Pivot Doors – The New Trend

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Pivot Doors – The New Trend

A pivot door opens or closes through the rotation of a spindle that is not by the side of the door. It depicts not only the stylish architectural design of your home but also it’s elegance. When you need something a little extraordinary and classy for entrance doors, go for pivot ones.

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Mechanism of a Pivot Door

Pivot doors can be for both interior and exterior purposes. The mechanism of a pivot door is quite different from what is obtainable for other doors. The usual working of other doors has the hinge at one side of the door. 

However, a pivot door has a unique hinge system at the top and bottom of the door. It operates by the rotation of this central hinge system of the door. With this mechanism, it ensures even distribution of the door weight to the floor. Hence, there’s hardly the issue of sagging with pivot doors. This accounts for why people can opt for the larger sizes of pivot doors for their building.

Benefits of a Pivot Door

Putting aside the technicalities of the part of a pivot door lets Xray its benefits. 

Perfect balancing

Irrespective of the position of the hinge of a pivot door, it has perfect balancing. The vertical placing of the hinge above and below the door supports the weight of the door no matter its size. That’s why you can customize your pivot doors to be large since the pivot hinge will perfectly balance the weight.

Full automation

You have the option to fully automate or motorize your pivot doors to operate with biometrics. Once the door receives a confirmation of the inputted data for a person’s biometrics, it will respond. 

Different Sizes 

The most interesting part of having a pivot door is the opportunity of getting a massive door that will still give you the beauty and elegance you desire. You can get a pivot door that is above 5.18m tall and 720kg in weight. No conventional single door can take on this measurement. With the position of the hinge, the size will not be a limitation to the mechanism of the door. Thus, with a large size option, your pivot door can swing perfectly.

Choice of material

Another outstanding part of pivot doors is that you can choose the material for the door. Some of these materials, such as wood, aluminum, steel, and glass, can be used for their construction. There can also be a combination of these materials. No matter the choice of your material, the swinging ability of the door remains unchanged. 

Different usage

Besides serving as an entrance door, pivot doors can be installed for several interior purposes and positions. They can perfectly replace any conventional single door in your home. You can use them for your closet door, shower door, and of course, front door

Double swinging 

You can have the choice for your pivot door to swing both inwards and outwards. This is more classy and appealing for front doors. But for a closet door, the swinging should only be outward.


A  pivot door is very classy and can leave a lasting impression on your guests. Knowing its mechanism and benefits will help to strengthen the conception you have of it. Most especially, a pivot door is one door you will never regret having. Why not give it a try!

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