Double Garage Doors South Africa

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Double garage doors (SA)

Double garage doors provide car owners a wider space to manoeuvre while parking cars or moving around their garage. It also allows them to control how much of their garage anyone can see at any time. This is because they can open any side of the gate they wish to open to viewers from outside.

Furthermore, double garage doors allow you to park cars that have bigger widths than normal regular-sized cars. Also, double garage doors are of huge benefit for disabled car owners. For example, wheelchair-confined persons can have enough room to access the car inside the garage instead of having someone drive it out for them.

What is the average price of a double garage door?

Before talking about the price of your double garage door, an important thing to consider is the size of the garage itself. The number of cars you’ll be parking determines the size of the garage and, in turn, the size of the door. So, garage doors, despite being double, can be smaller or less expensive than a single door.

On average, a garage with a capacity of 2 cars will require a double garage door in a price range between $750 to $4000. For a garage that has enough room for 3 cars, getting a double garage door will cost you $1,300 to $6,400. Also, other important determinants of the price of any door include the style of the door, the level of insulation, and the material used.

What is the standard size of a double garage door?

A car with the regular small size may comfortably fit through a 10 x 7 feet garage door. This won’t be the case for wider and taller cars. So, if you’re looking to get a double garage door, consider the size of your car first. 

However, expert opinion has it that the standard width for a double garage door should be 16 feet. Furthermore, depending on how tall the car is, the height of the door should go between 7 and 8 feet. You can find double garage doors readily available with this dimension as many manufacturers adopt it as their standard.

Can you put two garage doors together?

You can put two garage doors together to make a double garage door. The two doors are usually separated by a central column or post. However, you first have to measure the doorway and that of your car (width and length).

The benefits of merging two single garage doors to make a double garage door together can’t be over-emphasized. It provides enough room for wider vehicles to pass comfortably. It also requires much easier maintenance than running separate single doors in one garage.

What is the widest double garage door available?

Double garage doors can be readily found in the market with a width starting from 12 feet. Moreover, the standard width of a double garage door is 16 feet. However, you can also find double garage doors as wide as 20 feet.

You can also get a double garage door that goes wider than 20 feet in width if you have the need for one. However, you won’t readily find such doors in the market since customers who demand them are not so common. To get one of such doors, you’ll have to contact a manufacturer and hand them your specifications before its production and delivery.

Can I change my double garage doors to a single (in brick walls)

You can actually convert your double garage doors into a single door. You might consider doing this if your double garage door is worn. Also, using a single door instead of a double garage door can help you reduce the amount of money you spend heating up your home. 

This is because single doors allow less amount of cold air into your home than double garage doors. First off, you’ll have to check the stability of the garage. If need be, provide support, then remove the existing double doors. Replace the existing central post with a support beam and then fix the new single door.


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