How To Secure Windows From Burglars?

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How do you secure your windows from burglars?

Windows are usually a weak entry point into a home, especially for those who’d rather pay more attention to beauty or style and less to safety. So, securing your home or office from burglars should be paramount to you when considering the type of window to use. 

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Now, let’s find some fail-proof ways of securing windows from burglars. 

  • Choose a Secure Window

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Get your home or office a secure window. How? You’ve got to consider a window that has durable locks and is not prone to wearing off with time. While aesthetics are a significant consideration, you can lose all precious properties if your home is vulnerable to attacks.

  • Install Lasting Locks and Latches

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Whether you choose to use locks or latches, ensure to mount a solid lock on every window at your home. That way, you can secure your home without spending so much. If you’re not satisfied with the quality of your security locks, feel free to add some external locks. 

Just ensure to contact a professional to have it done for you.

  • For Sliding windows, Reinforce with Blocking.

Owning a sliding window can be scary for owners who don’t know how to reinforce its security. While the lever, key, or thumbscrew are effective, you can support it some more. Placing a 2×4 lumber by the track will help it resist movements if the locks are broken. 

  • Install a Wire mesh, window grate, or bars

window grate mesh wire security steel bars SigmadoorsOne of the most secure ways to fortify a home through the door or window is having metallic protection around its entrance(s). While the metal might be unaesthetic to you, it is a proven home or office security method.

metal bars on windows SigmadoorsAnd if you’re very focused on the beauty of your place, you can get a grille that’s styled to look fancy. However, install strong and small- or medium-sized grilles for your maximum security.

  • Window Films are a great idea!

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Window films are a splendid alternative to metallic bars. Window films were originally created to reduce the effect of UV radiation from the sunlight. Then their functionality increased to privacy—tinted films. Now, window films have been thoroughly upgraded to withstand very forceful impacts without the glass shattering. You consider these if you have large windows.

  • Install Tempered glass

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A fully-tempered glass is up to 3-5 times stronger than normal glass. It can withstand greater heat, and when it shatters, it does so completely to tinier and much safer pieces. The glass has a varying thickness and can’t be processed more when it’s tempered. 

  • Plexiglas, Polycarbonate, or Laminate glasses

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Plexiglas (made of acrylic and petroleum) is also known as acrylic glass. It is over 17 times stronger and half the weight of glass. It is shatter-proof and can be used as a better alternative to your window glass.

The polycarbonate is not actually glass, though, from sight and feel; it resembles a glass material. It is over 200 times stronger than glass and much more expensive.

  • Digital Security options.

Install CCTV cameras, security floodlights, motion-sensor devices,etc. around your home and your window. Also, install even digitized locks that you can control through mobile devices in your window(s) for enhanced security.

  • Prickly Shrubs

Another witty option to securing your home is planting prickly shrubs around your windows. Unobserving intruders can stumble upon these thorny plants and pay for their evil intentions.


Securing your home is a responsibility that needs full attention. When you ensure to get the best security for your window(s) against burglars, you don’t have to worry about it. So, choosing any of the above options for your security will do you real good.

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