How To clean aluminium bi-folding doors

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How To clean Aluminium Bi-folding Doors

The use of folding doors is becoming popular for most homeowners. The most common among them is the bi-folding doors that have two panels. There are still others that have more than two panels. 

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No matter the number of panels, folding doors are quite stylish and portray a great aura of elegance. You can conveniently use them to connect smaller spaces or split larger rooms. They also produce a bright and cozy effect in your home on gloomy days.

For aluminum bi-folding doors, they are doors that have aluminum as the frame material. Aluminum is a metal and has a sleek appearance that adds to the aesthetics of a building. Aluminum folding doors are unique and classy. Also, these doors offer great views of your environment from inside. You can customize them according to your style and multiple panels to suit your taste. 

How to Clean Aluminum Bi-folding Doors

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The proper maintenance of any door increases the longevity of such a door. Knowing how to clean your aluminum bi-folding doors is the prerequisite in the maintenance process. In this article, we’ll take you on the necessary steps in cleaning your aluminum bi-folding doors.

  • Dusting the Doors

The first step in keeping your aluminum bi-folding doors is dusting. This helps to remove dust and even dirt that builds upon the door panels. You can use a feather duster or soft cloth for the dusting. It makes it easier for you in the cleaning. Ensure to begin from the top of the panel and proceed downwards. It will move the dust particles to the floor with ease.

  • Cleaning the Glass Panels

how to clean folding doors SigmadoorsRemember that glass gives you a view of your environment. It must be streak-free. The best cleaning solution to use is a solution of water and vinegar with microfiber cloths. Not only will you get a streak-free and shining panel, but this solution is also eco-friendly. Another alternative solution for the cleaning is a solution of water and soap.

  • Cleaning the Aluminum Frames

Naturally, aluminum is easy to clean and maintain. The use of a non-abrasive cloth is the best in wiping the frames. This will help you not to scratch the frames. Also, you must be careful while scrubbing the finish of the frame. Hard scrubbing will cause some damages to them. For hard and stubborn stains, investigate them and understand the possible ways of removal without damaging your aluminum frames. 

  • Cleaning the Bottom Track

Proper handling of the bottom tracks of your aluminum bi-folding doors is very necessary. When you neglect the track, the door may not operate properly. There’s every tendency for dust and dirt to accumulate on the bottom tracks of your doors. You must clean and maintain them regularly.

The best method for the cleaning of the bottom track is the use of a vacuum cleaner. This will pick out every debris, dust, or dirt that sticks in the track. It will also make the opening and closing of your door smooth. You can also apply the right spray (such as silicon spray) if the door is stiff when opening or closing.



Having aluminum bi-folding doors cuts deep into your pocket even though you’ll get your desire. So, to maintain the elegance and classy feel of the doors, you must clean them appropriately to enjoy your money’s worth.