Standard Sizes of Aluminium Sliding Doors

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What are the standard sizes of Aluminum sliding doors?

Aluminum doors come in different sizes, shapes and designs. The sizes and shapes of each door vary with the door type, such as sliding, folding sliding, hinged and pivot aluminum doors. The old doors come in smaller sizes, while those manufactured recently have bigger panels for larger openings. The idea of measuring the size of an aluminum door for installation is to know the overall width and height of the door. 

South African Standard Aluminium sliding door sizes

The standard aluminum sliding doors are mainly glass doors with an aluminium frame.  The South African standard height for these doors ranges between 2100mm to 2700mm whereas the width is between 1500mm and 6000mm. Standard sliding doors are usually made up of two or more parts.  For smaller doors (single sliders), there are usually two panels, one fixed panel and  a sliding panel.  The standard sizes for the single sliders range from a width of 1500mm to 3000mm.  

The medium to large standard size doors consist of four panels (double sliders).  Usually there are two fixed panels and two sliding panels.  The standard width for these doors range between 3000mm to 6000mm.  

The most common height of South African sliding doors is 2100mm.  

It is always advisable to use the standard measurement for the door frames to make things easy during replacement.

However, there is no one particular measurement for the aluminum sliding door. The sizes vary with the type of panel, as mentioned earlier. Here we are going to discuss these various panel types and their corresponding standard sizes. 

Various Standard Sizes of Aluminum sliding doors.

By standard sizes of Aluminum sliding doors, we refer to those generally accepted (commonly) used measurements used in most building applications (usually in residential buildings).  The units of measurement can be either in millimeters or meters. The width is usually measured first and then the height.

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  1. The Standard two-panel sliding doors: These doors are made up of two parts, the fixed and movable (sliding) part. They have fixed height but vary in width. The height is usually 2100mm the widths are listed below:






This implies that the standard size of the two-panel aluminum sliding door of 2100mm height could be 1500 x 2100mm, 1800 x 2100mm, 2100 x 2100mm and so forth. This width and height covers the entire opening.  This includes the total dimension of the frame and the door panels combined. 

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  1. The Standard four panel sliding doors: These doors are larger than the former above. They have four panels or sides, with two of the panels constantly fixed and the other two, opening. The two sliding panels are usually in the middle while the other two panels are fixed on the sides.  Their standard widths are:







Other Standard Aluminum Sliding Door Heights

Apart from the standard height of 2100mm mentioned above, the two other sliding aluminum glass door heights that are common are;

2400mm and 2700mm.


Buying a standard aluminium sliding door is an investment. It is always better and cheaper to go for the doors with standard sizes to make replacement easier. Also, the materials used for the door frames and hardware can influence the overall cost of the aluminum sliding door.

Lastly, in terms of cost, a two-panel aluminum sliding glass door with a standard-sized 2100mm height and 3000mm width is the most recommended option.