How To Choose Patio Doors

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Choosing Patio doors

Patio doors can become an attractive central point in the entire design of your home. When you decide to use the patio door for your exterior, its elegance can be breathtaking. You have several types of patio doors that will fit your taste and, of course, your budget. 

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A patio door is unique and gives some outstanding tone to your home. It provides the following services:

  • Gives a good view of your courtyard.

  • Acts as your entrance and exit.

  • Illuminate your rooms more brightly.

  • Increases the basic energy efficiency of your home

  • Reduces your energy bills.

  • Promote the aesthetics and style of your home.

Factors to consider in choosing a patio door

You may be having a challenge in choosing the patio door for your building. In this article, we’ll lead you through what to look out for when choosing a patio door that satisfies your preferences and budget. 

Types of Patio Doors to Choose From

You‘ll consider which door is best for your house based on your budget and the part of the house to fix it. Here are some of the patio door types:

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  • Sliding Patio doors:

weatherproof weather stripping window seal window plastic door seal Aluminium windows and doors Insulation weather proofing windows aluminium doors aluminium folding doors sigmadoors aluminium window installation standard aluminium window sizes sliding door installation sliding glass doors prices glassdoor front doors door installation aluminium double doors for sale aluminium doors and aluminium windows installation sigmadoors These doors have gained popularity since they are affordable, versatile, easy to use, and very stylish. Also, the sliding patio doors allow much light to shine through them and increase the brightness of your room. You can easily move in and out through them very fast when you’re in a hurry. In other cases, the doors come with door fly-screens which allow fresh air in and keep off bugs. A sliding patio door is ideal for a house where there’s not much space.

  • Folding Patio doors: 

Aluminium Bifold door Aluminium sliding doors aluminium patio doors aluminium bi-fold aluminium doors for sale sliding doors for sale aluminium doors cape town storm door bifold doors sliding glass doors door frame exterior glassdoor door frames, Sliding folding door, patio door, aluminium doors with prices, Vista folding doors FAQ Frequently Asked Questions Sigmadoors Johannesburg, South AfricaThese doors are great for places where there’s much space. They can also be used to separate different areas in your home. Their functioning is similar to that of an accordion. 

  • Swing Patio doors/French doors: 

caring for aluminium windows and doors Front doors Aluminium double doors aluminium patio doors aluminium doors for sale french doors for sale aluminium doors cape town johannesburg storm door aluminium glass doors door frame exterior glassdoor door frames, Aluminium hinged doors, entrance doors, patio doors, hinged doors with prices, door installations, door frames, aluminium french doors, front door, standard aluminium door sizes, Sigmadoors, Johannesburg, South AfricaThe doors can either swing in or out depending on how the hinges are built. For double swings of in and out, there must be adequate space to accommodate the swinging. The out-swing doors are ideal for a hurricane or high-wind area. They give more strength to the house as the wind pushes the doors.

Patio Door Material

The material for your patio doors is also important, just like the style. Some of the materials for patio doors include:

  • Aluminum or steel: These patio doors are sturdy and durable. Being metals, aluminum and steel are good conductors and may not be very energy efficient. They are easy to clean and have a low maintenance profile.
  • Wood: These doors offer a great aesthetic look to the doors more than other materials. They are more expensive than the other materials since they need regular maintenance. This is because they are prone to peeling and warping under some weather conditions with time.
  • Vinyl: These are quite durable and strong. Also, they stand out due to their energy efficiency. You can easily choose from their range of colors.
  • Fiberglass: These are similar to vinyl doors but are more expensive. They are durable, lightweight, and resistant to harsh weather conditions.

Patio door locks and security

bugler proof, aluminium windows security, security doors, home security systems, aluminium doorsWhen choosing your patio doors, another important factor to consider is the locks and their security. Some of the doors come with locks for both the main door and the door screen.

  • Hinged or French locking system: The hinged and French doors have top and bottom deadbolt locking systems that provide the needed security. 
  • Dual point locks: These are usually common with sliding patio doors. There are double hooks on the frame and the sliding door part as you press the lock.


Getting the right patio doors for your home can encompass many things. Knowing how you intend to use a patio door will help to determine the best style for you. No matter what your choice is, your budget will still play a vital role in your decision. The most important thing is that you now have a guide on how to choose patio doors.

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