The Best Type of Windows For Your House

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What’s The Best Type of Windows For Your House?

Windows form one of the major components of a house. Choosing the best suitable window for your house becomes a challenging task most times. The type of window varies with the type of house, either commercial or residential, as well as the design. Other factors you need to consider are the window style, design, performance, and type of material used for the window construction.

It is very important to make a well thought and best decision because windows are only fixed or replaced once in a long while. This article shows the various types of windows and their unique features and disadvantages. It is a guide that will help you choose the best suitable window for your house.

Types Of Window Materials

Windows are made from the following materials listed below, among others. The type of material used determines the quality, durability, and maintenance ability of the Window.

  • Wood Window:

    • Wood Windows give a good traditional appearance. People like it because of its natural look. It is durable, environmentally friendly, and has design flexibility.  Also, It is a good insulator and can be painted to any color of choice.Construction of a house by builders near me wooden windows timber windows Sigmadoors

Disadvantages: Wood windows are easily affected by weather conditions. They require more maintenance and are costlier compared to others.

  • Vinyl Window:

    • These are windows made of polyvinyl chloride. The Vinyl window frames need little maintenance. It does not require painting as it cannot be stained. It can resist ultraviolet rays and so cannot rot. Vinyl Window costs less, is easy to install, and can stay up to 20 years.upvc window and door frames vs aluminium window and door frames vs wood windows and door frames vs steel window and doors frames South African windows with prices catalogue download free Sigmadoors

Disadvantages: Vinyl Windows are not flexible to designs. They cannot be colored and recycled. 

  • Fiberglass Windows:

    • These type of windows are durable and requires small maintenance. They have a good aesthetic similar to Wood window. Fiberglass windows are good insulators and are resistant to corrosion. They are eco-friendly and can withstand hot weather.

Disadvantages: Fiberglass windows have few hardware options. They are costly, have fewer color options, and are difficult to install.

  • Aluminum Window:

    • They are lightweight, give a sleek look, and are cheap to maintain. Aluminum windows can be easily manipulated into unique or customized shapes. They are easy to install and don’t need to be repainted.side hung aluminium windows Sigmadoors aluminium windows for sale window frame aluminium windows prices

Disadvantages: They are poor insulators and can corrode with saltwater. The Aluminium windows can allow moisture to form inside of them.

Types Of Window Designs

Here is a list of some window designs with their average installation cost.

    1. Awning Windows: This Window design is the best for areas with rainy climates. It has a water-resistant awning built in it. 
    2. Single Hung Window: It has a top slash that remains stationary. The bottom panel is raised halfway, creating an opening for air. 
    3. Double Hung Window: This is similar to the ‘Single Hung Window’ except that both the upper and lower slash can be moved. The Double Hung window is most common, and its installation can vary depending on the company you’re using.
    4. Egress Window: They are safety windows that provide a means of escape in terms of emergencies like fire outbreaks. It is usually installed in the basement of a home.  
    5. Bay Windows: This is a larger window and needs professionals to install. It is made up of a center window with 2 side windows angled at thirty to forty degrees. The average installation cost varies.
  • Casement Windows: This type of window swings up or out to a side to open. It comes with a window pane on both sides. 


There is no particular type of window that is universally approved as the best. House owners choose the type of window that is suitable for the size and type of house. 

Their choices are mainly influenced by how much capital available,  how long the window will last, and the window design.

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