Are Aluminium Windows Better Than uPVC Windows?

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Aluminium Windows vs uPVC Windows

Windows, be it aluminium windows, steel or uPVC windows, are one of the essential parts of a building, whether residential or commercial. They can increase the aesthetic look of your house or create a delusional effect on it. That’s why you’ll need to choose the right material for the frames of your windows.

Aluminium windows for sale SigmadoorsYou shouldn’t make such a decision shabbily as you’ll be seeing your choice every day. In addition to your personal preferences, you’ll also consider the quality and cost of the material for your windows. 

The use of both aluminium and uPVC material for windows is getting popular in our world today. You can be torn between two opinions, which of them to choose. You may also be wondering about the differences between aluminium and uPVC windows. Each has its peculiarity and distinguishing properties. In this article, we’ll put you through their benefits so you can make the wise choice for your windows.

aluminium Windows

aluminium is a metal and is quite strong as a window frame. Due to their sleek property, they may appear delicate. Their stylish design takes in more glass in the framing. This allows more light to pass through them and makes your home more illuminated. aluminium has a low maintenance approach as it’s very easy to clean by simple wiping. Also, aluminium as a metal is a good conductor of heat. So, they can retain warmth in your home and lower your energy bills, especially during cold weather.

uPVC Windows

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uPVC (unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) gives you a good stylish look and has a lower cost than several other materials for window frames. They accommodate double glazing. Being poor conductors of heat, uPVC material can insulate your home from excessive heat during hot weather. They are simple to maintain and don’t require any special treatment in cleaning.

Differences between aluminium and uPVC Windows

The debate on which material is better between aluminium windows and uPVC windows can be quite complex. Both materials have their benefits which will appeal to homeowners depending on the style of building.

Here are some of the differences between these materials:

Strength and durability

upvc windows vs aluminium windows upvc windows and doors cape town Sigmadoors

Though both materials are strong, aluminium is a metal and is stronger. Also, a high-quality aluminium window frame has a high lifetime and can last longer than a uPVC frame. The latter can degrade with time. The uPVC is prone to regular expanding and contracting effects, which can make the window stiffen with time. Thus, it usually needs reinforcement with steel. 


When it comes to cost, uPVC windows  are a better option. They are less expensive than the aluminium window frames. However, in the long run, the durability of the aluminium window frames compensates its cost as you won’t need to make a change.


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Though both materials are good at shutting out external sounds, uPVC windows are at a higher advantage. You must also understand that glazing contributes more to soundproofing. So getting double glazing of high quality will offer better soundproofing for your home. 


The sleek style of aluminium window frames makes them more preferable for modern homes. The aluminium window frames are slimmer than those of uPVC windows. Thus, they provide a clean look as well as improve the viewing focus. You’ll enjoy them more if the location of your building has stunning sights around.


Both aluminium and uPVC window frames are easy and simple to maintain. None requires any special treatment for cleaning. Just a wipe with clean clothing is all they need.

Condensation formation

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The aluminium material, as a metal and a good conductor of heat, is more prone to condensation formation. But there’s no need for panic as you can easily correct the effects with thermal breaks. Also, modern manufacturing techniques have taken care of it.


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You can now choose the material to use for your windows. Besides your personal preference, budget, and the style and age of your building, aluminium windows and uPVC window frames have many similarities. They have very little need for maintenance and are easy to clean. 

Though aluminium will cut more into your pocket, their longevity makes compensation for that than the cheaper uPVC. Also, where your focus is more on security and aesthetics, aluminium stands as a better choice for your window frames than uPVC.