or they have not just considered installing window films, on the other hand, you can use it to make your home attractive and pleasing as well. There are some special things about window films that you should know.

  • The stained glass effect may be achieved

You can turn a dull and lifeless window into a very classy stained glass look without spending a lot of money and your guests cannot tell the difference. There are lots of choices when it comes to stained glass window films, compared to stained glass. You will not spend huge amounts of money on the installation cost of the window film. The stained glass can also be a painful thing to install, that will make your decorative window film truly effortless and easy on the pocket.

  • Secure all glass at home, including sliding doors from possible dangers

Before installing the film to the glass, clean the glass first and remove any spots. The film will work as your shield in case a thief is coming over to rob your home. You must not think thieves will not like your home or you will not be victimized, because you’ll never know when they will come and when they will attack you.? Your pets can be fooled by the clear glass doors, so you will know that the decorative films for glass can truly secure your household against thieves.

  • Improve sleep in daytime

If your work is at night time and you need to sleep at day time, a window tint can help you. You can sleep with comfort even if the sun is up. This can be a real life saver after all. You do not need to put on blankets or foil on the window or buy a thick curtain or dark blinds to cover the sunlight. All you need to do is to use a patterned decorative window film to lessen the amount of light passing through the window in the room. This is not just a better alternative, but a classy alternative as well.

  • Improve kid’s room

There are lots of choices and designs available when it comes to decorative window films for rooms. All you need to do is to look around to find something that your kids will love. Some brands even offer cartoon character designs for kids. This will bring so much fun to their room.

  • Makes any window glass an art work

A lot of times when you renovate spaces at home, you are left with unimportant gaps between new rooms. Taking advantage of an additional window is now easier by decorating them instead of just eliminating them. It is now probable to find a suitable decorative window film to fit into the look and feel of a particular room.

  • Stay in style while enjoying added privacy

A decorative window film can be twice the beauty of a regular window and it will also serve as an additional privacy and barriers to people peeping in the windows and those who plan to rob your home. Whatever your personal style and preferences are, there are lots of decorative films in the market that will surely fit into your style and budget at the same time.

What is a static window film?

Among the many advantages of this film type is it can be used by the user all the time, because there is no adhesive involved. It can also be eliminated easily and there is no residue left. It can also be positioned on a plastic material and metals. Aside from the advantages, there are some disadvantages involved in this type of window film too. When you compare it with a regular window film, this type is not as clear. Because of this, if you will look at a flawless sight outside the window, you will be comfortable with the static cling film.

On the other hand, because of its stuffs, it is harder to clean, especially if you want to draw dusts in the air and from the film. You will exert an effort in scrubbing it to fully clean it. You might need to soak it in a water with soap to clean it.? When you check some other types of films in the market for home window use, it will be best to check your requirements first. Now all of the films are similar and a lot of them offer unique feature and characters with regards to their performance.? There are also frost films for bathroom windows and shower glass doors as well.

Window films, regardless if it is static cling or not offer you a lot of benefits like increasing your privacy, lessening the glare of the sun and it has the capacity to block around 99 percent of the UV waves from the sun. It is not just advantageous to the skin, but it can also help in increasing and in preserving the life of your gadgets and furniture at home and at the office.

Are there convincing reasons for me to have a window film installed in my car?

Motorists usually install car tints for personal reasons more than adding aesthetic appeal to their car. On the other hand, there are lots of motorists that are not familiar with the many benefits of window films to their car, so their constant question, is there any reasons that will convince them to have window films installed in their car.? This will be answered as you read on.

  • Better driving

Driving at daytime under the heat of the sun is just so annoying and destructing. It can really be nasty to go through the sun?s glare all the time. With window films you can shield your eyes and prevent the glare of the sun from harming you while you are driving.

  • Added privacy

You have to admit that there are certain parts of the city that is not always a good idea to stay low profile. Having car films can help in securing your privacy anywhere you are. It can also secure your things inside the car when you park. There will be no hiding of your valuable things every time you park, since the tint on your car windows can greatly help you.

  • Preserve your upholstery

The heat of the sun can make your upholstery a real mess after sometime, but this can be prevented with car films. Car films can help in preserving your car interior from getting enough heat and they can prevent cracking and tearing. It blocks more than 90 percent of the Ultra Violet rays penetrating through.

  • Makes your car shatter proof

Car films can help the car windows crack even on strong impacts with an object in case of an accident. This can help in protecting anyone inside the car if unexpected instance, may happen while you are on the road.

  • Keep the car temperature cool

With the right type of window film, you can help in lessening the temperature inside the car by more than 60 percent. You can keep the heat out and never worry about being sweaty while traveling again.

  • Be on the road without compromising your health

Direct sunlight is bad for the skin, it is linked to premature aging. It can really cause skin cancer if long exposure to sunlight is practiced.? You can lessen the harm with window films around.

How long can I enjoy a window film in my car?

Auto window films may also fade and break down after some time, but the lifespan of the film depends on certain factors like the kind and the quality of the film you use, the amount of sunlight it shields you and who installed the film as well. Under certain conditions, constant sunlight in places in the southern part of the globe may suffer from poor quality of colored window films after a few months only. But those who are using the hybrid window film will go beyond five years and for those using the metalized types and the sputtered window films may last for more than ten years or even longer.

Inexpensive window films and the heat of the sun is not a good combination after all.? The window film will eventually break down and bubbles will start to show off. So when you think of buying an inexpensive window film, you better think twice or you will go through the hard times by seeing the bubbles appear one by one and then have it removed later on to ruin the glass of your car window. If you want to enjoy and reap the value of your car film, it will be best to make a thorough research about the brand and the type that is meant for your needs.

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