Windows & Doors Installation Guide

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Installing aluminium windows wooden window installation guide SigmadoorsAluminium Door and Window Installation Guide

It is easy to just dial the telephone and ask the professionals for window installation for your home or office. However, this comes at a cost. For smart spenders, one way to cut the expenses is to do the installation themselves. Is this really possible? Yes, it is.

DIY installation of aluminium doors and windows can be done by an individual who have experienced doing it before. On the other hand, novices can successfully accomplish this too with a little help from another person. Before starting the project, just learn the right procedures involved, depending on the type, material or mechanism used for the door or window.

How to Install Windows and Doors

Aluminium windows installed SigmadoorsWhether it is an aluminium window, wooded window or door, sliding or not, the first step always involves the tape measure. Never start a project without getting the exact dimension first. That way, the materials that would be bought are just enough, no more no less. The next step is to ensure that there are no remaining caulk, insulation, protruding nails and dirt. The slot for the door or window should be completely clean.

Aluminium Window Installation

There are basically two major parts to be concerned of the aluminium frame and the actual window panes. It is usually easier to install the glass panes on the frame first before fitting them into wall openings. However, for larger aluminium windows with multiple panes, the smart move is to affix the frame into the opening first because it would be too difficult to lift them all together.

Aside from screwing the aluminium frame to mount it, it is also important to use caulk gun to keep it in place. This also seals the gaps. Foam insulation which comes in spray cans is the easiest way to seal the gaps between the window and the frame. Test the aluminium windows and see if everything moves smoothly.

Wooden Window Installation

How to install doors guide SigmadoorsWhen unpacking the wooden windows, make sure to remove temporary nails and straps which manufacturers place to make transportation much easier. The framing of the window should be covered with felt paper. That way, water would not easily seep into the frame and cause it to rot.

Place the window on the hole and check if it is level. The distance on each side should be equal too. If not, shim the window carefully to make everything even.

When screwing the wooden window, start with the bottom right corner. This makes it easier to hold it in place. Then, the next screws should be on the upper left, upper right and then bottom left corners. Finish off the screwing of other portions. Just make sure that the screws would not protrude. Finish it off with a sealant to keep water out.

Aluminium Sliding Doors Installation

The first thing to do is to assemble the frame first. Various models of aluminium sliding doors come with manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that the frame would be assembled properly. Using a caulk gun, place beads which are about 2 inches apart around the perimeter of the aluminium sliding door where the frame should be placed.

Place the frame while ensuring that everything is level. The gaps should be equal so that the door would move smoothly. Use concrete nails to secure the frame. Once the frame is stable, install the aluminium sliding door starting with the upper part first. Then work on the bottom part of the sliding door. Test if the rollers glide with ease. Oil or other lubricant may be necessary.

Wooden Sliding Doors Installation

After cleaning the slot for the sliding door and determining where the opening packet should be, start with a caulk gun and apply beads of caulk on the area where the top and bottom rail should be. Start installing the top rail first using screws and then the bottom one.

Use a level to ensure that both rails are positioned correctly. Do not over tighten the rails too because this could warp the rail, making it difficult for the door to slide. When placing the sliding door, start with the upper portion and then the lower part so that snapping the wheels would not be difficult.