Are Aluminum Windows safe?

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Are Aluminum Windows safe?

burglar proof aluminium windows home security SigmadoorsThe topic of security in a home is critical. While making arrangements for your home, you will need to know which material is best for your windows and doors.  When it comes to safety and security, aluminum is a wonderful choice! Here’s why

Aluminum is a lightweight, cost-effective material that requires a very minimum cost of maintenance. Despite the narrow frame, the material has an uncompromising structure which allows it to be designed in various architectural styles. When integrated with quality security locks, the aluminum window becomes a fortress against burglary attacks.

How do you burglar proof Aluminum Windows?

Eradicating burglars from every neighborhood is not possible. They’re everywhere. But one can afford to take out some more costs to provide a secure home for himself or herself. So, we will outline a couple of security measures you should take if you have an aluminum window.

  • Installing Locks and Latches.

A very affordable yet effective mechanism to have installed in your aluminum window is the window lock. These locks vary in types, shapes, and functionality.  Let’s look at a few window locks you can pick from:

  • Window Latches:

    • These are much-known window security locks. They are usually found above the window sash. The type of latch to pick is peculiar to the size of the window frame.
  • Sliding Locks:

    • These locks are applicable if your window is the sliding window variation. They are located on the frame track and use either thumbscrew, keys, or lever to secure the window.
  • Wedge Locks:

    • This lock is used for double-hung doors. It can be placed above the window frame or on the sash. 
  • Window Lock Keys:

    • There are aluminum windows that can be secured using keys, mostly single keys. The locks are either on the sash or on the window frame.
  • Pins:

    • The lock pins are mounted upon the window sash. It can be used either on a single-open window or a double-hung window. 

  • Mounting up Burglary Bars

Burglary bars are metallic bars crafted to provide windows, doors, and even walls security against intruders. Some may consider it archaic, but it has proven to be one of the most effective means of protection against burglars.

The bars can be designed into any style you desire, depending on your taste of aesthetics. It’s important to note that their main aim is the prevention of housebreakers.

  • Installing Security Monitoring Systems

A security monitoring system will be very ineffective if you don’t have efficient locks and guarding. However, these electronic cameras help house owners watch over the house at night and while they’re away.

  • Window Alarms

The window alarm is an electronic device that is mounted on or beside the window. Once tripped off, it can alert users by notifying them through the native mobile app. It can also alert the owners through loud notification chimes.

How Do You Secure Aluminum Windows?

While the above means of security are helpful, we mustn’t forget that the aluminum window has see-through glass. It is easy to break glass if you don’t secure it properly. So, we are about to see a very effective way of securing your aluminum windows. 

  • Installing Window Films

It is crucial to install window films on any glass window to withstand force. People regularly use tinted films to wager the intensity of the sunlight and heat. However, these glass films are shatter-resistant. You can decide to use clear window films or tinted window films. Just be sure to have your window(s) equipped with the films for protection.


The matter of security and safety at home and the office is a delicate one. While burglars may not invade through the door, the window has always been the alternative. So, while picking a window type, it is not advisable to focus only on aesthetics and functionality, consider security. 


The aluminum window has been a chief target by housebreakers, but to make your home or office burglar-proof, we recommend that you take note of the above measures.

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