Alternatives to Glass Shower Doors

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Are the Alternatives to Glass Shower Doors

There’s recent phasing out of glass shower doors in bathrooms. Lots of people are looking for alternatives to glass shower doors. The use of glass shower doors has been on for many years now. However, just like every trendy item, its usage is diminishing.

Woman in a shower SigmadoorsGlass has some great qualities that made it appealing before now. You require more carefulness in handling glass doors. From the installation process to its maintenance, a glass shower door is very fragile. Quite a few activities or even natural occurrences can cause them to crack, break or shatter. A change in temperature, an error in the installation, or even a hard slamming can shatter a glass door

Shower curtain SigmadoorsBesides, mineral stains and water can easily attach to the glass. This means that you will have to clean the glass frequently. Where you leave the stains for a longer period, it will be more difficult to clean them.  

Alternatives to glass shower doors

If you’re making a replacement for your old shower door or buying for your new home, there are alternatives to glass. Below are some of these alternatives to glass shower doors:

Shower Curtains

Shower curtain with steamer shower SigmadoorsThese are the common alternatives which are also popular. You can choose from the two types of shower curtains. The first type is single-layered and a plastic sheet, while the second type, double-layered, is very decorative. 

The cost of both purchasing and installing shower curtains is very moderate. This is the cheapest alternative to glass shower doors. They are ideal where there’re kids and if you have tubs. Also, they offer more privacy and are easy to clean and maintain. They are easy to hang. You’ll need the use of a rod and vinyl or polyester rings for their hanging. These add to the decorative appeal of the curtains. Though it may be more strenuous, you have the option of hanging the curtains directly from the ceiling. 

Framed enclosures

Aluminium shower enclosure Sigmadoors South AfricaThis alternative is very popular because they are quite cheap and also are attractive and decorative. You can use a chrome finish that is both stylish and modern or a classic brass to frame the shower entrance. A bronze frame is also a better choice since they are affordable and will give you a traditional look.

The shortfalls of framed enclosures are that they only serve decorative purposes and are suitable where there’s a doorway. Also, they require frequent cleaning to maintain.

Aluminum and steel 

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The use of aluminum or steel frames or grids for your shower doors brings a more classy effect. You can use these metals in combination with glass or completely forgo glass with another screen of your choice.  

You have the option of customizing the screen with designs of your choice. The door can have a sliding frame. Such doors are ideal for tubs and shower enclosures. However, this alternative is very expensive. The availability of the screen is limited, and they require daily maintenance. It is susceptible to damage by water when you fail to clean it daily.

Partial shower enclosures

Open shower SigmadoorsThese are quite popular in Europe. There are different sizes, shapes, silhouettes, and materials that you can choose from. They are economically friendly and are ideal for shower stalls and tubs. Also, they are very good at stopping water splashing.

Just as the name goes, partial enclosures only cover the shower area or tub partially. There’s always the option of replacing the glass materials with other materials such as steel, aluminum, or varnished/laminated wood


There’s gradual dominance by alternatives to glass shower doors in most modern bathrooms. You don’t have to be left out. Remember that it can be quite stressful to clean and maintain glass. Choose an alternative that appeals to your taste today and enjoy the use of your bathrooms daily.