Wooden Doors vs Aluminium Doors

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Wooden Doors or Aluminium Doors – Which One is Better?

The comparison between wooden doors and aluminium doors is not a new thing in the residential sector.

A door for your building shouldn’t only be presentable; it should be robust, durable, and aesthetic. The type of doors you have, especially the front one, gives lots of impressions on your guests and visitors. Choosing the material for your doors can be quite confusing and complex. However, you must understand that with doors comes the issue of strength and security, among other things. Then, you will also consider the ability of your door to protect your household from harsh weather conditions. So your choice shouldn’t be well informed for the exterior doors of your home. 

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Among the several materials one can use for doors in a building, aluminum and wood or timber stands out. Through this article, we’ll highlight the pros and cons of each of them. This will help you to make your decision on the material for your doors.

Aluminum doors

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Aluminum doors are made from aluminum, which is a metal. Maybe just like wooden doors, aluminum doors are widely known for their great strength and high lifetime. You can cut them according to your taste and style, and they suit perfectly any modern building. Also, you have the option to customize them. Their maintenance is low and is easy to clean. Though they are quite expensive, their high longevity gives a plus for their cost. They can last for over 45 years.


  • Aluminum requires little or no maintenance. This saves you the cost of maintaining the door.
  • It is resistant to rust and rot and is ideal for all weather conditions. You don’t face the issue of the regular replacement for aluminum doors.
  • Its high durability property makes it stand out among other materials.
  •  It comes in a different range of colors and sleek styles that makes it flexible to customize and satisfy different architectural tastes.
  • Aluminum is environmentally friendly as it’s easy to recycle the material.


  • Aluminum doors are less pleasing aesthetically than wooden doors.
  • They permit condensation to form in your house. This is because, like metal, they easily conduct heat. This condensation can lead to the formation of mildew inside your home.
  • Their conductive property can retain excess heat or cold in your home. They increase the heat inside your house during summer. During winter, they also conduct the cold and make it difficult for things to remain warm. 
  • They offer less security than wooden doors since they are light-weighted.

 Wooden doors

Wooden front door prices wooden doors for sale double doors wooden french doors Front entry door wooden doors SigmadoorsA wooden door gives your home a posh look and adds more to it aesthetically. It makes your house more inviting and appealing to your guests. It’s easy for you to customize and decorate wooden doors to your style.

Wooden doors require frequent maintenance, especially the exterior ones. This is because they tend to peel and warp with time from exposure to weather conditions like heat, light, humidity, etc. You can try sealing them even before installation to evade this.  


  • You can easily customize wooden doors to suit your house.
  • Wooden doors come in several varieties to fit your choice
  • They are aesthetically more appealing than the aluminum doors.
  • They are very cheap and affordable for low-budget conditions.


  • Wooden doors are less efficient in soundproofing for external sounds.
  • They require regular maintenance to avoid warping and peeling and are hence, less durable than aluminum doors.
  • They are vulnerable to most weather conditions and thus, need sealing to protect them.


Whether you choose aluminum doors or wooden doors, each material will serve you based on your priorities and budget. Though aluminum doors are more expensive, their installation cost is quite cheaper than that of a wooden door. Also, when considering the long-term effect, it is highly durable.