How to Choose Aluminum Windows?

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What Should You Look For When Buying Aluminum Windows?

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Windows made of aluminum are always beautiful and elegant when perfectly installed. They are known for their toughness, durability, and low maintenance. People who are renovating, building extensions, or new houses now go for this type of window because of these qualities.

However, all Aluminium windows are not made the same. Their construction and method of fabrication vary. This varying method of fabrication tells on the overall finishing of the window. 

There are important things to look out for when buying Aluminium windows. This is to ensure one gets aluminum windows that will be a perfect match for their house, last and at a low cost. Below are the things to look out for;

  • Quality or Properties of the Aluminium Window Frame

Consider the Aluminium Window accreditations( proof of quality), the window frame finishing, and the overall composition. The ergonomic design is also important. You are advised to go for fusion-welded frames with silicone sealants that make the window frame lap tightly to the wall.

  • Aluminum window design or style

The Aluminium window design to choose should complement the design of the house using the correct measurements. You can go for styles like Bay window, Aluminium sliding window, and casement window, etc. 

It is also important to choose a fitting color from the numerous finishing colors available. It can be a metallic finish or a wood grain effect that suits the design of the house.

  • Security

You need to ensure that the aluminum window meets the set industrial security regulations. Though aluminum windows are very strong and can last long, the manufacturer should meet the SANS standard. 

In addition, the window frames should have some basic characteristics like toughened or doubled glass, multiple lock points, and grills on the frame or its sill. These help to improve security in the house.

  • Energy Efficiency

This is a crucial factor to look out for when buying an aluminum window.  If you want to enhance the thermal insulation of your home, go for double or even triple glazed aluminum windows. You can also look at using low-e glass for your windows.

Also, consider the noise and weather resistance of the window based on the location of the house. For instance, those living close to the industrial area or in the city, in general, are recommended to use a high noise resistant aluminum window.

  • Budget

You should decide on your priority after looking at the quality, design, security, and efficiency of the aluminum windows.  The aluminum window quality is always proportional to the increase in the price and cost of installation.

It is advisable not to give a pass mark to the high-quality aluminum window because of the price as it is a once in a long while investment.


The factors listed above help house owners to choose wisely the best aluminum windows for their houses. Penning them down in a checklist will add looking out for them certainly makes the buyers avoid buying inferior quality and money wastage.

According to experts, going for an aluminum window with high quality even with a higher purchasing and installation cost is a worthwhile one-time project. It comes with no regrets and has no maintenance cost.

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